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Lexus RX 330 Maintenance and Repair



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Front rotors warped enough to be a problem would indicate so via throbbing of the brake pedal, or in severe cases stearing wheel "shake", when brakes are lightly applied while moving.
  • rvm1rvm1 Posts: 15
    Replaced the front rotors and pads at 67000 miles on my 04. Unless you drive with the brake pedal down I'd say that replacing them at 12k is premature wear. Perhaps you might have your repair folks check out the rotors to make sure that there isn't a problem there. If none then get back to Lexus and go up the chain of command.
  • wyckoffwyckoff Posts: 2
    Hi. I have a 2004 Lexus RX330 with the rare air suspension system. The car literally does a constant bounce while driving. I've taken it to Lexus twice, they've replaced the front two sensors and fixed the wiring to one of the rear sensors. The bouncing is now much worse than when I originally took it to them. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Thanks!
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 396
    Since we bought our 2004 RX330 used last Nov with 37K miles, we have been noticing this annoying noise that sounds like a rubber seal is hitting against the roof. Several times, I could swear the sound was coming from under the dash.

    While changing the oil/filter last week for the first time, I removed two underbody plastic shields to got to oil filter and to degrease underside of the engine. I noticed the larged undebody shield had broken in the front in its thinnest part. The broken section was separated in the front.

    After changing the oil, I did not put it back on, thinking I will buy a new one. When the car drives up, you can tell the piece is missing. At $210 wholesale, I may not ever replace it.

    While driving on the highway without the undebody piece, I noticed the annoying rattle is gone. I just find it amazing how rattle and noise could transfer in a car and be heard in a different part of the car.

  • yosh13yosh13 Posts: 1
    what is fair price for dealer installed remote engine starter on new RX350?
  • Did anyone ever figure out why the check engine and VSC lights came on and how to fix the issue? I'm dealing with the same issue. Thanks
  • I had seen this topic before on this site, but nobody seems to have answered why these lights came on. I would certainly appreciate any info. Thanks!
  • This has happened to me and since I have noticed about 4 other RX330"s missing the moulding on the rear quarter panel window. I was wondering if anybody know how wide spread this problem is and if Lexus is doing anything about it.
    When I went to my dealer they said they never heard of this problem and wanted over $300 because they said the entire window had to be replaced. I said no way for a $20 peice of moulding.
  • Our 2004 RX 330 had this problem (Check Engine and VSC) twice since the end of June 2009. Dealer traced the problem to a faulty fuel filler cap. They cleaned it, cleared the code and I was on my way. They did say there was a chance it could happen again. If it do they would replace the fuel cap. It happened again and they replaced the fuel cap this past Tuesday.
  • This is a common problem and Lexus dealers know it very well. Our right rear moulding blew off 2 years ago. To fix, they would need to replace the entire window. I spoke with the glass replacement service that my Florida Lexus dealer uses. He said he sees the problem often, gluing it on does not work long-term and that I should contact lexus customer service. I contacted them by email and got a favorable reply. While they did not offer to replace the window and did not acknowledge a probelm, they did send me a credit that is good for anything (service or parts) at a Lexus dealer with no expiration. Meanwhile, I've kept the moulding and keep an eye out for an adhesive product that would work long-term.
  • This happened on my 2004 RX330 last year. I caught the problem before the molding fell completely off, so was able to save the piece. I went to a body shop yesterday, who glued the piece back on for no charge! Took them about 15 minutes. I won't do any business with Lexus ever again. Too many issues with a 'luxury' car to suit me. :mad:
  • Hi: I've searched the posts already and didn't find exactly what I was looking for. So, here I am.

    I installed a hitch on my 2004 RX 330, and I intend to tow a small 14-foot travel trailer (guessing the weight is ~1,500 lbs). The towing capacity of the vehicle and hitch is 3,500 lbs.

    1. Has anyone had any issues with towing under similar conditions? Any tips/advice?

    2. The tongue of the trailer pushes the back end of my vehicle down. I looked into installing a distributing hitch, but these types of hitches are not allowed for this vehicle. Does anyone have any information about reducing the pressure on the back of the vehicle, redistributing the weight, or adjusting the vehicle suspension?

    Thanks in advance.
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 396
    Often trailer towing weight capacity of the vehicle assumes only driver and nothing else in the car. Once you have passengers, luggage, and some loading in the trailer you are at 3500 pound limit.

    How much back of the RX is lowering? You think a 1500 pound trailer should not cause any noticeable lowering. Anyway, assuming you are not towing more than 2-3 times a year, less than 2000 miles each time, and not through hilly train, it is not worth getting into weight distribution or suspension modification. I would worry about the transmission than anything else in RX.

    Make sure your transmission fluid/filter is changed every three years. Do not use cruise control on inclines, lower your speed if you notice too much down shifts, and you should be fine.

    These FWD biased SUV/LUVs are not built to pull anything serious. They can handle a bike rack comfortably and that is about it.
  • Just purchased a 2010 RX and the dealer said to avoid the car wash and wash by hand. There are times, particularly in the winter, where I'd prefer a good car wash. I understand the potential for damage, but does a normal car wash damage the clear coat?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The RX transaxle is well known to be more than a little fragile so I wouldn't tow at all unless the RX came from the factory with the towing package that includes an external ATF cooler.
  • calxcalx Posts: 1
    This just happened to me. My right rear moulding came off too. Is it only defect on the right side? BTW who did you contact from Lexus? Your local Lexus dealer or Lexus of N. America customer service? Unfortunate for me, I did not even see it coming off, so I have no part to glue back on.
  • Haven't experienced a problem on the left, just the right. Dealt with my local dealer, who initially replaced the moulding. Had the problem recur, and they then replaced the window and the moulding. No problems since - it has been about a year and a half since the repair.
  • I purchased my 2004 RX330 in 2005 with 22000 mi from a dealer. This vehicle is rare having the leveling device that normally available only on GS or larger SUV's.
    Yellow OFF light started flashing, and after 2+ hours of "diagnosis" my dealer says the module has to be replaced for $1700. I have 96000 miles on this car, no one warned me the leveling thingee is no no. Car is comfortable on highway but after spending $2000 last month for the 90,000 check, it is WAY too expensive to own. I feel I have no choice here....cannot replace system with regular because cost more than fix....So much for the high rated dependable car reputation....(should have kept my '96 Camry) Any suggestions?
  • I have the same nightmare. I purchased my 2004 RX330 in 2008 at 67k miles, and a year later, at 93,000 miles (I drive all over the state!) the leveling system is not functioning properly. My car rode a bit rougher than our RX300 when we bought it, but NOTHING like it rides now. It rides as if if has no shocks, a constant bounce. A dump truck would have a smoother ride, seriously. I have spent $1500 at Lexus during the first two trys to fix it, then the third and fourth trys were free because Lexus does not know how to fix their own car. They basically admitted they don't know how because that option was so rare and only put on in 2004 - go figure! They had my car a total of 8 weeks and like you, I'm not spending 4k to switch it to a regular suspension system/shocks. My advice to you is get rid of the car BEFORE it starts riding like mine, at which point you'd take a huge hit when trading it in. I'm getting a new car (will probably go back to a Toyota 4-Runner) and my husband will keep mine as he drives a whopping 2k miles a year. Good luck to you!
  • Thank you for your input....sadly in these times I guess we both take a hit,
    Lexus is going to be hearing from me lots, and your experience adds to building a case for commonality. One would ask, why did they only offer the leveling system in 2004? They knew.
    I like your 4-runner idea...
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