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Cadillac Owners: Problems & Solutions

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
edited March 20 in Cadillac
Cadillac owners of all years and models, share your mechanical expertise.


  • Hi, hopefully someone can help... On my 93 Eldorado the parking brake is supposed to be released when you put the car into gear. Problem is, mine is not. I don't know of any manual release to the brake, it always just pops right out when i put the car into Drive. Thanks in advance.
  • You know, I don't know this particular model but I'm going to guess that the brake is released by a vacuum diaphragm somewhere right above or connected to the parking brake itself. So i would suspect a vacuum leak (leaking hose) or diaphragm assembly.

    You MUST have a manual release in there somewhere.
  • Well...this is not a job you should tackle unless you have the tools and manuals...SO, I'm NOT giving you advice here on how to fix this, only to mention a few things.

    What is probably happening is that on your car the primary brake system and ABS system are not being bleed at the same time. In some early ABS you need a tool (like a meter) to recycle the ABS pump so that all the old fluid and air is purged out of the ENTIRE system. So I think your ABS pump is continually contaminating your brake system because you can't control it.

    I don't know what the GM tech was thinking unless you've run your ABS pump while it was dry. That would not be good.

    But I don't see why a good GM tech couldn't go through all the bleeding procedures and see what's what from there.
  • I own a 1999 Seville SLS, 30,000 miles. Yesterday the automatic garage door opener failed to work; the light next to the buttons did not go on and the transmitter failed to open the door.
       This morning, same hour, it's working. This is the second time in about a month for this new, intermittent problem.

    Any ideas? Any solutions?
    (I also posted this on the general forum for cadillac).
  • nickcnickc Posts: 1
    I am puzzled by the occasional 'mysteries that happen with this car. On long trips, say 200 miles or more when the car is well warmed up, Cruise control can be off or on, RPM is at about 2675 to 2750, the engine very quickly seems to shut down and restart. So it really like a surge except the RPM's do not go up they go down about 1500 RPM and them the car is back to humming along. It might do this three times in a row over a minute or once every three minutes. Any thoughts? I've noticed at this point if I stop on the side of the road the RPM's will read anywhere from 1500 to 2200 and will only go back to 750 or so if I shut the car down wait a few minutes and then it will be normal for awhile. Thanks for any insight!
  • The motor will improve mileage after 6000-8000 miles. The car should have synthetic oil in it from the factory if you change it to regular oil it should seat faster that the 8000 miles, but after that I would go back to synthetic. The reason for this is that about 2 years ago they had an problem with the engines using too much oil and they ended up with a new piston and ring combo that takes a little while to seat into the cylinders. The seats are different that the ones in your '01 base Deville. The '04 model has heated and cooled seats, and the way they are designed the cooling fans built into the seat make it a little firmer at first, but they do "break in" so to speak.
  • tonybosstonyboss Posts: 5
    would appreciate any tips/help in solving problem in closing the trunk of my '93 seville sts
  • tonybosstonyboss Posts: 5
    im sure i need to replace all four shocks and struts for my '93 seville sts. any tips or suggestion where i should go or what i should do
  • rob27rob27 Posts: 2
    the electronic relay is out this is a expensive part however you can manually reles
    the parking break by pulling a little lever located right next to were the foot lever
    connects to the floor on the right its about 2 inches long pull this forward twards yourself and it will release.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,354
    Overtightening the lug nuts has nothing to do with heating and cooling. If you don't tighten them properly it'll actually BEND (warp) the rotors. Some cars are very touchy on this.
  • chuck46chuck46 Posts: 6
    I am trying to convert the system over to the with a retro-fit kit. I have searched high and low for the lower pressure valve. Can't locate it. There is one that I did find, but that seems to be the high-presure outlet. HELP. TY for anything you can tell me.
  • snygaardsnygaard Posts: 1
    I am having the same trouble with my 91 cadillac eldorado. Cannot find the low side. Anyone help with this would be appreciated.
  • chuck46chuck46 Posts: 6
    FOUND IT AFTER A LOT OF SEARCHING, It was right there on the dryer . Completeted conversion and ac is working fine now. Feel around the dryer and it might be there .
  • chuck46chuck46 Posts: 6
    I want to change the brakes on this car, the right rear has something different than the left one , what is that covering the brake? Is there something different about how you do that 1 wheel?
  • bflinnbflinn Posts: 1
    i have a 1978 cad and somtimes it backfir when I excilerate fast orwhen its cold it willbackfires.some times when turning a corner, I changed plugs wires distribiter and cap. I changed the fuel filter and fuelpump in the tank, I t still backfires,
  • bspears1bspears1 Posts: 2
    I'm trying to identify 1978 transmission with first gear ratio of 2.48:1, and 1979 transmission with first gear ratio of 2.74:1.Your help on model numbers and identification lables and numbers would be appreciated. Thank you. :confuse:
  • weman27weman27 Posts: 7
    I am thinking about buying a '99 Seville SLS w/ 85K, seems to be in good shape. Are there any obvious warning signs I should look for that could lead to costly repairs ?
    Any comments or guidance would be appreciated.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,647
    Yes, oil burning. I would do a cylinder leakdown test for sure.
  • bspears1bspears1 Posts: 2
    No takers!! Thanks, any way. :surprise:
  • I bought a 1954 four door cadillac it only moves in low gear and reverse i found a transmission from a 1961 cadillac will it fit in my 54 cadi
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