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Toyota Prius vs. Honda Civic Hybrid v. Honda Insight v. ?



  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    Many people have left their Prius for over 3 weeks with no problem whatsoever. If you have the smart exit/entry you should disable it as an extra measure. There is a switch for this.
  • Glad you like the Prius, Geminax. I finally got mine on Friday. It’s about $4k cheaper than what they are asking for here in CA. They are pretty much selling for the MSRP price of $27,066 for a package #6 and some dealership actually mark up that price by around $2k. I was so glad I got a great deal on mine. Although it is a 2005 model, it is used vehicle. The only thing that I see wrong with the vehicle is that the mileage was pretty high. It has about 1 1/2 years worth of miles on it. Clean title and pristine condition otherwise. Not only that, it also have an XM satellite radio installed by the dealership and free maintenance for 60,000 miles. I think I got a pretty good deal for my Prius. As soon as I got it home, I started playing around with all the instrumentation. I programmed the homelink system to my garage, I hooked up the Bluetooth connection to my phone, played around with the navigation system, and tried using the voice commands. I'm having a slight problem using the voice commands because it would sometimes do other things than what I actually want it to do. Because Toyota doesn't provide a list of voice commands available for the system, I searched around and found a site that provided a list. I’m going to play around with it a little more tomorrow. Hope it would recognize these commands better. Does anyone know if there is a way to get the voice command to understand your commands better? If you do, please provide some information on how to do this. Thanks in advance.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Congrats on your new Prius!

    A complete list of voice commands has been posted (and is discussed) along with features, etc. at john1701a, "Toyota Prius 2004+" #1955, 27 Dec 2003 5:45 pm

    Also - don't forget to post about your buy in the Toyota Prius: Prices Paid & Buying Experiences discussion.

    Again - congrats!
  • bic1bic1 Posts: 5
    I keep hearing how difficult it is to see out of the rear window of a Prius. Does anyone know if this will be redesigned in the 2006?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    The 2006 has an optional back-up camera.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    > I keep hearing how difficult it is to see out of the rear window of a Prius.

    Newbies keep making assumptions that the split in the rear actually interferes with what you see. But in reality, that quite simply isn't true. The two windows work like bifocal glasses.

    The bottom part is only for parking and tailgaters. It is too low to see anything else anyway, since it sits mostly below the top of the back seats and with no trunk in the way... making it an area not even visible in sedans. Remember, Prius is a hatchback.

    The top part is where all of your normal distance viewing takes place. Note the vertical height. First impression is that it is smaller than average. There is actually more than than people realize.

  • H'mm, one has too wonder ??? There have been a lot of Prius owners that have complained, even RailroadJames, about the difficulty seeing when backing up and now for 2006 Prius is offered with an optional backup camera. It seems to me that there really might have been a problem. Toyota usually doesn't provide a solution to problems that don't really exist.

    The reason I mentioned RailroadJames is because he is a very enthusiastic and interesting Prius owner that is very open and honest. And as much as he enjoys and like his Prius he has mentioned the backup vision problem before.

    Just another perspective,


    P.S.- If only Prius would make a manual shift Prius I would get one in a heartbeat and now if looks as if the 2006 Civic Hybrid is auto only URG! :cry:
  • I don't have a problem seeing when backing up, but that's because I am used to a Mercedes C230 coupe that I own as well. It has a similar configuration. John is correct about the bifocal aspect of the rear. It's quite a clever design. Loving this car man! Especially with 3 buck gas!! Currently averaging 50.3 and still haven't filled up since the prices went up. I guess I am in for a rude awakening when that time comes!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I just think it'll be in-demand for people that already have a NAV screen. Why not? The hardwards adds little to the cost, $200 at retail for aftermarket Pioneer systems for instance.

  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,788
    "P.S.- If only Prius would make a manual shift Prius I would get one in a heartbeat and now if looks as if the 2006 Civic Hybrid is auto only URG! "

    The HSD doesn't have gears, so there is no way to put in a manual transmission without completely redesigning the system.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,852
    To keep the discussion in the proper place.

    My question is with the changes to the 2006 HCH will it get better mileage than the Prius. Early reports say an honest 50 MPG combined. If the design is better it should surpass the Prius. Will that affect sales to the Prius? There seems to be a lot of eager buyers waiting for the 2006 Civic to arrive. I'm not a big Honda fan. I would like to see the pendulum swing the other direction for a while. If the two cars get the same mileage, the $5k to $8k premium on the Prius should help the wise shoppers decide on the HCH. What affect will the Prius production moving to China create?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Not sure where you get a $5-8k premium for the Prius but the price difference between the '06 HCH (which by the way isn't even available yet, so we don't have any mpg data except from a few road tests) and the Prius isn't that high. Also I expect some buyers will navigate to the Prius because they like the versatility offered by the hatchback design, along with the greater legroom in the rear seat. And some will like the fact that the Prius looks different than anything else on the road, so they can make a statement as they drive down the road, "Look at me, I'm green!"
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,852
    Not sure where you get a $5-8k premium for the Prius but the price difference between the '06 HCH

    I was going by advertised prices on the Prius. I believe the dealer had a #4 for $28k and a #6 for $30k. Assuming the 2006 HCH does not top $23k you get the figures I stated. Buyers seem to be content to pay MSRP for the Prius, which makes it easy to tack on a few extras. In CA you add $2500 for taxes and license. If you take a quick peek at the TMV here on Edmund's you will see that the going rate for a #6 Prius is a bit over $29k. The HCH is a little over $20k. So I guess my estimates were a little on the low side. If you are buying a car to be green and use less gas. The two are comparable in those to areas. If you want to look green or need the hatchback, you are going to pay a minimum of $4500 more for the Prius. The days of a $20k Prius are long gone. In CA don't expect to get out the door for less than $27k.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Your original post was about the '06 HCH vs. the '06 Prius. There are no TMV figures or advertised prices available for these cars yet.

    Also, why compare a fully loaded Prius to a HCH that doesn't have as much equipment? All that does is bias the comparison in favor of the smaller, lesser-equipped HCH. How about comparing the base models of both? The TMV in my area for the '05 Prius is $24k--although I know at least one dealer where I can get it for MSRP (maybe less), which is $21,815. If you follow the Prius discussions here or elsewhere you'll see that many people are picking up a Prius for MSRP or less. Maybe not in San Diego, but not everyone lives in San Diego. The TMV for the base HCH with CVT (Prius has a CVT also) is $20,903. The TMV for the '06 will undoubtedly be higher because it's a new design and a much more desirable car. As it is, there's currently less than $1000 difference and for that extra money you get a much roomier car with hatchback versatility.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,852
    When was the last time you saw a stripped Prius on a dealer's lot for $21k? There have been a couple of people on the Prius thread trying to track down an entry level Prius. They have not been having any success. If what you are saying is correct a $1000 would be a reasonable amount to pay for the difference in the Prius over the Civic. I don't think you will see that for a while. If we had a good way of tracking I would say more Prius go out the door closer to $30k than even $25k. This is not Spring of 2005 when one Toyota dealer in San Diego had 11 on his lot at once.
  • sr45sr45 Posts: 144
    Lets forget the Prius, and the HCH for goodness sakes... Lets just all get a bicycle, and be done with it and those that charge MSRP.. :shades: We will show them not to mess with the masses... ;)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    I have seen new no-option Priuses advertised on eBay by dealers, so I know they exist. My nearest dealer has sold a lot of the package 1 cars, with side airbags and curtains as the only option. That would probably be a good comparo to the '06 HCH, since both cars would have comparable safety equipment.
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    Seek and you shall find. If you are anxious, you're going to get ripped off. There are plenty on the market and if someone wants a used one, there are plenty to be had.
  • Been away for awhile but looks like some interesting comments being shared here so here's mine. Midnight...Your right, I have been critical in some ways about the Rr window...But....I wish to point out there has been some getting use to it that now can be shared with everyone. The 'ol saying ..."you can't have it all" should apply here in my estimation. The Prius, being a hatchback (which I like very much), has a Rr window that takes some time to adapt to. The bar across the lower area is obviously necessary for structural integrity. I have come to accept the "window" and would also point out that the "bar" has been quite usefull when blocking out SUV's headlights. This I really like!
    My biggest complaint about my Prius is the Rr View Mirror ... It takes some care to double check to the right @ intersections for other cars that I occasionally miss due to the mirror. Yes I've made adjustments but still miss some cars. I'm 6 ft.
    Railroadjames(Free-us Prius) :)

    P.S. Midnight....I agree about manual tranny except that once I got use to the Prius CVT I now wonder why I ever thought that way.....Try it You'll See!
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,852
    First Place
    Honda Civic Hybrid (91 points)
    It's a Honda. It has the familial "connectedness" gene, i.e., no fuzzy logic in the controls. Driving is always fun in Hondas.

    I expect the 2006 HCH should really give the Prius a run for the money....
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