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Ford Explorer Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • eidnaeidna Posts: 4
    I was just offered this from a local Louisville, KY dealer:

    2008 Explorer Eddie Bauer V6 4WD
    3rd row seat
    moon roof
    MSRP: $34335
    Invoice: $32629
    X-plan: $32574.43
    Rebates: ($4250)
    Cap Cost: $28324

    36 months @ 10,500 miles/year
    43% residual
    2.7% money factor
    $451/month includes KY property tax ($26/mo)

    Will someone please tell me if this good enough? Should we take them up on it?

  • wmspinwmspin Posts: 1
    First, many thanks to car_man for such great information. I have been lurking these forums for several months now so I could understand money factors, residuals, and leasing in general. I am completely new to the entire leasing process.

    In Sunday's newspaper, I saw an ad for a 2008 V6 XLT, Keyless Entry, Pwr. Wind/Locks. Was $26,915, Now $15,995. Zero Down, 24 Mo. Lease, 10,500 mi/year, No Plan Needed, Save $10,920 Off MSRP, a $500 Gas Card, $0 Security, for $229/month. I decided this sounded way too good to be true. We've all seen the ridiculously low lease ads only to read in the small print the thousands down required...

    So, I contacted them and to my amazement, they stood behind their advertisement and offered me one of the vehicles. I asked if the same "deal" applied to higher end models and they indicated the would use the same discounting process.

    I asked about Ford's money factors and residuals for a 2008 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4X4. Ford's money factor was 0.25% (no, that is not a misprint) for 24 month leases, and 2.5% for 36 month leases. Residuals for 24 month leases were 51% for 10,500 mi/yr; 50% for 12,000 mi/yr; and 48% for 15,000 mi/yr. Residuals for 36 month leases were 44% for 10,500 mi/yr; 43% for 12,000 mi/yr; and 41% for 15,000 mi/yr.

    Now in addition to these great lease rates, Ford is offering rebates of $5,750 for leases on Explorers.

    This particular dealer was looking to rid itself of the 2008 inventory, so they honored their "No Plan Needed" and offered me A-Plan pricing -- roughly 4% under invoice.

    Combining everything together, I just leased a 2008 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4X4 V6 that listed for $33,365; purchase price of $30,080; rebates of $5,750; for 24 months; 10,500 miles for $310 + tax with no money down. I even got the $500 gas card.

    The only thing I did not qualify for was the Ford renewal rebate of $2500 since I did not already lease a Ford vehicle. I'm still in shock I just leased my first vehicle for less than I had been quoted on a Ford Fusion.

    Finally, the dealer indicated Ford Credit would be lowering its residual values tomorrow as they are reviewed quarterly, but had been extended through today. I do not know how long the 0.25% lease rate will be in effect, and the rebates allegedly end today also.

    Thanks again car_man! I think you helped me get a great deal.
  • waygrabowwaygrabow Posts: 209
    Just bought a 2008 XLT for invoice minus $6000 ($3000 loyalty, $2500 incentive, $500 for Ford financing) plus dealer handling fee of $499. The selling dealer had to pay invoice to get the vehicle from another dealer some distance away; otherwise, I could have bargained for an even lower price. We were very satisfied with our '99 XLT; this new XLT is a whole different animal in that it handles so much better, quieter, better comfort, etc. Great deals available right now, but the inventory is getting thin. Mostly the vehicles loaded with long lists of options, which you may not desire, are still on the lot.
  • I have an opportunity to buy a loaded 08 Eddie BAuer with 1900 miles for $19,500. Anyone know what auction prices are for these? Thanks!
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    A reporter with a large newswire would like to speak with consumers who purchased a truck or SUV in the past couple of months and received a good deal as demand was low because of gas prices. If you just purchased a truck or SUV recently, please respond to with your daytime contact information no later than Monday, August 25th.

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  • I love my 1995 Explorer and I'm ready to upgrade to a new one. But, I'm having difficulty finding one. You see, I have never had a desire and/or need for a third row seat. Unfortunately, ever Ford dealer I visit tells me that I would be hard pressed to find an Explorer on a lot without a third row seat, and that I'd have to order one without the seat. I've visited Ford's website and built my new Explorer and have searched dealer inventories online for just the vehicle I want, but none are available without a third row seat. I love the space of the Explorer, but can't see toting around the excess weight of the third row seat. Being the end of the model year, that puts me out of luck at finding a great deal on a leftover '08. So my question is, when are the '09's going to be available? Anyone have any insight into timing for an '09?
  • Ok, first time poster... long time reader of

    This is a tale of me having my way with a dealership.

    I have (had) a 1998 Chevy Blazer. Replaced 3 water pumps, one alternator, one radiator, one fuel pump, 4 shocks and a butt-load of tires.

    The Blazer also had the following issues:

    -121,000 Miles
    -Needed a tune-up
    -Front alignment (Car shakes from 60-70mph)
    -Needed 2 new front tires
    -Needed Front breaks
    -Heat and air did not work
    -Had electrical issues - incessant clicking (from what sounded like the turn signal)
    -The fuel gage never read true and would click to E at anytime.
    -Transmission just recently started acting funny.
    -Had an oil leak, radiator leak, and a leak from the back hatch window.
    -Passengers door wouldn't open with keyless entry
    -And the inside would smell like exhaust or gas from time to time.
    -Last but not least: The interior sucked... (2 kids and me not being anal about the inside)
    -Exterior: Lots of small dents and scratches. (Ala kids)

    Pro's: The 4wdr worked, and the engine was strong.

    I was going to have to pay at least $650.00 to 1.5k$ to get the car back into shape
    I wasn't looking forward to winter with at very least no heat.

    I explained the situation to the wife. Then said We should look for something newer
    and less miles and trade the Blazer in.

    I started looking on the Internet and I found an explorer in an adjacent city, with 80k miles and 2001. I called to see if they still had it. (9 times out of 10 they don't but... they surely have something else they can get you into... blah blah)

    In this case they had it. I told them I'd be down at about 5pm. I waited until dark to go. I wanted to camouflage my car a bit more. =)

    They wanted $4,995 for the Explorer XLT. I hopped on and checked the price. It was listed at $5,250. While my Blazer was listed at $1,200.

    I had read the buying guides on this site and I tested them a few times on other perspective cars. I've never felt so vulnerable as when in a 'car buying' situation.
    My wife's job on this mark was to be disapproving and agitated.

    We test drove it. It seemed solid. With one exception, a rhythmic 'whirring' sound. Could have been from the 4wdr gear box or a bearing issue... OR Completely normal to the car. (Time will tell)

    I came in and let him know I wanted to chat about the vehicle. After some time he got back to us... :mad: We remained active, getting up and wandering around when he left, etc...

    We started talking money. I told him of the sound I'd heard and expressed it could be a future issue. He didn't argue with me. I asked if he'd mind if I had my mechanic look at it, etc... Then we got down to the trade-in part. He asked me what I had and I gave him the keys and he wandered out to see. We did not follow. Here is the critical portion. This was in a smaller city and he had no other staff on-hand as it was late (For them, they closed at 8pm) He came back in, made a call, chatted with the other end then came over and wrote down what he was willing to offer. The offer was $2,000. Knowing what I knew about the blazer and it's worth, I nearly swallowed my teeth. I hymned and hawed about the $2,000, but ultimately let it go as I was not going to let that be a deal breaker in any situation but I didn't want to appear too eager to jump at the offer.

    I then haggled him down on the $4,995. I finally got him down to $4,150. With all told, I only owed him $2450.67, which I was more than happy to pay.

    A was a bit chagrined to take the title for the blazer and cash for the Exploder back to him the next day, but hey... deals a deal. They did make a jab at me for the beat up license plates from the Blazer - alluding to the condition of the car, but never came right out saying it. However in my defense, I did disclose everything he had asked for initially.

    I took the Exp out on a 370 round trip exercise. Performed wonderfully and I got 23mpg. Win win. I left there giggling to my wife. She just shook her head. She however was just as glad to be out of the Blazer.

    While I could afford a better car, I wanted to have this for a work car. Money concerns are huge on 95% of American's these days, and I believe that this site helped me walk out of there having saved $1k at very least. This was an awesome experience. However, I don't think I could make as one sided a victory as this again. :P :) :P
  • raffiemraffiem Posts: 11
    I saw a 08 limited leftover with most options expet remote start and dvd. Sticker was $41k

    I know they are asking 36k+ and there is 1000 rebate plus 0% for 60 months (which I need) but what do you think is a good price for this truck?

    I was thinking 30k OTD since I will have to pay to add the DVD and remote start. Thinking that will cost me about $2k
  • karma50karma50 Posts: 1
    Anyone know of any 2008 Ford Explorers still on a lot in the NJ/PA,NY, CT area; Ford has deep incentives on these if they can be found. By the way...I need 4WD or AWD & 3rd Row? Will also consider used if mint and low, low milage....Thanks
  • epecepec Posts: 16
    want to know how much you can get off the MSRP. Thanks
  • gbjgbj Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2009 Explorer XLT Aug 10, 2009. MSRP was $36,845. Purchase price was $29,500 after $4,000 in manufacturer to customer rebates. It was the last 2009 Explorer in dealer's stock. It had been at the dealer since the first part of April. No trade in. No financing. I negotiated in person at the dealership. This vehicle had the exact options I was interested in. Also, the last of the 2009's was an advantage because I will drive it until it is ready for salvage. The dealer made two offers and I made two counter offers and the deal was done. I drove it home 3 hours after I walked into the dealership. If the purchase price had not been acceptable to me I would have negotiated for a 2010 using the internet and contacting a number of dealers simultaneously.
  • epecepec Posts: 16
    really appreciate this information . I think it is a good deal
  • I know of a dealer in Florida that has one left I bought the other one and you are right here in florida I got 4500 off the msrp and it was brand new with only 17 miles. let me know :)
  • Carman,
    I am coming the end of a lease on a 2007 Explorer LTD. The only extras are a reverse sensing system, a V8, and upgraded rims. The sticker on the car when I leased it was $37,800, and after rebates, the sale price was $32,800. I am looking into either buying out my lease or buying a new 2010 Explorer LTD, but the lowest sticker price that I can find for a vehicle comparibly equipped is $42,500. I asked the dealer to explain to me why a car in the same body style with the same specs has gone up in sticker price by $5K 3 years later, and they have no logical explanation except to say that Ford sets the pricing, not them. Does this seem to make sense to you? I am in a suburb of Philadelphia, and C&C Ford is the dealer.

    Thanks for any input,

  • hi y'all, new on the forum but long time reader... i'm contemplating buying a Mountaineer (that would be my 1st truck ever). I love that car strictly because of its looks, i can't lie ;-) I want at least an 07 or newer, i've been looking around and some dealership offer pretty good prices. However I am concerned about the Mercury brand. Will it go out of business? I heard they are going to eliminate the truck section and only make small cars. How does that affect the resale value of a car?
    I read most of the comments on here and people seem pretty satisfied with it as far as the performance. I will probably keep the car for another 3 yrs if i buy it now. If some of you guys have traded the car in how easy/hard was it?
    Any answers you can provide is greatly appreciated!!!
  • After several weeks of car shopping here is what I think to be the best offer for a fully loaded 2010 Limited with 5yr/100000 bumper to bumper coverage. It does have 5200 demo miles on it, but not an issue with me. I put 3000 down and my monthly payment is 609 on a 72 month loan.
  • I just ordered/bought a new 2011 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD V6, silver metallic exterior, gray leather interior. Ordered 202A (package with driver connect package, MyFord Touch, Sync System, Rear View Camera, Dual Zone Automatic Air condition, comfort package), 6 speed automatic transmission, trailer package, navigation system. MSRP delivered $38,580. Dealer Invoice $35668. Special discount $720for 202A Package and $500 Ford Early order Cash Bonus. Bottom line, delivered price of $35,468 (not including tax, license, etc). Bought from Town and Country Ford in Quinnesec, Michigan. Do you think this is a good deal?
  • bmb1767bmb1767 Posts: 63
    A little late to ask that now, isn't it?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
    A reporter is interested in talking with owners of the Ford Explorer who are also parents. If you are interested in commenting on your experience, please reply to no later than Saturday, November 20, 2010 and include your city and state of residence, the model year of your vehicle and the age of your child/ren.

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  • kcrossleykcrossley Posts: 172
    edited November 2010
    I'm considering the purchase of a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer AWD that only has 18K on it. This was a 3rd vehicle that was used primarily at the owner's beach house. Upon inspection, the SUV is in like new condition, both inside and out. The asking price is slightly under $17,000.

    The only area of concern I have is I noticed some surface rust in the engine compartment on the metal above the radiator. The bolts that hold the hood latch are rusted as well. I also noticed some surface corrosion on some of the exposed steel parts in the engine compartment. Underneath, the truck looked pretty good and I didn't see any rust on the exterior.

    Is this a deal-breaker? Do you think this was simply because the truck spent a lot of time near the ocean? What advice would you give me?

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