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Ford Explorer Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hzzhzz Posts: 1
    Does the 22,000 exclude the 3000 rebate? The invoice price is 27,000!
  • rcheckerrchecker Posts: 4
    How long did you search for that vehicle? The best I can find is 03 XLT 4wd,rear air, 3rd seat, running boards with single cd player and 13640 miles. $21,995
  • keep looking...the deals are out there!

    brand new mountaineers are advertised in my region for $23.9K with all discounts incl.

    AWD, leather, v-6. running boards, alloy whls, anti-theft, keyless entry, etc

    that's only $1k more than you found...and NEW!
  • infotimeinfotime Posts: 6
    Post the phone number for this dealer.

    A brand new Mountaineer Luxury PKG for 24 Grand??

    I'll buy one on the spot and re-sell it on EBAY for that price.

    Post the phone number PLEASE. I need a few extra thousand dollars.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,983
    "You may include the dealership name and city/state where you purchased, but NO direct links to the dealership site. Also, please do not post salespeople names, phone numbers or email contact information."

    Just the name/location please :-)

    Steve, Host
  • leomortleomort Posts: 451
    I bought an '01 Explorer XLT AWD V8 in May '03 for $18K OTD. The experience wasn't too bad. Actually, didn't think about buying that day, just stopped in to see what they had. The longest part of the whole deal was the test drive. Came to an agreement on price in 10 minutes.

  • neumie2000neumie2000 Posts: 133
    Quick suggestion if you are trying to watch your wallet. The XLT is nice, but in my opinion, the price you pay for it is not worth it. I bought a 2003, XLS Sport. It came with the step bars and the alloy wheels, pwr windows, locks, cruise, cd etc. Sticker was 31K and change. Out the door price was 21K with no money down. Monthly payment is just over $400. I've had the truck 8 mos, no problems or complaints. Hope this helps!!
  • dan1dan1 Posts: 76
    We just purchased a loaded 03 Exp. Limited V8 Black with Charcoal interior and only 12k on it. I has about every option DVD, sun roof, stability control etc... After taxes we paid $26,800, not as good as we hoped but not to bad. The only option/s it does not have is whatever the three blank buttons on the upper right hand side of the center console are for? The buying experiance was OK and so far, I have driven it twice, I am very happy with it.
  • gregb5gregb5 Posts: 82
    The three buttons you mentioned are not used in any models. You got it all!
  • terplawterplaw Posts: 1

    I'm shopping for a '04 Explorer XLT w/ 3rd Seat & Rear A/C. Here's what I got back from one dealer:
    '04 Wedgewood Blue XLT 4.0 V6
    w/ Graphite Leather Seat
    Running Boards
    Safety Canopy
    Rear A/C
    Roof Rail X Bars
    3rd Row
    $27060 +TTL & 100 fee.

    Any feedback would be welcomed.
  • dan1dan1 Posts: 76
    You might want the V8, sure the v6 has better rated gas milage but you may have to give it more gas to get it moving. If you are not going to tow anything and don't have a heavy foot like me the V6 may be fine.
  • drush9drush9 Posts: 1
    If the Explorar and the Mountaineer have the same ratings in gas mileage, then the v-6 gets 15 city and 19 highway. the v-8 gets 15 city and 19 highway. (just checked two different stickers - same car, different engines). however, i have heard from our service department that people are getting better gas mileage in the v-8's due to the weight of the vehicle. you have to remember, the more vehicle you have, the more power it takes to push it.
  • dan1dan1 Posts: 76
    See I just assumed the V6 was rated higher I always try and get the biggest motor anyway. I think re-sale may be a consideration also, having just purchased our Explorer I noticed some difference in pricing between the V6 and V8 models.
  • ajdajd Posts: 6
    Since Ford is now offering $5,000 cash back or 0% financing which is great news to hear on all 2004 Explorer (which means they are sitting on a load of Exporer that they have to get rid of). Now since all salesman are starting off at MSRP, how much of a percent of the MSRP price can you reasonable tell the saleman that the MSRP price should be discounted as the 2005's are ready to come in October. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !!
  • wilkichwilkich Posts: 52
    Without going item by item, it seems to me that the Explorer Limited and the Mountaineer Luxary are comparably priced. But the Mercury has a nicer interior. Is there any reason to buy the Limited over the Mountaineer?
  • dan1dan1 Posts: 76
    Wilkich we went back and forth on that. We drove two new Mountaineers and a new Explorer before we bought a used 03 Exp. Limited. The only difference I could see was more sound proofing material and a little more upscale interior in the Merc. We liked the exterior of the Exp. better. What it really came down to is we came across the Explorer we bought before the Merc.
    I did a lot of price checking on used Merc's and Explorer's and I don't think you would pay any more for a compairable Merc.
  • crw2crw2 Posts: 4
    I got a quote of $29600, including $5400 in rebates from a dealer in Maryland for a V-6 Eddie Bauer Explorer. MSRP on the truck is $38345. The 'official' invoice he pulled out showed $34997, so I am right at that number. In fact he had the sale all written up, and the finance rate came in a little higher than I planned, so I walked, to go re-figure my numbers, after spending 2.5 hours at the dealership.
  • saintsaint Posts: 4
    just bought a 04 xlt- leather, running boards, prem cd cassette, moon roof, and paid right around 26,ooo. Was planning on buying a honda oddessy but at this price it was to good to pass up. I think and hope I got a deal.
  • my3sonsmy3sons Posts: 3
    My wife and I have been doing a lot of research on Mid-sized SUVs and find the MM very attractive. We have seen a lot of dealer incentives etc. on the 04. But we are specifically trying to find a new 03 so we can get a better deal. Any one have any ideas? We would be willing to travel to make the deal happen and drive back home but it's gotta be well worth the difference of buying an 04.
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