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2005/2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee & Wagoneer



  • secret12ssecret12s Posts: 6
    brian211, I don't know your market or what your primary use will be for an SUV. For me, I enjoy off-road driving as well as the feel of what I like to refer to as a REAL SUV. I am a Jeep Driver, and love it. Remember this is my personal opinion and should be taken as that only. With that said, If you are to purchase a Jeep, make sure it is a 4x4, otherwise it really isn't worth buying as there are many great 2WD SUV's on the market. 4x4 is where Jeep lives. You really have to experience a 4x4 Jeep off-road, and then compare it to other off-road SUV's. You will feel a very comparable difference. But, if your sole purpose is to just keep to the pavement, and drive thru some parks and grass, get an explorer or the escape you are looking at, but I wouldnt classify an escape as mid-size. If you do decide to wait for the '05 then my input would be to get a 4x4 at least if you go with Jeep, if not, go with another brand. I know 4 Runners are good, but I am not aware of their latest models, of course explorers are always a good reliable 2WD vehicle.
        As for everyone trying to compare the 4 runner to the JGC, you really are comparing two completely different vehicles. For one, the current JGC has an extremely dated engine in today's standards, the 4 runner is in about the same boat. When I say this I mean their standard engines not the upgraded optional V8's or what not. But tried and true, the older 4 runners are workhorses, not alot of power or torque, but they just seem to keep on going, on and off road. As for trying to compare the JGC to a 4 runner, well you are looking at a true off-road legend in Jeep, and a very adequate off-road capable SUV with luxury standards stuffed in the interior. But when it's all said and done, if you gave me a choice to drive through the most rugged off-road conditions and I had to pick between the two. I would feel capable in both, but have more confidence in the Jeep. Again, this is all my opinion, and nothing more, I speak from experience with my own personal JGC and the travels I have been through in it.
  • brian211brian211 Posts: 69
    Thanks for the advice. My intentions are not to use it off road. However, I'm in ny and would like the safety of a 4x4 or awd in wintry conditions. Most have told me about dc's poor reliability. The cherokee for 05 is supposed to be very much improved. The escape, I like but its only awd when required. The liberty seems to have a hesitation problem. Pacifica owners seem to like the car. Do you think the 05 cherokee would be best way to go? Even looked at rubicon.
  • loganross1loganross1 Posts: 1
    here is the deal. I owned a 96 GC and a '00 GC. I bought the '00 because i loved the first one and wanted a few extras. Well, I hated the '00 GC. I even turned it in early because I disliked it so much. I had to have an unreasonable number of repairs made for a car with 30k miles. In addition, it never felt safe. I always felt that it was going to tip and that when I went around curves on the highway, it would dip to the front outside corner. Not to mention the extremely annoying axle whine between 50 and 70 mph. My wife, who also loved my first GC, would not drive the '00.

    Fast forward to today, we want to know about '05 GC safety: We have been buying GM (Caddy Catera, CTS, etc.)and are looking for a four wheel drive. Had been planning on buying Caddy SRX until I saw that GC had been redesigned. Jeep's site is lousy with respect to the new GC. It only has listed the "nice, nice" features. I want to know the important things: air bags, ROLLOVER protection, etc.
    Can anyone help?
  • magic313magic313 Posts: 4
    To those of you trying to compare JGC to 4Runner - NEWSFLASH! They are not of the same caliber. Keep the JGC where it belongs. Compared to the other poor quality American SUV's. I have an 04 4Runner w/4.7L V8 (same as LX470) all-wheel drive & will put it against anything Detroit can "throw" together. Let me know how well you like your GM, Ford or Dodge at 50K miles.I prefer quality, style, REFINEMENT & resale value.
    Thank you
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    magic313, if you prefer "style" you should not have bought a 4Runner, considered by many to be one of the ugliest vehicles out there (if you doubt that just read all the posts on Edmunds around the time of the 2003 intro).

    As far as resale value, that remains to be seen on the new 4Runners. They have been plagued with problems, including unsolveable issues like the infamous "sulphur" fiasco. Even Consumer Reports rated the new 4Runner V6 models "unacceptable" so I wouldn't be bragging about "reliability". Read through the 4Runner boards here and you will find more problem issues on the new 4Runner than you can count.

    As far as your 4Runner being "the same as a LX470" that is stretching things a bit. While there are the obvious similarities you are talking apple and oranges. Or, should I say "bananas and oranges"?
  • magic313magic313 Posts: 4
    Magic313 again. I said my 4runner has the same 4.7L engine under the hood as my wifes LX470. NOT same vehicle & not comparing ride quality. You say the 4Runner is "ugly" hhhhhmmmm Must be a "Ford man" hehe. My main point is the "Big 3" (GM, Ford & Chrysler) should not even be considered in a comparison when Japan & German engineering are involved. GM technology is behind 5 years, Chrysler products are disposable at 50K miles & Ford should stay on the farm.
  • revdrluvrevdrluv Posts: 417
    Saw four of these driving down Topanga Canyon last week. Pretty good looking SUV. Much bigger then the old Cherokee.
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    Just curious as to where you get your data claiming that Chrysler products are "only good for 50K?". That statement is totally false. And you are saying that "Japanese and German engineering" are superior? How much German engineering would you suppose goes in to DAIMLERChrysler products?

    As I mentioned, take a look around the 4Runner boards and read about the horrendous amount of problems that the 03-04 models have experienced. If you could report back after that about how "good" Japanese engineering is, I would love to hear about it.

    The new 2005 Grand Cherokee will outperform and outclass the '03/'04 4Runner in many many ways. For starters, the 5.7 Hemi will leave any 4Runner buried in the dust. The new GC has a list of superior features a mile long. The 3rd gen 4Runner, designed in 2001, is starting to get outdated already.
  • magic313magic313 Posts: 4
    True the 5.7 HEMI packs more HP & torque than the 4.7L BUT how often is it truly used? When compared to refinement & residual value there is no comparison. Do you know the 4Runner still uses solid axle & Explorer has independent suspension & ALL reviews gave the Runner better ride quality. Secret is in the frame. You say "out-dated"? Isn't the new JGC the old w/a Liberty front end & taillights??? Do yourself a favor - test drive a Runner, Durango, Explorer & Trail Blazer (as I have) then give your true feelings. A Toyota or BMW can only be appreciated AFTER driving the so-called "competition"
  • hhunterhhunter Posts: 34
    Two years ago I test drive 4Runner, RX330, BMW X5, Acura MDX, but ended up with an '02 Overland. At 25K, I can say a sound choice for my needs.
    Now when trying to learn about the '05 Overland, the other models I am test driving are the Infiniti FX, Cadillac SRX, etc. You will find more than one Overland owner that has gone to or also owns an FX.
  • magic313, Where did you get the idea that Chrysler products were disposable at 50K miles? I agree with your opinion that Toyota cars are very reliable. Last week I returned a '99 Tacoma which I leased for 5 years; NOTHING was wrong with it -- EVER. However, my parents purchased a new Titan and handed me down their '00 Grand Cherokee. This Jeep has 73K miles on it and has NEVER experienced problems either. In fact, my dad (who shared your opinion that American car companies expect you to "dispose" cars after a while) feels stupid for buying an extended warranty on it. But I will say this, cars are designed to last a long time... it is up to the owner how well he wants to take care of his rig.

  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
    Welcome to Town Hall, dollarrbill. You're right - people have a variety of experiences with vehicles. If you ask the Toyota owners who've experienced the "sludge" problem, they won't likely agree with the assessment that Toyota is more reliable. There are a lot of Jeeps running around with high mileage, but as with the sludge vehicles, it's the bad ones that we hear about the most.

    Hopefully, this updated offering from Jeep will be as reliable as your 2000 model.

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  • magic313magic313 Posts: 4
    In reference to the well over due body change of the JGC, how many Jeep owners are disappointed with the new look? Did you expect something a little more drastic from Jeep?
    Just curious;
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    I wouldn't say the change was really overdue, the first generation Grand Cherokee ran 6 years as did the second. The 4Runner ran 6 years and then 7 years between generations. I'd say Jeep was right on time.

    As far as the body changes, I would say I was slightly surprised that it wasn't more drastic but also relieved. I love the current style so I am thankful that they did not hit it with the ugly stick or make it look like the 4Runner or some of the other ugly SUV's out there. I'm glad that they kept the exterior styling close to the last generation, I like everything about it, the beautiful interior, all of the new and improved features. Can't wait to drive one of the Hemi versions!
  • hhunterhhunter Posts: 34
    Are you basing this on the pictures or did you see one at a car show?
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 487
    I know the problem associated with small sample sizes, and I am not a Jeep owner, but I know a number of people who have had Jeeps with over 100k miles, and a couple who have had 200k miles. They might have had more small problems along the way as compared to a typical Toyota or Honda, but Jeeps seem to last a long time. One of these friends just crossed 100k on a '99 JGC, and that sucker still drives like it is new. Again, this is based on small sample size, but I have also known people with imports that are very reliable, until the engine has to be rebuilt at 140k miles or so.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    I must say that the GC does look nice...but, I am somewhat it appears to approach the Durango in size, are we just going to have another pair of Explorer/Mountaineer SUVs???...or is the GC that much different than Durango, especially since Daimler now makes all of them (Side note: I still think something is fishy when our former enemy from WWII is now manufacturing the vehicles [Jeeps] that helped to defeat them in that war...just an odd thought)...will Daimler really make them as different vehicles, since the engine choices appear to be identical between Dodge and Jeep...also, I understand that Jeep offers 3 different 4 wheel drive systems...can anyone tell me the similarities and, especially, the differences between them...the kind of 4WD i would want is kinda like old fashioned 4WD, where the vehicle usually runs in 2WD (rear wheel drive) and I have a shifter that I can use to shift into 4WD-Low (for low speed 4WD under 15 mph) and 4WD-Hi (for moderate speed 4WD under 30 mph)...I don't really want all wheel drive or 4WD that I cannot disengage...what are the Jeep 4WD options and what does each one do and what comes closest to the old standard kind of 4WD that I described???

  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    The new Grand Cherokee is much smaller than the Durango, and in fact is essentially the same size as the curent generation models. Although the exterior of the new 2005 model is about 5-inches longer, the interior is essentially the same size. The Durango is 14-inches longer, about 3-inches wider and is 7-inches higher than the new Grand Cherokee. The new Grand, which is one year newer than the Durango, has many more advanced features and options. Next year Jeep will bring out a 7-passenger Durango-size luxury model.

    For an animated explanation of the current Jeep 4WD systems, go to the official web site. has some information on the new 2005 4WD systems.
  • secret12ssecret12s Posts: 6
    I am not sure why everyone is in here talking about JGC and 4 Runners, they are two different vehicles. For one, I cannot speak on the new 4 Runners because I don't know much about them except I think there is too much plastic on them which for me personally, cheapens the appearance.
        As for Jeep, one must realize that it is not considered in the same category as any other SUV, by critics or manufacturers alike. Jeep has a well known and well established 4WD system. But realize that with any vehicle, a lemon or two is bound to be purchased, and that goes with ANY make or brand. Bottom line is, buy what you feel is what you need. For me, I like the reliability of Jeep's 4WD systems, and wouldn't trust anything less, except for maybe Land Rover or an H1, granted those are more costly than I am willing to pay for a vehicle. As for the new JGC, I am excited about the new Hemi Powered engine and redesign. I have to agree, I am glad they did not venture too far from the current look, although I think the rear end looks too close to the Durrango.
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