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Lincoln Aviator Accessories and Mods



  • I've seen what appears to be a small cup shaped coin holder in some of the marketing shots for the Aviator. When I searched the Lincoln accessory site and after contact my local dealership, both were at a loss that such an item exists.


    Does anyone on the board have any solutions for holding toll booth change?
  • bdooganbdoogan Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Aviator with a power moonroof. I bought it without the overhead rear entertainment dvd system but now the kids want one. The factory unit is made by Johnson Controls and lists for about $1400. I found a unit that was meant for a 03 Explorer Limited for a lot less money. Does anyone know if they're compatible? ie. wiring harness, connectors, radio interface, etc.
  • nortosnortos Posts: 2
    We have the 2003 Aviator with the moonroof and it came with the overhead rear DVD entertainment system. Unfortunately, it's large and it blocks most of your view in your rear view mirror when it's in use. The kids don't use it that much and play with the gameboys more often (11 and 13 yrs old) For us it was a waste of money. There are several portable DVD units out there that are a lot less expensive and they also have screens that are built into the back of the headrests on some cars.

  • bennbbennb Posts: 143
    Has anyone found any all-weather type floor mats for the Aviator that actually fit well and work with the hook on the floor yet?
  • dang619dang619 Posts: 1
    I just got a 2005 Aviator.... What are you all doing about the tire pressure sensor when installing aftermarket wheels?
  • hammer995hammer995 Posts: 27
    Does anybody know where I can buy one mud guard? I apparently lost one somewhere...y'know all that 4 wheeling I do...haha! I guess the dealership didn't put it on securely.

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    I doubt it - just buy a set and then you'll have a spare for the other side.
  • Has anyone found out where i can buy the CS edition kit? I just got a 2005 aviator and I cam currently in Iraq, would like to treat myself once I get back home.
  • Anyone find a cargo area cover for a 2005 Aviator? I can't believe Lincoln isn't making them. Any suggestions? I hate having stuff back there when working and leaving it exposed to the eye of anyone lurking.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Explorer/Mountaineer covers should fit if you can match the color.
  • avi04avi04 Posts: 1
    I have an 04 Aviator and use the cargo cover from an 04 Mountainer. Works great and the color matches as well.
  • They tried an 05 Mountaineer on my 05 Aviator and it was too wide :( ....

    Does anyone have an 05 Aviator? If so - which year cover fit that?

    Thanks again!
  • I have found a web site which claims they designed the CS edition. I have left a message but have not heard from them yet.
  • neilwe2vneilwe2v Posts: 1
    It is the same one as the Mercury Mountaineer. I have one that I used on a 2003 aviator and currently using it on a 2005
  • waltvatorwaltvator Posts: 8
    I changed my tires on an 04 aviators to 20". Can anyone tell me how to stop the tire sensor from alarming?
  • matlincamatlinca Posts: 5
    hello to respond to your ? my parents own a 2003 lincoln aviator with power moon rooof, rear dvd entertainment system, and touch screen radio/ dvd controller. the system for the aviator is a little slow and somewhat loud and it blocks the rear view mirror's view when down, also this dvd system comes with storage witch makes it very large. unfortunately the the explorer's dvd system is not compatible with the aviator's front control's yet the wireing harnesses are very simmilar. like for example when you turn on the dvd you can select to turn it on through the speakers or the wireless head phones, if you select the wireless head phones while you are playing the radio it shuts off the back speakers and subwoffer just leaveing the front 2 speakers on ( quite annoying :mad: ). what im leading up to is it would be better and cheaper to install an aftermarket dvd system + you would have a bigger screen no cheezy dvd storage compartments and av and video hook ups ( so you can play video game systems such as x-box ps2 or hook your video camera or w.e you would like). also if you want to still go with the explorer dvd system you could get it to work if you find a good enough electrician to do so but it would probally cost alot of $$ wich most people like to save :D . well i hope that help's it was pretty long ..................................................................
  • jacqueusijacqueusi Posts: 55
    Anyone use/recommend a bluetooth adapter for their Aviator? I've seen a Ford/Lincoln Mobile-ease unit floating around, but am not sure if it will work well with the Aviator.

    Hoping to find some folks on the Edmunds board, that have made the leap.

  • Can anyone suggest a place where I can buy a black grill to replace the chrome grill on my Aviator. Hoping to get a suggestion of where I can find one below OEM MSRP.

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Why not paint the one you have? Shouldn't cost more than $100 at a body shop or do it yourself.
  • I've tried something like that before on my 4Runner. The primer wouldn't adhere to the "chrome".
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