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Lincoln Aviator Maintenance and Repair



  • Ok, so I check out a 2003 Lincoln Aviator this past weekend. Looked good at first, but when I opened up the hood, I noticed the two hood stops (one on each side of the engine bay close to the headlights) had paint on them! Also, the paint was cracking and chipping off of the rubber on the stops.


    I've never seen that before and took it as a sign that the Aviator was in a front end collision, and that the stops were painted over by a sloppy repair person that didn't take the time to mask the area off. When I asked the dealership (they sold & serviced the car) about any repair work, they said there was none done. Carfax came out clean. Spooked, I passed on the car.


    Well, I checked out another 2003 yesterday, and sure enough the stops were once again painted the same color as the body of the car. What gives, are all aviator hood stops painted or is this a case of looking at two Aviators that were involved in front end collisions?


  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    Just got the Avi back from the shop. The steering problem (pulsing sensation in the steering wheel when at full-lock left) was taken care of by applying SSM (Special Service Message) 04-10-01. What this involves is a flush of the power steering fluid and the addition of a "conditioner". Time will tell if this works.
  • aa8qfaa8qf Posts: 34
    Glad to hear problem solved. Just FYI, when they fixed mine, the flush and conditioner did not initially fix the problem. They then had to replace the steering gear.
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    I can't yet confirm whether work done by my dealer has "solved" the problem . . . I just got it back after an overnight visit to the shop. Since the pulsing sensation didn't happen every time the wheel was turned to a full left lock, I cannot tell whether the work performed solved anything, thus my earlier remark of "time will tell."


    I've got my fingers crossed, but that hasn't helped me over the past 11 months with this Aviator. My wife and I are both pleased with the way it drives and serves our needs, it's just getting to be a PITA to bring it in for seemingly endless nagging faults. This has been a far different experience from our 2000 Lincoln LS.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'm not sure this is always a sign of body repair, but my stops are not painted. FWIW.
  • Thanks nvbanker. Curious, what year is your Aviator. I'm wondering if it's just a 2003 occurance.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I have an 03 Navigator.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,459
    '91 mustang - painted, '02 explorer - painted.

    if they are not painted, i'd be more worried.

    sorry nv. :)
  • '01 LS, '04 LS, '05 Escape, all painted, no accidents. I think I'd be more concerned if they weren't painted!


    Merry X-Mas one and all!
  • the day before christmas eve (weekend before our service dept for lincoln closed for 4 days), we couldn't move the shifter out of park. No one in the sales dept had ever heard of this (surprise!!) so after talking to roadside assistance, we were informed of a temporary fix. There is a lever in the middle console that has to be raised by a screw driver to release the shifter from park. After taking the car in after the holiday, we found out that it was the brake light switch that went bad. This is connected to the interlocking of the brakes. I was also informed that there was a recall on Ford Taurus's and other Fords for this problem, but not on Lincoln Aviators. Has anyone else had this problem? What an inconvenience, especially during the first snow storm!!
  • Of course, I've had that problem, just about 2 weeks ago. Luckily, I was at home, having just returned from an extended road trip. I'm just amazed it didn't happen in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming. I've had almost any problem you can think of. See my post a few pages above. I have a lemon, IMO, but I can't legally get any recourse yet, since Colorado has one of the worst lemon laws in the country. I'll be getting rid of mine as soon as is financially feasible.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'm very impressed that roadside assistance was able to get you going temporarily at least.
  • mongo1mongo1 Posts: 49
    Greetings all, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week. Well... after many hours of tracing wires and circuits, checking and rechecking relays, going over fuses to no avail, I had the mysterious puddle lamp/turn signal lamp (see thread 241) narrowed down to three possibilities. 1) Sunspots, 2) A shift in the magnetic flux lines of the earth, or 3) those pesky aliens again. Just when I was ready to fit the Aviator with a giant aluminum foil hat, (to "foil" those damned aliens) my wife hit the button to open the garage door and Voila! The turn signal lights came on in the same dim fashion! Apparently the shielding on the turn signal circuitry isn't sufficient to block the signal from the garage door transmitter. This was verified with the homelink in the vehicle and another sender. So I guess the only cure is to replace the old garage door opener. It's 14 years old anyway. The LM techs should get a kick out of it anyway. Remember, the TRUTH is out there.... ;^) MongoX signing off.
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    My wife reports that the steering wheel vibration has returned. So much for the previous repair attempt. Back to the shop for the . . . oh, I've lost count now. The first 11 months haven't gone nearly as smooth as I had expected.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Care to elaborate, or just needing to vent?
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    The same problem described on this board a few weeks ago and supposedly "fixed" as described in Post #246 has re-ocurred. The Aviator goes to the shop sometime this week for yet another attempt to correct this annoyance.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    OH. Well, I never crank a car to full-lock either way, so I wouldn't probably cause that to happen I guess. I don't like to stress the pump. An old habit.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,459
    i've always heard the steering wheel should not be held at full lock. this a not vehicle specific and is just something i heard or read somewhere, sometime.
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    The Service Advisor I dealt with last time told my wife that he thought we'd be having a new rack installed this time around . . . we'll see after they investigate a little bit further this time.


    The Aviator was left at the shop around noon and my wife got another Ford Escape loaner. Stay tuned.
  • I just got a letter from Ford about the issue with the transmission fluid incident at the factory that happened last march. My aviator was being built at the same time but thought it was rectified at the plant before it was shipped off. I guess i'll bring it in just incase...


    Also, I had brought it in a month ago regarding the stearing wheel studder and it returned...I guess I'll take care of both.


    One more LCD in the nav went dim on me. We kept it on auto with the default brightness and contrast so I don't understand what happened. I had to up it alot to get it back to normal. Has this happened to anybody else??


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