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Lincoln Aviator Maintenance and Repair



  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Very, very few companies would cover a repair out of warranty. As for Lexus - go ask all those Camry owners with sludged engines how Toyota takes care of their customers.

    The Aviator was a piece of crap - no argument there. And that's why they cancelled it. But that has nothing to do with the other Ford products.
  • hitdog042hitdog042 Posts: 4
    I know the guy selling. Heres what he has had done.

    - engine rebuild at 105k (my facts were off it has 165k on it now)
    - new tranny at 120 k
    - bearings replaced in 2006
    - new radiator in 2006
    - brakes and rotors done few months back

    He isn't hiding anything. I have copies off all the major repairs and none since 2006. He has had it since day 1. He bought it new. Aviator is also listed as a good consumer used suv.

    I talked him down to 4800. I think thats a decent deal for an engine that has 60k on it.

    He has put in 8800 in repairs over 2005-06.

    I sort of think it's not a bad deal at all. I pick it up next week.
  • hitdog042hitdog042 Posts: 4
    It has so many miles due to his constant traveling to WV from Columbus.

    I had it checked by my mechanic and got a thumbs up from him. He said the 7 valve issue is minor and said he would fix it for no more then 300. But said it is fine not to fix it at all if I so chose.

    Otherwise its in close to perfect condition in and out.
  • rose7531rose7531 Posts: 1
    I had this problem as well. I ended up replacing all the brakes and pads $1000.00.
    Sounds like the brake drum/or drums is warped.
  • The Ford mechanic told me there are all kinds of recurring problems with the Aviator. The timing chain is just another problem because of PLASTIC PARTS!

    It cost me over $3000 to fix and none of my letters to Ford were even answered. Not even a "we got your letter" response.

    Because of this, I advise everyone to avoid Ford products. I drove them for over 30+ loyal years and this is their non-response.

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Why do you think they quit making them 3 years ago?
  • waamanwaaman Posts: 15
    It tuned out to be a corroded parking brake shoe. I had the same noices.
  • Hi. I own a 2005 Aviator. For the past couple of days I've been experiencing a really annoying problem with my liftglass. For no reason whatsoever, while driving, it decides to release itself. Up until now it has been annoying more than happens about twice a day and on sidestreets so I just pull over and close it. Today, however, it happened while on a major street and didn't just release but actually opened all the way up. So here I am driving 70km/h and my liftglass suddenly flies open!! Now I see this as a serious problem as it could potentially damage the liftglass or, in a worst case scenario, get torn from the car and possibly hit another car (I use a high speed highway everyday to go to work...God forbid it should fly open while doing 120km/h!!). Anyone have any idea why it keeps releasing itself and how (or how much) I can fix the issue?

  • Same thing happended to me while trying to shift my '04 Aviator, the dealer quouted me a similar price of $1000. I told him to go pound sand. I went to my local art supply store and purchased 1/4" plastic tube and some plastic epoxy and did the fix myself. Total cost of materials, $22!!! And yes, just like you I was shocked to see a PLASTIC rod sticking up out of the STEEL gear shift assembly! That's just poor craftsmanship.

    Now i'm experiencieng issues with my engine, which I notice described over and over throughout this forum. It cuts off, or the red light flashes and it goes into neutral and then kicks back into gear which is a very scary experience when driving on the highway. If it does cut off I lose the power steering and have to pull the steering wheel with all of my might to get over to the shoulder of the road to restart the engine. The Ford dealer told me I needed a new coil (after I had just replaced two coils), I didn't trust his opinion so I took it to a Lincoln dealer who said I needed a new alternater and my alarm sytem needed to be reprogrammed!!! Qoute was $800 for this work. I didn't trust the Lincoln dealer either, so I took it to a local mechanic who confirmed my alternator is fine and steered my towards this site so I could see first hand the kind of engine problems that are in store for me.

    Needless to say I'm going car hunting this weekend and will dump this lemon on someone else. Lincoln = :lemon:
  • I think I have the same problem. How do you fix it?
  • Wish I would have read this post (No. 373) prior to purchasing this piece of crap. Luckily i managed to fixed the shift lever myself with some plastic and epoxy. Can't believe the dealer want $1000to fix a problem that's been ongoing since 2005, what a rip off!! :lemon:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Check under the car near the front tire - you should see a drain tube. Remove any debris. Or you can try unclogging it from the top with a wire, snake or air/water pressure.
  • How do you reset the computer after an oil change. The "Change Oil Soon" lights continue to show.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    The instructions are in the owner's manual. It's a combination of using the setup and reset buttons. Manuals are available online here:
  • waamanwaaman Posts: 15
    Go to the screen where it shows the oil status. e.g. 40% or "oil needs to be changed. etc. HOld the reset button in for 10 seconds or more until you see it default back to 0.
  • Thank you. We never held the button down long enough. Dohhhh
  • My check tire pressure light remains on. The pressure has been checked and matches the manuals recommendations. It used to just happen when the weather turned cool/cold {for So Cal} Now it's doing it more often than not.
    Any thoughts?

    Thanks again,
  • My Aviator is doing the exact same thing. What did you ever do to get this resolved? Did you find an easy repair??? (doubtful!) Thanks
  • waamanwaaman Posts: 15
    After installing new tires, I had to bring it to the dealer for reprogamming. Error condition disappeared after that.
  • 03' Aviator service engine light came on and it idols rough while in gear and stopped, I'm thinking O2 sensor anybody had this problem?
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