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Lincoln Aviator Maintenance and Repair



  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    It turns out that I had a defective gyroscope. A new one has been ordered and is expected tomorrow. Infant mortality of an electronic device. It would not be fair to blame this one on Lincoln, as it is an integral part of the Nav system made by Denso. It would be a problem just as likely to occur in a Lexus navigation system . . . lucky me. At least my dealer found the trouble right away.

    The dealer provided my wife with a Sable loaner.

    As far as voice commands go, I believe the commands given and the system response is highly dependent upon which mode the system is currently in. You have to be in destination mode to get the system to respond to the "Home" command. I use the voice commands to change between the various audio modes, and it works well for that. However, I agree that there seems to be a significant learning curve with when and which commands are most useful.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    You're pretty close to Roswell, aren't you?
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    I am most interested in the zoom in and out commands which I use most often. Do they work well?
  • I just got my aviator back last night from the transmission repair. Drove it this morning and the transmission quit working again, the car wouldn't move. So it's back to the dealer for the third time in the last 6 weeks, at least they hadn't even had time to return the town car, so I have that again. I have a meeting with the Ford rep next week. Any suggestions on what I should say or ask for?
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    Per the dealer invoice outlining the repair, both the Head Unit, and the Navigation module were replaced. From what the service adviser told me, the Navigation module was a $2,000.00 part!

    I drove it briefly last night, and unfortunately, the icon indicating insufficient satellite communication was illuminated the entire time, though the vehicle was tracking properly. While my wife was out driving today, and the system ONCE AGAIN GOT LOST and incorrectly displayed the vehicle position about 5 miles away from where it actually was. Looks like another dealer visit is in our (near) future . . .
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    The Navigation System is hopelessly lost again. We'll be bringing it back to the dealer once again tomorrow morning. Our 45 day old Aviator has been in the shop a total of 8 days . . . not good. I'm beginning to suspect a wiring harness issue, as the all the pertinent Nav modules have been replaced to no avail. >:/
  • avfan2avfan2 Posts: 23
    Have they found a fix for the rear axle whine in the AWD Aviator?
  • mannymanny Posts: 1
    On 2/3/04, I took my 2003 Lincoln Aviator to the Dealer in Virginia Beach, VA for 15,000 miles service, transmission shifting up intermittently, roaring noise in the rear of the vehicle intermittently, and a play in the steering wheel.

    The vehicle was serviced for the 15,000 miles but the service representative told me that the other repair would take time and that it was safe to drive the vehicle as is and bring it back another time. I agreed and got back the vehicle.

    On Friday 2/27/04, the play in the steering wheel became worse and the driver side rear window would not go up or down, so I called the service Rep who advised me to bring the vehicle in on Monday 3/1/04. They provided me a cheap Mercury Sable for transportation while my Aviator is being repaired.

    On Wednesday3/3/04, they informed me that the left rear window switch was defective and replaced but they could not obtain the steering shaft from Ford Motor Company to replace the defective one from my car. They ordered it with an estimated time of reception 3/5/04.

    They suggested that it was safe to drive my Aviator and that I could pick it up and they would call me when they received the part. I told them that I preferred them to keep the vehicle and perform the appropriate repair. They agreed to do so and promised me to have the vehicle ready by 3/5/04 in the afternoon or early Monday 3/8/04.

    On Monday 3/8/04, no one called, so on Tuesday 3/9/04 I went to the dealership and spoke to the service manager and his boss. They promised to have the repair done by Friday 3/12/04 or at the latest Monday 3/15/04. Today, 3/15/04 nobody called. I am thinking of seeing my lawyer but before I do so, I am asking anyone out there some input. Please Help
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Don't call your lawyer yet. That will just put up a wall. I recommend polite persistance. It works best in the long run.
    For the rest of the gang, the whine in the rear end is resolved. New parts should be available in April.-
    I know personally how disappointing it is to have repeating problems.. Be persistant and polite. Our dealers don't build 'em you know.
  • hammer995hammer995 Posts: 27
    I just ordered my Aviator in the beginning of March...has the new parts made it into the assembly line?
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    The Service Adviser told my wife that he has 5 other clients with Navigation system problems, so we're not alone. He didn't specify which vehicles were affected, but he did mention that one was a Navigator. We've got a Ford Taurus loaner until the Aviator gets fixed. A new antenna and cable have been ordered, and a specialist (i.e., a non-dealership employed technician) was brought in to address this issue. I'm counting the days, though my wife and I haven't specifically mentioned this to the dealership.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I heard production was stopped until the new differentials come in sometime in April. Do you have a build date on yours? I don't think any have been made in March.
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    We got our Aviator back from the dealer again today. This was the second visit to address a Navigation System that would get itself hopelessly lost. This time they replaced the GPS Antenna, which is located behind the instrument panel. We've had a Ford Taurus as a loaner for the past 3 days.

    So far, the icon that indicates insufficient satellite communication has not illuminated. I certainly hope this takes care of it once and for all. The dealer has had this vehicle for 10 days out of the 47 days since we took it home.
  • wzfbwzfb Posts: 2
    My Aviator had a humming noise during acceleration. Dealer replaced the rear defferential two weeks ago, and the problem is solved. Now it's a perfect car, with no whining noise at all.
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    Yeah! Our Aviator has been to the airport parking garage twice more since the last repair, and it's been in yet a different multi-story parking garage, and the Nav System is working like expected.

    Each time we enter a large parking structure, the icon that indicates insufficient satellite communication illuminates, but it disappears in only a few seconds after we exit. I'm satisfied that everything now works and we can finally fully enjoy our new Aviator.

    I'm looking forward to the next time we can get out of town because I'd really like to take the Aviator down to Organ Pipe National Monument (near the Mexico border) and take the two scenic desert loops. We've had a rather moist winter (more like spring for most folks) and the desert flora should be spectacular. While these roads are far from an off-road challenge, the Aviator should smooth the road out considerably and the air conditioned seats will make the drive that much more pleasurable!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    For those of us who live in warm climes, the A/C seats make a road trip heavenly.
  • aa8qfaa8qf Posts: 34
    For those of us who live in cold climates, the "A/C" heater is h$%%ish.
  • kilovoltkilovolt Posts: 2
    Have a 2004 Aviator, 2000 miles. From day one, I could feel a very slight vibration when we reached speeds above 50 or 60 mph. Vibration is constant and is not noticeable unless we are driving on an asphalt road.

    Took the car in today for the first time. Mechanic said he felt it also but could not say were it is coming from. Suggested drive the car, with the vibration, for another couple of thousand miles. Said if it is a rear end problem like others have had, it will develop noise somewhere around 5000 miles. At that time Lincoln will replace the rear end.

    Any suggestions as to what is causing the vibrations?
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    Most of the time, out of balance tires are the root cause of vibration. I would first have the tires balanced at a shop that uses a Hunter GSP 9700 Road Force Analyzer. This is a highly specialized tool used to diagnose tough wheel/tire balance problems. My Lincoln Dealer has 3 of these tools in their shop, and my local Discount Tire store has one as well, but it's worth paying a few bucks extra to have your tires checked on this machine to rid yourself of this type of problem.

    Here's a link that describes this tool
  • kilovoltkilovolt Posts: 2
    This was the first thing I suggested to the mechanic ... his thoughts were that it wasn't a tire problem ... but ... I tend to feel like you ... check the tires out first and then if the problem is still there, try something else. Thanks for the input.
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