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Lincoln Navigator Maintenance and Repair



  • you cant set you own unlock code with out the master code... if you try that you will be at it all day... ive done it
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    I agree with you. I just got my Navi back from the dealer about those problems. I tested another lift gate and it had the same noise. No fix there.

    They also stated the rear AC clinking noise was normal due to the constant cyling of refrigerant thru some "box" in the rear AC. I just don't get that. I may try another dealer for a fix.

    maunakane1, you mentioned a motor with broken gears that causes the rear AC noise. Could you explain that motor and what purpose does it serve in more detail? The rear AC seems to work fine with the noise. If it is the gears in the motor, then the dealer could not see it to diagnose it properly, right? They would have to take it apart to see the damaged gears. I don't think the dealer took it apart for my Navi and just brushed it off as normal operation noise.

    It just sucks that you pay that much for a car and have to live with noises from the AC that was not there before.
  • tonynbarbtonynbarb Posts: 25
    I usually take advantage of a coupon the Lincoln dealer sends me where I get an oil change, tires rotated, fluids filled and an overall report on the vehicle for $30. The dealer tells me my 2004 Nav. needs brakes front and back and there cost estimate is around $520. I kept that in mind and the following week when I was at a neigborhood repair garage for another vehicle I asked the mechanic how much to do my brakes on the Nav. He said $100 and If I would get the pads from a Ford dealer. After checking on the price I figured $150 for the pads and $100 labor would save me over $250 what the Lincoln dealer quoted me. When at the Ford parts department the clerk asked me if I wanted Motorcraft pads or premium. I told him I thought Motorcraft was the top of the line and he told me no that premium pads were. I thought why not go for the best and ordered the premium pads which I later found out were a lot more expensive at $260. Now I am thinking I am not saving much from the dealership doing the complete job. As it was, I ended up saving less than what I thought. The mechanic who did the job told me I should have bought the less expensive Motorcraft pads as that was orignal equipment on the Nav.
  • wyngatorwyngator Posts: 29
    Hi Again,

    Lately, it seems as if I am spending some extra money on my Navigator repairs. I own an '03 that has 94,000 miles on it. I brought it in for an oil change and tire rotation and balance and it turns out that I had to replace the ball joints. Has anyone else had to replace them on their navigators?? I was told that they wear down because they cannot be lubricated because they are inside of some type of rubber or silicone type of casing. I guess here in Florida the extreme heat causes cracking in the casing which allows dirt and such to enter and wear on the ball joint. I was told that it was something that was a safety issue because if they fail it impacts your tires. I told my technician that my mercury villager van had 120,000 and no problems with ball joints. The technician told me that the Navigator is WAY heavier vehicle than the van and therefore harder on the ball joints and that the Mercury has front wheel drive and this Navigator is rear wheel drive. Somehow that makes a difference?? Anyone know from their own navigator experience????? :confuse:
  • powellgcpowellgc Posts: 1
    My navigator was diagnosed as having a cold 3rd cylinder, I was told I needed a new engine. I have a mechanic that has put a rebuilt engine in and now says it is still running "Rich" it may be the main computer, it is a compter he has never seen, it must of been put on after market he says. Has anyone ever heard of this proplem?
    I called another mechanic at a Lincoln dealership and he says it may just need to be flashed and that mechanic just does not have the computer to flash my computer...........
    First at the lincoln dealership it was a $600.00 tune up and a diagnostic test that read cold 3rd cylinder, now I have a new engine put in by a different mechanic and it is still running the same????? could this flash have been all that was needed. Please tell me if anyone has heard of this problem.

    P.S. the suv has 138k miles and has always been serviced on time,I just had the 100000 miles works done to it 2 years
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    A reflash will not fix a bad cylinder. It sounds like you had either a spark or fuel problem in that cylinder - not sure why that would require a new engine. Did they give you any more details?

    What are the symptoms?
  • any idea how much it will cost to replace freeze plugs on a 98 navigator- its leaking on the passenger side
  • mikerrmikerr Posts: 4
    Anyone know how to remove the front license plate holder on the front bumper. I bought this car from an owner in a state where they are required, but not required in my state (PA). I was hoping it was just a screw, but they appear to be plastic rivits or something. Any already do this that can offer me a tip ?
  • coltomcoltom Posts: 9
    has anyone here every replaced a headlight (or headlights) on their Navigator? I have a 2004 and one of the HID lights went out. Now in the manual it says let the dealer replace it but I wonder if this is really necessary. Anyone dealt with it either way?
  • wyngatorwyngator Posts: 29
    My 2003 Navigator is "once again" in the shop. I just had the left cylinder head replaced in December of '07 and after such a costly repair I can tell you I was thinking that the worst was behind me - WRONG.

    I was driving last week when the instrument panel ran the message "reducing engine power" and the car literally shut down and left me stranded on the side of the road. After I pulled over, I saw that the engine was running hot. I left the car there for a few hours and was able to kick it over and drive it home (less than one mile from breakdown point) when it shut itself off again and overheated.

    I had it towed to the Lincoln Dealership and have been told that my "oil filter adapter" failed. So, what happened is that the oil seeped into the coolant system and basically destroyed my coolant system. I have to replace my radiator, thermostat, 4 hoses, coolant reservior, etc .... a major fix and very costly. Since I cannot drive the car without the fix I must do it. But, I must tell you coming on the tail end of such a costly repair due to Cylinders 6 & 7 failing .... I am not happy. I am out of warrenty at 97,000 miles and honestly very disappointed with this car.

    I have been shopping for a new car because after this is repaired I will trade it in. I know that with gas prices being so high, I won't get much .... but I feel like I must hurry and dump it before the next major repair happens. Oh .... did I mention that I had to replace the "front lower ball joints" in April. I have spent thousands on this car in the past 7 months. Each time I dumped more money into it ... I told myself it was cheaper to fix the paid off vehicle than to buy new. But, at what point to you just say "enough is enough" .... well, last week was my breaking point.

    I am looking for a RELIABLE vehicle that has some creature comforts that I am used to .... honestly, I LOVED my Navigator because it was so comfortable and had all the bells and whistles that one could imagine. But, since I am getting ready to shop for a new auto ... any suggestions?? At this point, I don't need an SUV and I would like to get better gas mileage. I am looking for a RELIABLE sedan with luxury at a decent price. Would love to know what those out there think.

    Word of warning to those with a 2003 Navigator .... if yours is working - great, but be careful as the miles climb up there. Mine worked great until about 77,000 miles and then everything started to fall apart. I have an Infiniti I 30 with 186,000 that runs like a clock and an Acura MDX that is great. My Navigator was the most expensive vehicle that I have purchased and really my most disappointing. :lemon:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
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  • polo4polo4 Posts: 7
    Last week my car was running fine when all of a sudden the engine turned off while I was rolling at 40mph. No one was behind me so I put in in "N", while rolling, and started it again and continued to drive. Then, two days later, I came out from a store and the car would not start. While I had the key turned, there was a horrible buzzing sound coming from under the shift area center console. It continued until I removed the key.

    I shifted through the gears several times and it still would not start in P or N, buzzing continued, while key was in active positions. I finally got it to start in N after about 5 tries. Dealer can't duplicate and nothing shows up in computer. They thought it could be a sensor, but they said a sensor doesn't buzz.

    I am not sure if the two problems are related or separate.

    Any ideas????
  • mikerrmikerr Posts: 4
    I notices that when it rains or gets washed that there is water on the passenger floorboad right near the door. All the door seals look tight. Anyone have this or know where to look ?
  • tonynbarbtonynbarb Posts: 25
    My front plate on the 04 got caught on something as we were backing up and it ripped off. I was stumped as to how to put it back on. I had it at the dealer and requested if they could do it. One of the guys there took out a rivet gun and still couldnt figure it out . I ended up having to go to a hardware store and buy some fasteners used for walls.
  • cacmancacman Posts: 40
    I am thinking of purchasing a used Navigator. The price drop just makes these too good to pass up. I am going to look at 2003 or newer. I would appreciate any advice as to what years to stay away from, and any problems with certain options. Thanks
  • coltomcoltom Posts: 9
    we bought a 2004 - low mileage in mid 2006 - always loved the Navigator - especially the 'captain's chairs' in the back. We like the DVD player etc and still like all the amenities but I have to tell you, from a mechanical standpoint, its been the worst vehicle we've ever owned - Absolute nightmare. Had to replace the air suspension system, had three engine coils replaced, the HID headlight went out (cost $300 to replace), etc - We've been trying to trade it and no one wants it and its still a great looking SUV - bad mileage and premium fuel are a bad combo.

    Everyone has a different story so read other's input -
  • wyngatorwyngator Posts: 29
    :lemon: I would say :::: Caution :::::: when considering this purchase. I just sold my 2003 Lincoln Navigator. I absolutely LOVED the vehicle but I spent a fortune on repairs. Especially the 2003 year is particularly bad (see consumer reports).

    There is a major know flaw (TSB 06-05-13) that affects the left side cylinder head. My vehicle got to about 78,000 miles before that failed. The repair was huge $5,200 and I had to write letters to the dealership for them (and the Ford company) to help me with the costs. We wound up splitting it 3 ways. Then, a couple of months later I had the oil adapter fail and that caused the oil to leak into my coolant system. Another huge fix to repair and replace the entire coolant system (Radiator, coolant reservior, hoses, etc...). I had lots of electrical issue pop up over the years (because I had a loaded Navigator - the ultimate) but those were handled under my warranty plan which took me until 75,000 miles.

    But, after dumping so much additional money into the SUV and being stranded on the road with the car overheating from the coolant problem, I just couldn't handle the un reliablity of the vehicle.

    So, I would have to give this car a thumbs down on mechanical soundness. But, it is by far the nicest, cushiest car I have ever owned. I also own an Infiniti and an Acura. Navigator was the most luxurious but even more expensive to repair than my other two foreign cars.

    I just traded in my Navigator and yes the trade in value was very low. But, honestly ..... I felt that "while it was running" I should hurry up and dump it.

    I think you should opt for a newer year than the 2003. If you look at consumer reports you can maybe see which years have which problems.

    OBTW, when I sold my Navigator ..... I decided to go back to my foreign car again because I needed reliability. I know that nothing is perfect ...... but we just bought our second Acura and I am satisfied with my purchase.

    Good luck on your shopping ......

    ....Laurie :shades:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    I'd have to agree that a Navigator and Aviator would not be recommended. However, don't believe that it's a Ford thing necessarily. These vehicles were designed prior to Ford's current quality program plus they are body on frame SUVs which are naturally prone to more failures - even with imports.

    Ford's newer vehicles (Edge e.g.) are proving to have better than average quality. You might consider a new Edge or Flex if you don't need the towing capacity.
  • wyngatorwyngator Posts: 29
    Maybe you are right akirby.

    Unfortunately for Ford, I have been a loyal import purchaser of automobiles. I have owned a Datsun, Honda, Mazda, VW, along with the Acuras and Infiniti's that I already mentioned. My husband's ONLY stipulation when I was out shopping for my new vehicle last month was that it was NOT an American based company. His concern (and mine) is a simple case of what we have experienced. Our only BAD auto purchase was the Lincoln Navigator.

    Oh yes, we did own a Mercury Villiager Van (but that was a Nissan engine because it was basically the NIssan Quest and that was a reliable van). Nope ..... we cannot afford to "try" another Ford.

    ....Laurie :shades:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    It's understandable that past experiences have jaded you. But Ford's quality gains are real and obvious. Who could have predicted that the Fusion would be virtually bulletproof while Camry and Accord have had major problems (engine sludge and transmission problems)?

    Anything built after 2005 has seen better than average reliability. If you simply don't want to buy a Ford - that's fine. But don't buy an import strictly on the basis that it will be more reliable because based on current data the chances are good that it won't be.
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