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Lincoln Navigator Maintenance and Repair



  • wyngatorwyngator Posts: 29
    Well, you certainly *peaked* my interest. So, I pulled out my trusted Consumer Reports CARS '08 that I purchased recently for my own car purchase.

    You are correct about the Ford Fusion. CR loves that car and their published data supports what you say. I see that they have data for 2006 and 2007 and so far it is all red circles and half red circles. A good report from CR.

    I would consider that vehicle as the years roll on and I see what many miles do on that car. I'd like to see it's performance at over 100,000 miles and also over 200,000 miles. I am the kind who likes to hang onto my cars and my infiniti is holding strong at 185,000 miles.

    As for the CR of the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry. They give them great reviews (all full red circles and half red circles) since 2004 each year. It looks like they took a dip in 2003 for the Accord. Toyota Camry is actually all great reviews from 1998 all the way through 2007. So, it looks like Camry is the winner overall.
    Note: This is not true for the hybrid model. That seems to have an issue in one area. OBTW, Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic have outstanding reviews also. So there is no reported reliability issues there.

    Also, it amazed me but the Honda Accord has no scheduled maintenance until the first 100,000 miles. I mean obviously tires and oil are happening .... but nothing else. Pretty amazing. I test drove but wound up not buying the Accord. One of the reasons was due to a disappointing crash rating on the 2008 for side impacts.

    ...Laurie :shades:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,624
    Actually the Camry V6 performance caused CR to put it on the Not Recommended list and that along with the problem plagued Toyota Tundra caused CR to no longer automatically recommend a new Toyota vehicle based on Toyota's past reputation. It will have to earn the recommendation from now on. Also - Toyota led the nation in recalls a couple of years ago. Honda, meanwhile, has remained high but still with a few problems on the Accord, Civic and Odyssey. The difference is Honda isn't chasing market share like Toyota and they're able to better control their product.
  • wyngatorwyngator Posts: 29
    Yes, the Toyota Tundra has bad reviews compared to other Toyotas. But, the issue of CR I have in my hands shows Camry, as a "recommended" vehicle. Also, Accord , Civic and Odyssey are all CR recommended.

    I guess for those reading along on this thread, I would have to say go purchase your own copy of Consumer Reports. Because, my copy shows all the models I mentioned as great quality vehicles and apparently akirby has a copy that states otherwise. I can see it would be difficult to determine which one of us is reading from the "correct" version.


    ,,,Laurie :shades:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,624
    The Camry V6 is NOT RECOMMENDED by CR. The I4 model is, but on the pages you're looking at they don't differentiate by engine. I can't open the link due to network problems but try this one or just do your own google search if you don't believe me. ts-survey.html
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,624
    Regarding the Hondas, I never said they weren't recommended or they were bad vehicles, just that they've had their share of problems and are no longer bulletproof like they used to be. But they're doing a lot better than Toyota.
  • wyngatorwyngator Posts: 29
    Yes, I did in fact GOOGLE it and the article is below. Yes, Toyota slipped from 1st place to 5th place for reliability. It claims due to V6 Camry, Tundra, and Lexus GS.

    But after reading the article that you referenced, the ONLY domestic manufacturer to make it into the TOP TEN was Buick and it came in 10th place. So, I guess it still points back to the fact that you are at more financial risk when you sink money into a domestic auto as opposed to a foreign one.

    Toyota skids in reliability rankings
    Automaker slips to fifth from first place, and some versions of Camry, Tundra and Lexus GS no longer recommended.
    By Peter Valdes-Dapena, staff writer
    October 17 2007: 4:42 PM EDT

    NEW YORK, -- The Toyota brand has lost its top position for iron-clad reliability, according to an influential Consumer Reports survey released Tuesday.

    The survey dropped Toyota from first to fifth place - behind Honda, Acura, Scion and Subaru - in average vehicle reliability. The rankings are based on average predicted reliability for all models sold under a given brand.

    2007 Toyota Camry: Because of poor predicted reliability, V6-powered versions of the Toyota Camry are no longer recommended by Consumer Reports.

    Brands made by Toyota Motor Co. and Honda Motor Co. still dominate the rankings: Scion is Toyota's low-priced car brand and Acura is Honda's luxury car brand.

    Consumer Reports said it no longer recommends V6 versions of Toyota's Camry or four-wheel-drive V8 versions of its Tundra pick-up because of poor reliability.

    In the past, because Toyota (Charts) products have so consistently proved reliable, the magazine would assume at least average reliability for Toyota's brand new cars, without waiting for survey data from owners.

    But from now on, the magazine will wait for a full year of reliability survey data to come in before it recommends a Toyota product - as it does with most other manufacturers.

    "We are still, by any measure, a very reliable make," said Toyota spokesman Xavier Dominicis.

    Toyota Motor Co., which makes Toyota, Lexus and Scion cars, makes 44 percent of the cars rated as "Most Reliable" by Consumer Reports, Dominicis pointed out.

    Toyota recently passed Ford in sales and is now the second best-selling car company in the United States behind General Motors.

    Domestic manufacturers General Motors (Charts, Fortune 500), Ford (Charts, Fortune 500) and Chrysler continued to improve in the Consumer Reports reliability rankings. But only Buick, GM's near-luxury brand ranked number 10, made into the top ten.

    Among individual models, GM's closely related GMC Acadia and Saturn Outlook SUVs earned a Consumer Reports recommendation based on their first full year of data. The Dodge Charger also earned a recommendation after its reliability showed substantial improvement from previous years.

    Ford, in particular, is improving in quality, according to Consumer Reports. In all, 93 percent of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles showed average or better reliability in the most recent reliability survey.

    Among overall brands, Ford's Mercury brand ranked 11th, the Ford brand ranked 13th and the Lincoln luxury brand ranked 14th. Other than Buick, they were the highest-ranking domestic brands.

    Mike Hardie, Ford's director of quality, predicted that Ford would take the top position in Consumer Reports reliability rankings in the near future.

    Ford's quality has tended to be more consistent, with steady improvement year over year, than that of other domestic manufacturers, said David Champion, head of auto testing for Consumer Reports.

    "GM and Chrysler have been more hit-and-miss," said Champion.

    Of the 39 cars rated "Most Reliable" in Consumer Reports new list, four are by domestic manufacturers. They are the Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, two-wheel-drives Ford F-150 V6 and GM's Pontiac Vibe. The Vibe is built in cooperation with Toyota and shares its engineering with the Toyota Matrix.

    But 20 of the 44 "least reliable" models named by Consumer Reports were also from domestic manufacturers.

    The least reliable car of all, according to Consumer Reports survey, is General Motors' Pontiac Solstice sports car. Its reliability was calculated to be 234 percent worse than average. It was followed closely by GM's Cadillac Escalade EXT, which is calculated to be 220 percent less reliable than the average vehicle.

    General Motors cited progress, as well, in its drive to improve quality.

    "Our most recent launches are all recommended,' pointed out Bob Ottolini, GM's executive director for product quality, referrring to the Saturn Outlook and Aura and the GMC Acadia.

    Ottoline agreed that GM needs to work on maintaing strong quality once it achieves it in a product so that cars don't end up slipping in the ratings as glitches start to appear.

    European manufacturers showed some of the biggest improvements in overall brand rankings. Porsche rose 20 places since last year's survey to finish ninth, for example. Meanwhile, Mini rose 16 places and Jaguar rose 17.

    Consumer Reports' reliability rankings differ significantly from those released recently by J.D. Power and Associates. In the J.D. Power most recent "Vehicle Dependability Survey," five of the top ten brands were domestic and Buick tied Lexus for first place.

    One major reason for that difference: J.D. Power only surveys owners of three-year-old vehicles. But Consumer Reports surveys its subscribers about vehicles from all three of the most recent model years, unless the vehicle has changed significantly. If the vehicle has changed in that time, only vehicles built since the change are included.

    Consumer Reports' rankings are based on survey responses from subscribers to the magazine and its Website. Responses included information on almost 1.3 million vehicles.

    Over the past few years, both Consumer Reports and J.D. Power surveys have showed similar trends, however, with domestic car brands improving in quality with European brands generally lagging behind.
  • cacmancacman Posts: 40
    Any chance to get back on topic? Seems like 03 and 04 are years to stay away from.
  • I made the mistake if accidentally pushing the "rear liftgate window" button my remote while trying to lock my 04 navigator. Now the liftgate window will not lock. What can I do?
  • I had the same problem right after I bought the car new. I was thinking the worse when I took it back to the dealer. It took the mechanic about 15 seconds to fix it. He took a screwdriver and adjusted the part on the door where the window clicks into. It has been fine ever since and that was 4 years ago. The mechanic said it was a common complaint.
  • My brake lights fail (all of them, including the top light) when it rains. Afer about 12-24 hours, after it dries outside, they return to normal. I just had the dealer repair a short that was in the brake light wire. What could be happening?
  • I am hearing rattling noises coming from both the drivers and rear driver side door. What can it be? How hard is it to take apart the door panels to figure out what it is?
  • it is likely the cosmetic panelling on the outside of the door, do you only notice it at highway speeds? Mine does the same, especially if it is windy, maybe some teflon or double sided auto tape on the inside if you are into the cob job, but its not too big a deal to me so i haven't bothered to do anythign about it.

    here's a question for you though. For some reason, my door ajar alert is on all the time and it is throwing off my interior lights and alarm system, it seems to be the driver side front door, when it first started i could slam the door and it would stop, but now it is on all the time

    also, airbag warning light is on in the dash, any recommendations?
  • To fix your door ajar problem, spray some WD-40 inside each door panel where the latch is. Follow up with silicon spray. Close each door once or twice. The problem should go away. My door ajar light stayed on for a week until I did this and I have not had the problem since. The latch just simply gets stuck sometimes.
  • Our 4x4 is engaging by itself what is the fix please, and is the repairs expensive
  • coltomcoltom Posts: 9
    We've had four cars that were absolute nightmares - The Navigator, Jeep Grand Cherokee, a Buick Regal (granted it was a hand-me-down while in college) and a Mazda MX-6. I've owned three Maximas, an Acura RL and now an Infiniti M35x and have never had anything other than basic maintainence costs with those. Ironically, the Mazda MX-6 was build along side the Ford Probe by Ford and was the first Japanese car officially designated a domestic car - figures. Everything went wrong with that car and I finally dumped it at a loss to get out of it and it was only three years old.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,624
    And we've owned 2 rangers, 1 Acura Integra, a honda civic, a honda accord, 2 explorers, a Lincoln LS, an Expedition, an Aviator, a Fusion and a Focus. Most were kept 4-6 years, a couple for 2-3 years. Only the Aviator and Lincoln LS had more than 1 repair, warranty or otherwise. All of the LS problems were fixed early on under warranty - none in the last 4 years. Only the Aviator had serious and numerous problems.
  • did you ever fix this problem? the same thing just happened to mine and I was wondering how you resolved it.
  • I would like to know exactly where the IAC is located in the engine compartment, I am willing to try and clean it myself, I am not sure where it is.... Thanks for all assistance/suggestions. Jan
  • lyletlylet Posts: 27
    What is Lincoln saying is wrong with the transmission?
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    You're replying to a post that's almost a year old made by a troll.
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