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Lincoln Navigator Maintenance and Repair



  • polo4polo4 Posts: 7
    I found the buzz coming from the starter relay, located on passenger side fuse panel. I found my relay to have burnt marks on center pin and some melting of plastic around it. If I would wiggle it buzzing would stop and car would start.

    I replaced it 2 months ago and I am getting the same buzzing (stuck) sound again. It lasts only a few moments so far and goes away and tlets the car start.

    I need to find the cause of the relay overheating now.
  • cissicissi Posts: 9
    I know there is a while since you asked about the seat. I have the same problem with mine now. Did you get a solution on it. Was it the motor to the seat ? Or some programing ?
    I hope for answer
    Kind regards
    Cecilie Jansson
  • cissicissi Posts: 9
    Hi :confuse:
    I hope there is someone who knows the answer to this. My seat in front want move, the passenger seat is moving. I can move it back and up and down , but cant get it forward or backward.
    Is it the motor or is it a programming thing. My husband used the car when he should show it to the controll we have in Sweden on cars every year. And after that it didnt function anymore.
    Maybe this controll man has touched something ? I dont hope its the motor to it, since that is maybe expencive to change ?
    It only click when I try , it doesnt start and try to move or anything.
    I live in sweden and there is not much help to get, and try to ask Ford is not worth the bother since they never answer anyway. And because of the bad service of Ford I will never own a Ford again, even if the navigator is the best car I have owned I must sell it and get some car its easy to get help with. Ford cant be very afraid of the financial crise since they treat their customers like this. Its good we have this forum. Where I have got help before also :)
  • I have a 01 Lincoln navagitor that has 22 inch rims on it, the steering wheel and the entire car shakes awful around 50 mph, took it to a mechanic he said tires need to be balanced. got that done, lasted a week then started shaken even worse. Then the machanic said i need new lower ball joints and tie rods. anyone really know what it is?
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    The problem is that you have installed after market wheels and tires that may look nice but after market or not approved by the car company. Keep these wheels on and continue use and you will soon need tie rods and ball joints as well, as this shaking is wearing out the steering system. Grow up and put the OE wheels back on!
  • navo2navo2 Posts: 1
    can anyone tell me if there is a fuse panel in the 02 Navigator for things like the DVD player, subwoofer, amps in the rear??
  • so i bought the wheels on the truck so i didn't put them on and if i had the original wheels on i would have put them on a long time ago. I got on her asking for help i didn't need you to tell me to grow up, and as a matter of fact i replaced the tie rods and guess what no shaking you [non-permissible content removed].I didn't know you get on this website an ppl ask for help and there's jerks like you on here or I would of never signed up. :mad:
  • I have a 01 and mine was shaking and i replaced the tie rods and so far so good. so you might want to get them looked at, I also was told to replace the lower ball joints so thats what I'm in the process of doing now.My steering is really loose as well and causes alot of un neccessary shaking so I have to get my steering box tightened... Hope this helps :)
  • I have a 2006 Nav with just over 50k miles. For some reason the 6 disc changer has begun to malfunction. It will not accept CD's sometimes. It gives a message of "load error" when I try to load a CD. I tried brand new CDs so i know it is not the dics itself that is bad. Also, when I do get CDs the eject function sometimes does not work. When I hit eject, the Cd never comes out but the display indicates that the slot is empty. These issues usually reset themselves after a while but are very very aggravating. Anybody else had these issues? I am thinking that the dealer will repair under warranty but I was wondering if there was any quick fix for this besides taking in to the dealer.
  • Marissa, did you have a road force balance done? Shops like NTB or most gas station auto shops won't have the machine to do it, so try a performance shop. Specifically you are looking for a place with a Hunter Road Force Balancing Machine. This is different than a regular balance in that the wheels are balanced while they are on the car. That should take care of the shaking at higher speeds. As far as the lower ball joints, my 2000 Expedition went through them every 25K or so, I also had 22 inch rims, but it was not due to the rims at all, just a design issue by Ford. Not sure on the tie rod ends, in both cases I would get a second opinion before having them replaced. Good Luck
  • I have an 02 nav. that I purchased used in Dec 07. Since July 08 it has literally been in the shop every other month. I am so fustrated. I love my navigator until it acts up again. It is always the heater cooler that makes my navigator smell like fish, or the radiator. I just don't know if its the mechanics that don't know what they are doing or if i just bought a lemon. But I am tired of going to the shop everyother month. My extended warranty expires in Dec. 09. Any suggestions or is anyone else having problems with their 02 navigator like me?
  • I pulled the gear shift lever up to clean the leather boot and now it will not go down and will not shift out of park
  • It sounds like your shift knob came loose. The spring that works with the big chrome button on the knob has probably come out. You are going to have to dismantle part of your console to put it back together. You start by pulling the one plug on the backside of the window switch housing inside the storage bin and just under the console storage bin lid. After pulling that single plastic plug the switch housing pops off. Just grab it and pull up. Now you will see two screws that hold on the cup holder housing. Remove those and pull out the cup holder housing. Now you should be able to see the shifter mount. Pull the leather down away from the chrome ring below the shift knob. Pull the chrome ring down and you will see a screw or where the screw is supposed to be. It is probably gone but needs to be found or replaced. There is a small wire attached to knob and under knob is a spring that sits in the middle of the shifter shaft. There is a white plastic clip stuck up on the underside of the knob that needs to be pulled out with a little screw driver of something to get the silver plastic cap off the top of the knob. Put the spring back in place, it sets on top of the plastic shaft point up to the roof, so button works and reassemble. Make sure little wire running down the side of the shaft is still plugged in before you close it all back up.
  • The fish smell is debris that has collected from your vent intake and is decaying down inside. Do a search for Ford truck enthusiasts to ask for advice on how to clean it out. You can do most of the work yourself on these Navi's with a little advice. Good luck!
  • i have a similar problem the back of my 00 navagotor has droped i took it to a machanic and was told that it needed a new compressor i replaced it at 500.00 dollars and still the problem is there i wish i can fix the problem soon i need it for many things and soon school will start and I have to take my children to school
    please help me thank you
  • i have a similar problem the back of my 00 navagotor has droped i took it to a machanic and was told that it needed a new compressor i replaced it at 500.00 dollars and still the problem is there i wish i can fix the problem soon i need it for many things and soon school will start and I have to take my children to school
    please help me thank you
    if you can please e-mail me with some kind of solution at
    thank you.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    if you can please e-mail me...

    We prefer to keep the discussion here so everyone can benefit. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Thanks I'll try that out. I already replaced the tie rods and it stopped the shaking for a month and here the past week it's starting to shake again not as bad but its doing it.I also have heard a popping noise when i turn either way, could that be my ball joints?..I'll have to find someone in louisville to have a Hunter Road Force machince.Thanks for your help! :)
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    The problem you have may well be the Door Relay Switch just forward and inside that controls the compressor that sticks open when the door opens and when closed does not close the circuit to the compressor. This relay is a bit difficult to get at and start with the driver door, remove the panel forward of the door and once there use WD40 and make sure the Relay Switch is free and working.
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    After a number of years the door Relay Switch inside and forward of the door sticks from dust and fails to close the circuit to the compressor after the door is closed.
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