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Lincoln Navigator Maintenance and Repair



  • aussieseanaussiesean Posts: 5
    Can someone please tell me, or show me a diagram for locating the low pressure side of of A/C so I can add refrigerant. I looked, but cannot find it
  • Check the front discs and replace them if faulty. And uneven surfacing of the disc will cause that vibration.
  • Vmootilal,

    Just a quick unrelated question... In your 2002, does the 3rd row seat come equipped with the LATCH system brackets?

    I have a '98 and would like a safer seat for my kids and I heard that the 2002 models came with it equipped.
  • newkid98newkid98 Posts: 1
    I wanted something nice with my tax check
    So I got a lincoln nav it's a 98 has 122*** miles runs good and everything works good and I really like it anyways I have some questions about maintenance that I can do myself

    the air ride Any parts that I should change also do the dryers go bad ?

    Dose the 98 windshield have that leak that drips on the fuse box ? Or was that a later yr

    I'm going to be getting tires soon and and I've read that they can sometimes mess the air ride up should I do them my self ?

    Tkx for any help
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