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Lincoln Town Car Maintenance & Repair



  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,320
    Only thing I can think of is if you are parking on a steep slope, either the trunk light or hood light stays on due to the Mercury switch.

    Hope it is that simple for you. :)
  • What was the solution? My 99 get wet on passenger side front and I can't find cause.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,320
    the Mexichrome peeling off. What is the best First Aid treatment to improve the appearance without the expense of a professional body shop?
  • bc95bc95 Posts: 2
    I'm struggling with the same problem, I've replaced the PCM/EEC and Fuled Shut Off relays. The only thing that works is jumping the fule shut off relay 3 ways, when I do that the car starts and runs fine. I have 196k on the car and want to get it back on the road the right way. Any suggestions??
  • I'm dingy on this, but the part(s) we replaced that fixed our problem was: (Ford Motor Company, one pkg. of 2 pcs. FOAZ-14N089-A relay AF30E W/O 812231 02/25/05) This is what is print on the package. Cost was $15.00.
    I tried searching the web and can't seem to find info on it.
  • you might check out the messages numbered 409 through 420. I also had battery drain problems. the problems and solutions i ran into are mentioned there. good luck
  • I fixed the problem, it was the cowl vent, cost me $5.00 for some clear silicone and an hour of my time.
  • Recently, when I try to turn right (as in turning right into a parking lot from a main road - and it is under some speed and is not from a stopped position) the automatic braking system activates and scares me to death! :) I am always able to regain control (so far) - and then the light comes on.

    This ONLY happens with a right-hand turn.

    Second problem - passenger side door. It is becoming increasingly harder to close. Husband tried to shim it, I believe, but make little difference. I had this happen to an older Lincoln and eventually the door stopped closing all together. What a pain.

    Last problem - when I activate the trunk release (either from the hand-held keyless entry thingy or the switch inside the glove box ) I hear the SOUND of something releasing, but the trunk does not release. I hear that big "Click" - but nothing happens. The trunk closing mechanism still works fine.

    I sure would appreciate your help on this. I just paid $3500 for a complete engine overhaul on this vehicle and I truly would like to keep it!

    Neauxbunny :confuse:
  • This seems to be a problem with lots of 99's. I took my 99 Town Car in to dealer for fix. They cleaned and repaired the right cowl screen, sealed cowl and air intake. However, after 2 rains this past week, there was still a leak (much smaller than before)into right front passenger carpet; there appears to be no leak as before in right rear passenger carpet. I plan to take it back in for redo tomorrow.
  • I've only posted on here a couple times, but I figured someone on here could help me out!

    I have a '92 Lincoln Town Car. I've had the car for 3 years and kept up the maintenance. All the sudden, everything starts going wrong at once.

    Here are the problems:

    1. My windows quit rolling up and down. I have the replacement parts, but I can't get the door panel off. I have to get someone else to do that.

    2. I think I have an electrical problem. My windshield wipers do not work unless I put them on the fastest setting. Then they only run once and I have to turn them off and put them back on the fastest setting for it to run again. My headlight is out, but my brights work just fine.

    3. I have to have my antenna replaced, it broke and the pulley doesn't work anymore.

    4. There are several flushes, etc I need to get done (About $600 worth.) I plan on getting those done. There is a rattling in the engine when I accelerate at times.


    Does any of this sound familiar? Do I have a full blown electrical problem? How much will it cost to get all of this repaired?

  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,320
    Before taking door panels off it appears that when you fix the other electrical challenges the windows may work as well. It is very rare all four windows stop at the same time. Usually it is the driver window that goes.
  • I think you need to prioritize your problems. First off, if the engine is making rattling noises get that checked out. What if you need a new engine? Are you going to get one? The other items are secondary. $600 for flushes? Get another mechanic. My two rear windows don't work. I'm glad they don't as I left the keys inside the locked car the other day. Just pulled down the glass and I was in. They stay up on their own. Saved me time and money for a locksmith. My windshield wiper doesn't run on all speeds and sometimes turns off when I use the signal. I'm assuming that's the switch itself that needs replacing. You say one headlight is out. The low beam could be out and the high beam ok. Two different filaments involved. Check the wiring with your good headlight to make sure. But get that engine checked out first. If it is a major repair/replace you might not want to keep the car.
  • I have an air bag light on - code 32.
    Says driver side - circuit open.
    Is this something for the dealer to address?
    Or is there a wire loose under the seat somewhere.
  • What did the dealer charge and is it fixed yet?
  • miki3miki3 Posts: 2
    The engine won’t keep running without accelerator. It seems to be ok after warmed up but I don’t see any other warning messages. Could someone give me an advice please? :cry:
  • izaclown1izaclown1 Posts: 116
    My 2k was doing the same thing a couple of weeks ago. It was a idle sensor. Either IAC or IEC was the reference used by the tech. It is annoying when it cold and you are trying to make a turn and the engine dies... :blush:
  • I believe the problem is something called an Idle Control Valve. Top rear of engine. It is connected by two 3/8 bolts and one wire. It is connected to a larger exhaust breather type hose that projects into the top of the engine manifold. You will find this device sticking up dead center at the back of the engine. It is silver in color and looks like two pie pans stuck together about 2 1/4 in in diameter. Good Luck its and easy fix.
  • swabswab Posts: 1
    im sorry i could not find the right place to post

    i have a lincoln towncar 1990, My fuel pump isnt turning on, this happended before the wires that went into the alternator melted, i had to replace the alternator plug, but this time it wasnt the problem, i followed the alternator wires to the battery and saw that some wires were bare and they might have touched some metal, what would that short out?? i checked the fuelpump relay and found out that is wasnt getting power, but some were, what exactlly do i need to replace it?
  • miki3miki3 Posts: 2
    I took it to a mechanic two two days ago but they said nothing wrong as it didn't have "Check the Engine" light. They just cleaned the battery area and told me to wait and see. Well, it’s been fine so far but the problem happens only once a two week. I will keep both replies for next time. (I hope it won't happyen but...)
    Thank you so much for your input!!!! :)
  • I have a 1990 lincoln town car with 120k miles. it had a bad oil leak. i have replaced the oil switch valve cover gaskets and rear main seal. it is still leaking granted a lot less than it was but still a leak. i heard something about the oil pressure relief valve sticking and causing the filter to baloon and leak. has anyone had this problem or have any suggestions? please help me am going crazy chasing leaks. :mad:
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