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MINI Cooper Accessories & Modifications

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
Accessories/mods, anyone?

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  • I'm placing an order for an S. I am opting for the Sport package, leather seats, sport steering wheel with cruise, and Electric Blue finish. Later I'll look into performance mods, such as exhaust and intake upgrades, hopeing to add about 10 to 15 HP. Dan
  • the_manthe_man Posts: 15
    Modifications can do a lot for your Mini. Staright fromthe factory you could opt for the John Cooper Works Package. The works is sold straight fom MINI and when it is put with the coopers S BHP is increased to 200. The "Works" package sells for 4,500 USD.

    For only $5,000 you can purchase a Stage 3 Power Pack from Mini Madnes. It increases Power from 163 in the cooper s to 245 with the power pack instaled.

    Another route you could go, would be to do an engine swap. Now, I have not done my homework to see what can fit in the engine bay, but lett me give you some options.

    -VW VR6-- A narow angle V6 that is easily modified.

    -Porsche flat 6-- It is a small engine with lots of power. In the Porsche gt2 it makes about 480 bhp with the help of twin turbos. SO, installing a turbo on this engine could give your MINI some monster power.

    (Bothe engines mentioned will need Different engine mounts and depending on the power of the engine may require you to reinforce your chassis.

    other modifications-
    -NOS (nitrus oxide)
    -preformance exaust
    -Turbo/Super charger
    - Bigger and drilled "brembo" disk brakes
    -Air filter
    -MOMO steering wheel (i don't like the way the stock wheel feels ni my hands)
  • nmgridlnmgridl Posts: 12
    I bought and installed a center armrest from in my girlfriends MINI. I thought it was well built, and installation was quick. As the bracket goes into the rear center cup holder, its use in now limited. Rather that the top being hinged at the rear, it slides forward. The advantage of this is that it make the "box" more useful as an armrest. The disadvantage of this that due to the opening being at the rear of the unit, access into the box is awkward. To center the box during installation, I suggest doing so with the front seats all the way back. It makes it easier to see the clearance. The company was very pleasant to deal with.
  • I've owned a mini S '04 for 2 months, and I'm already addicted. I tested the Mazda rx8, the Acura TL, the Honda S2000, and amazingly, considering the price of course, the Mini S is a much more fun and responsive than all of them. Now, how do I get my mini to go faster? I'm an amateur race car driver with some funds. I need to find an all-in-one place where I can get advice, parts, etc., on how to take my mini's performance to the max, but I have not yet found such a place. Does it even exist? As a mini newcomer I have not in-depth knowledge of what I'm pursuing except the fact that I want the fastest mini around. Thanks for your comments and help.
  • adeitchleyadeitchley Posts: 6
    I'm considering getting a base Mini. I already have XM in my other cars and home, and use the same receiver for all locations. I really don't want to opt for Sirius on my Mini as a result ($$ up front and additional subscription). I thought I would add the auxiliary jack accessory to the Mini and plug my XM Roady receiver into it.

    But--does anyone know my risk for engine noise? It's terrible in my 96 Accord with a crappy stereo that has an auxiliary input, even after we directly wired the power supply for the Roady into the dash instead of using a cig lighter. Engine noise is not a problem in my 99 Gr Cherokee with a good stereo where I use one of those cassette adapter things. Should I upgrade to Harman Kardan in the Mini to reduce the potential problems, maybe? And I'm forgoing the wheel audio controls, right? Or will volume still work?

    I think I will lease so I can't do drastic stuff to the Mini.
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    I just ordered an '05 Mini. Althought I got every option available (except Sport Package - I didn't want the run-flats so I got everything else in the package seperately) but there are a few things that I wanted but weren't available.

    In January '05 they will add a new "Convenience Package" which includes automatic headlamps. I assume it is the same ones that are now standard on all BMWs. I couldn't wait that long but does anyone know where/if I can get this added on to my MINI? I'm coming from larger GM cars and haven't had to turn on my headlamps manually for well over 10 years!

    Also, are there some good places to get a nice armrest/console? I got the Cordoba Leather and I haven't seen any in that beige.

  • crunchcrunch Posts: 84
    mfullner, If you have your order number you should go to the MINI USA site and register at the MINI owners' lounge. You will find that forum much more knowledgeable in all areas of MINI ownership. I have found that very few owners post here and only owners/buyers can post on the MINI owners lounge.
    Oh, and before I forget, Congratulations on your order. Do you have a name for him/her yet?
    I haven't heard of an add-on for the auto headlamps.
    I have the euro style armrest from Moss MINI ( as far as I can tell, it is only available in black.
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    Actually I don't have the order number yet. I'll have to ask for that. Not sure how long it takes to get it.

    They are changing the individual options of Homelink, Auto Dimming Mirror, Rain Sensing wipers in January to a "Convenience Package" which includes all three plus automatic headlamps. I don't know why that, and the automatic for the S are January phase ins. I was a bit bummed but I can I can turn on and off my own lights if I have to.
  • hollyghollyg Posts: 6
    Hi My mini just came in. The salesperson has asked me to consider an "autobahn bra" to protect the front of the vehicle. Also insurance on the run flats and rims. Are either of these important? Thanks
  • padpad Posts: 7
    The bra is a good idea and will protect your car paint from chips. I bought one years ago and can attest to it being worth 100 bucks.

    The tire insurance is a pile of crap and I would not buy it even if I won the lottery. Still no MIni here, but maybe soon.
  • padpad Posts: 7
    Did they change the gearing in the manual 5 speed if so, what rpm's does the 05 turn at 65 in the 5 or 6 speed? The 04 is around 2,800 and the cabin noise is sedate. Also what options do people find they can not live without and which are a waste of money ? Also What do people think about the run flats versus the reg. rubber ? Thanks in advance.
  • crunchcrunch Posts: 84
    I don't like the run-flats. Way too stiff! I'll most likely replace then with regular tires long before they are worn out.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Is there a MINI dealer-installed alarm? Has anyone bought one? How good is it (feature-wise)? Does it come with one of those 360 degree flashing LED on the rear view mirror ala all BMWs. Of all the MINIs I've seen on the road, I don't think I've seen one with any fhashing LED to indicate there is an alarm. It can't be that no one has an alarm. MINI owners must want to protect their rides! Even Hyundais have alarms!
  • Has anyone heard if any near future design changes to the the Mini include an AWD package?? If so, I will be the first in line to trade my Saab 9-2X Aero for one.
  • lisalevlisalev Posts: 5
    I'm new to this forum. My husband left his front floor mats at the car wash. I want to buy him some new ones but not the factory kind. I was thinking coco mats. Also, what do you think about after market arm rests? I
  • miggsmiggs Posts: 1
    just bought my friend's 2003 cooper S,fully loaded with the John Cooper Works kit. This baby was ordered (one color)blue metallic with chrome mirrors & gaz cover & tinted windows.Now I'm looking at this street legal go-kart and I'm thinking spinner wheels!!! Is this possible in 17 inch. If not,will 18 inch fit with 4 lugs,should they be positive offset??? Is there a web site that will ship to Canada ??.many questions.hope to have a few responses.thanks in advance.
  • crunchcrunch Posts: 84
    MINI wheel specs:
    Bolt pattern = 4x100
    Offset of +40 to +45

    OPINION: Most MINI owners try to reduce wheel weight to improve handling and acceleration. Spinners have GOT to be heavy, probably too heavy for a MINI. I know I would laugh out loud at a MINI with spinners :D , but that's just me.
  • Hey, I have an 05 Mini Cooper S, and am looking for a little more performance without having to modify my motor too much. I've heard that I may be able to turn up the pressure on the supercharger to get more boost, although I heard that the release valve may release the pressure before it actually gets to the motor. I was just curious to see if anyone had experimented with this and if it's worth investigating. Thanx.
  • Has any one out there have any experience with roof racks, factory or others, i.e., Yakima, Thule.

    How is the factory rack installed?......drill permanent holes into the roof???

    Would you recommend factory over after market???

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi Hollyg.
    I have the tire insurance in my mini S, why do you feel it is no good.
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