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MINI Cooper Care & Maintenance



  • rbell1rbell1 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know where a good place for body work is in the Hollywood area. I had a fender bender and my front bumper is pretty scratched up. It's one of those repairs that I will get vastly different quotes from place to place.
  • minitechminitech Posts: 11 can go back to mini dealer and tell the salesman that he is on crack!! The Mini is not factory equiped with a Bluetooth kit. There is a dealer installed kit available though. You can see it on dealership website under accessories..not cheap but it works. Dont expect crystal clear quality, but if you are used to any bluetooth product you know what I mean.

    If by chance I am the one on crack by telling you that your car does not have bluetooth already..
    goto settings on phone..connections..bluetooth..set up..find before hitting find me. You have to get car bluetooth into pairing mode. The dealer kit(which is what Im used to) goes like this..options..setup..pairing. Something like that. read manual..thats right off top of my head so if Im a little off..sue me. Now hit find me on phone-will tell you discoverable for 60 sec. on phone hit back..handsfree-phone will look for a should link. Minis are good about bluetooth link, unlike BMWs. once it has found device pair to it and there you go...if i left something wont work..keep trying. read manual. but i think i got everything.. good luck
    but i think your salesman is on crack...
  • macdpjmacdpj Posts: 1
    I purchased a mini 2005 in June of 2005. One month after owning the car it completely died in the middle of a busy bridge. I was stopped and tried to accelerate and it started sputtering and jerking then died. It was towed to the dealership where they said they solved the problem. It then occurred two other times with trips back to the garage. Since then I find it very jerky and, as someone mentioned, feels like it's about to die in idle. I've only used premium gas as the owners manual recommends this but the guys at the dealership did mention to use lower octane gas. Has anyone had this experience with their mini and does anyone know what is the cause because the guys at the mini garage don't seem to know.
  • esquaredesquared Posts: 2
    Don't know if this has been addressed else where, but I just bought a 2006 Mini S Convertible (WHICH I LOVE). Mini doesn't seem to recommend one product over another to care for my ragtop. Anyone have good recommendations? Its my first convertible (second Mini) and unfortunately I don't have covered parking so this is an issue.

  • eashleyeashley Posts: 8
    I change oil and filter every 5,000 miles, have 45,000 miles on my '03 Cooper, no problems whatsoever. Call it peace of mind insurance. I also drive lots of short-haul trips in Maine winter weather, so I figure that in to the stress quotient too.
  • Does anyone have any problems with noisy wheel bearings?

  • mhenderson1mhenderson1 Posts: 164
    After reviewing many MINI sites, one convertible care product that came up was called "303 Aerospace Convertible Top Care Kit". I found one site selling this product for at least around $21. I don't know the site address offhand, but you can google it, and type in "Superior Car Care". I also heard that "Leatherique" which is also sold by them, is a good solution for your leather or vinyl. I ordered some and I will tell you how well it works in the next few days. I also heard that BMW sells a solution for convertible tops as well. I believe they wanted at least $18 for the top cleaner only, and $69 for the entire kit.
  • esquaredesquared Posts: 2
    thanks very much for this. I will try this out this weekend and see what happens.


  • mmitch09mmitch09 Posts: 1
    Hi I have a question. My MINI's warranty recently expired and I want to do my own maintenance. My only question what do I need to do? I already have changed my own oil, but what else should I be doing. I know normal cars have certain times to change coolant and other things but the MINI is very different than your average car. So if you could offer some advice or a place to find that information I would be grateful. -mmitch09 :P
  • jackel142jackel142 Posts: 47
    I had spent the past 20 years as a service & parts manager for Mercedes Benz, and for Acura. I left the business a year ago due to the constant deception the company was forcing us to feed to the customers.
    Mercedes Benz came up with the 10,000 mile oil change back in late 97, the reason they did, was to lower the cost per mile of maintance of the car. The tests they performed were using european grade oil (not available in the US). When the cars began to "use" oil, We were told to tell the customers that it is "normal" and that anything less than 1 quart per 650 miles is within spec. THIS IS A JOKE! You try telling a customer who has spent $100,000 on a car that they need to add a quart of oil every 600 miles.
    The MB's also have up to a 8 quart oil pan. If you don't change your oil every 3000-5000 miles, you will have long term problems!
  • bfromholdbfromhold Posts: 38
    Well, I ordered my 2006 Mini Cooper S today with all the packages offered (Sport, Premium, Cold Weather, and Convenience) not to mention all the chrome upgrades on the interior & exterior, chrono pack, park distance control, rear fog light, 8-speaker Harman Kardon sound system, English panther leather, etc... Yikes! $ $ $

    My question is should I also purchase the extended warranty & maintenance? I've been averaging about 18,000 miles a year on my current Honda Civic EX (& I ended up replacing the transmission at only 74,000 miles!!$$). Do you think it's worth the extra $2169 for a 6 yr./100,000 mile mechanical warranty (and a $100 deductible) and $550 for the 4 yr/50,000 mile extended maintenance? Keep in mind I'll have 36,000 miles on my car in 2 years. How many of you Mini owners bought either one of these? Has it paid off in the long run? What all does it cover?

    Thanks in advanced for any input
  • bfromholdbfromhold Posts: 38

    Wow! First, it's good to know there's some honest people out there like you. I too am a little skeptical to wait 15,000 miles to change the oil/filter. It seems too long for ANY type of oil (synthetic or not). Anybody out there with 80,000+ miles on your Mini without having to add oil?

    I know of someone with a GTI who used synthetic oil the past 5 years, and now it's burning oil (and blue smoke out the exhaust) at only 82,000 miles! Makes me wonder what I should do with the Mini I'll be getting in a few months. A friend of mine has a Mini S and he changes it himself at the halfway mark (7,500 miles).
  • idajidaj Posts: 2
    Hello! I am a new MINI owner as of about 45 days ago. I am not going to be doing any oil changes myself...but I want to make sure the only place I have to take it locally (Goodyear) knows what to use. When I called them today they had never done an oil change on a MINI. I told her I wanted Castrol Synthetic and she wanted to know what type I needed? I was unsure. My car says "MINI recommends Castrol" and, of course, 5w/30. I have an 03 MINI (not S) and I want to treat it like the diamond it is. Any suggestions? :)
  • idajidaj Posts: 2
    Also, I went outside and checked my "Service" light and it says 10000 miles. Does it always say 10000 miles? I checked the oil and it actually looks like it could use a little. Trust my MINI or trust habit and go ahead and get a change, just to be safe?? :confuse:
  • My wife and I test drove the 2007 VW Rabbit and 06 Mini Cooper over the weekend -- each had a very solid and stable feel. Still think the mini is a little bit small for luggage and other stuff (any experiences?) but the gas mileage is better than the Rabbit.

    What has your experience on up keep been like? How expensive are brakes for instance? 15k, 30k, 60k Check ups?

    When have the little guys started needing repairs?

    I realize its going to differ somewhat but I would like to get an idea if the mini is nothing more than an expensive to repair BMW in disguise. :confuse:

    So come'on! Talk me into one. ;)
    Appreciate it. I'm interested, my wife thinks I'll get creamed by an SUV.
  • Hi all,
    I am a new member to the forums. Here is the issue I have with my MC. (2004 MC 43,700 miles) I changed the oil yesterday and I tried to reset the oil service interval timer using the note
    I found on When I started, the display showed
    oil service and 2675 miles. I don't really know what i did and now the display shows inspection and 15,500 miles. I don't know how to get the display back to the oil service interval.
    I also read on another site that there are some 20 or more tests and indicators you can get into when you try to reset the countdown timer.
    I also have a copy of the Bentley Service Manual but it is not very helpful.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Concord, CA Mini/BMW dealer said brakes are around $700 to change. The first pair however, will be changed during the 50,000 mile free maintenance which is good. Your first expense would be the 60,000 check-up. Mini is not that cheap o a car to own -- check out the ownership per mile here on edmunds.

    My wife and I drove all the Mini styles and the VW Rabbit. Mini was simply too small in my eyes -- not too small for me persay, but for the other vehicles driving around me everyday on the highway. For close to $30,000 I want to feel safe which I didn't in the Mini. Heck of a lot of fun though and add-ons galour.

    VW were axxholes at best. (but this is just my experience with this one dealer) Communication was a nightmare -- and I was seriously thinking about buying a Rabbit or GTI but a single conversation took place which I will never forget... I told the sales man I wouldn't purchase from his dealership due to the way I was treated and ignored. He replied with something like, 'Like I care. There isn't any money is those cars anyway. (Meaning comp for him) Oh, and see ya in the repair station. Hehehe.' Yep he laughed after that last comment.

    Must say, it has tarnished my VW outlook a bit and eluded too much to VWs past service issues. Though I must also say I still think the Rabbit and GTI are cool looking cars and handle really well.

    I decided to stick with my G35 Coupe for the time being -- it's been good to me.

    For the record if I was back in Europe I would be all over the Mini for the fun.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Funny you mentioned brake service. I was just going to ask what is the "normal" mileage a set of pads should last for the Mini. I realize it depends on driving habit and the type of driving. Our Mini's worn pad dash warning light just came on, and it's barely got 17,000 miles on the odo. :surprise: Now, mind you, we do almost all urban, stop and go, driving with our Mini, but still, 17,000 miles? :sick: :confuse:

    And yes, our dealer quoted us about $600 CAD to service both front and rear. He said that the front rotors are always replaced with every pad replacement, due to the ulta-thin rotors used in the Mini. Plus, the sensors for the dash warning light also have to be replaced.
  • >>> He said that the front rotors are always replaced with every pad replacement, due to the ulta-thin rotors used in the Mini.

    Wow. Must admit I'm shocked. I knew the Mini is not a cheap car to own but that's insane.

    By the way -- my G35 Coupe also had to have the brakes changed around 17-20k. I don't drive like a racer either.
  • 600 CAD is only what 500 bucks USD?

    So 250 an axle for rotors and pads.

    Sounds about right to me from a dealer.
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