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Toyota Tundra vs. Nissan Titan



  • Ease up there 1997montez34. You might check your anger yourself. I am fully aware of the fact that the NASCAR Race motor is a one of a kind push rod motor. It was designed in whole by TRD. It is NOT the production motor in the Tundra truck (DUUUUH). However, Toyota is the only foregin manufacturer putting money into these types of racing outlets. They BUILT a race application motor from SCRATCH. This isn't a borrowed motor.

    They've been running strong through the first 2 races. They've polled 1, and run in first for many laps in BOTH races. They nearly won both races as well. That says a whole lot for the manufacturer.

    NO it isn't a production truck but it's still toyota research and development. What's more, (as evidenced my all of the great manufacturers like ferrari) racing herritage and R&D breeds better products on the streets. You yourself shoud WATCH the mud slinging. I'm not grossly misinformed, merely selective in how MUCH information I reveal at one time.

    As to your reference to the infinity V8 - Woopty Do! Toyota, as I also have said, has been and is still putting a V12 (that's 12 cylinders) in it's flagship CROWN in Japan. They've also been putting V8's into the Japanese toyotas, European Toyotas, lexus sedans AND the lexus trucks. Toyota has put the V8 into many of its trucks as well, and time has proven it to be a strong, durable and powerful breed of motors. Those are facts. Toyota has more V8 and V12 experience than Nissan. Would you not agree? Especially in the area of trucks in which we are discussing at this time.

    Now, bowke28, I would disagree with you on your statement. I have watched the comercials, I have seen the advertising, and I have been to the Cleveland Auto show. It's all geared directly at the big 3 with toyota as an afterthought. What's more, they (and all of you) keep bragging about how much bigger and stronger it is. If that's the case, then shouldn't we be comparing it to the bigger trucks, not the itty bitty pathetic 7/8ths sized tundra that is grossly underpowered?

    Andy71, I'm not going to square off about what mags have been baught. This is not the place. I have no documented proof to offer. I would however tell you that it seems MOST evident to me. I know the associate producer of Motorweek. He receives numerous "insentives" to push certain cars. They'll give them test models and let them keep them and sell them. The car makers bend over backwards to get good reviews. It's all hearsay, just as movie critics reviews are hearsay. The only thing that counts is the word of mouth from people (see the Chevy Nomad ek&cat_code=carnews&content_code=02726009&Search_Type- =STD&Search_ID=1998405&record=1 ).

    I have spent seat time in every manufacturer's vehicle. These are my opinions and facts that I have found. The best part of America is that you can buy whatever you want. I simply prefer to be a more informed, well balanced, and unbiased consumer.
  • I am actually pulling for Toyota in the Craftsman Truck Series. I never said it was a borrowed motor. Just that it's not the production engine, so your statement that they were "confident enough in their V8 to take it to NASCAR" is way off base. One has nothing to do with the other.

    Also, your assertion that Nissan's V8 experience is negated by a JDM V12 that Toyota makes is ridiculous. The Nissan V8 in the Titan is a powerhouse and a wonderful driving engine. That fact takes nothing away from Toyota.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    market research has proven that "most" tundra owners will shop the tundra with the titan next time simply because they are both imports. some will buy nissan, and some will buy toyota...but no matter how many buy nissan, its ALL market penetration.

    regarding the big 3, the target is dodge. they have the lowest owner loyalty in the big 3, and the least volume. market share from ford or GM is not targeted, but they consider it gravy.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,931
    >>>...but dodge sells ~200k units a year, and toyota is around 100k<<<

    The Dodge RAM sold 486,000 units in 2003. Dakota was 134,000. The Tundra was 112,000.
  • andy71andy71 Posts: 96
    I apologize if my last post was a bit harsh. I didn't mean to offend you in anyway. All I was saying that I know for a fact that Consumer Reports don't accept advertising or any other revenues from automakers. Their findings are reported throughout the major medias and every automakers these days try very hard to get a good rating from CR. In fact, CR is the reason Asian car makers have been increasing their market share in the USA. I am glad you actually like the Tundra. My cousin owns a 2001 SR5 V8 which I occasionally borrow to carry my riding mower for servicing. I think for 90% of pickup truck owners, the Tundra's hauling and towing capability should be more than enough. As far as the Titan goes, the spec's certainly look impressive. Only time will tell how it will hold up against the competition.

    One small correction: The V12 engine you are talking about is found in the Toyota Century not the Crown. The Century is Japan's answer to the Maybach. The Crown Majesta comes standard with the 4.0L 32 valve 270 Hp V8 that was in the previous Lexus LS 400.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    where do you get these figures?
  • dadoftaydadoftay Posts: 136
    I read an article in a magazine describing how neither the Tundra nor the Titan was going to do well because "the large majority of truck buyers were brand loyal". It seems that I see more and more of these trucks "no one wants" on the road everyday. Me, I like the Titan- hey I'm a home center on the weekend with the wife kinda guy. The 5' bed is fine behind the four doors for the kids. I can't afford a boat to haul, anyway. It just seems to me these no-haulin, can't tow anything rigs are at the beginning of making a substantial run at the big boys.
  • bearbrawnbearbrawn Posts: 19
    I believe in brand loyalty - but a large purchase like a new vehicle requires some intelligent research.

    The internet has created a large resource for people who might have skipped the research and headed down to the local dealer where he bought the last 3 vehicles.

    The Big 3 are facing issues of quality and productivity vs. cutting fat to increase (or create) a profit.

    They are modeling after Nissan and Toyota factories and hope to be at their level in 5-7 years.

    Nissan did their research for the past 5 years - to find out exactly what Joe-six-pack felt he wanted in a pickup truck...

    And what type of truck would it take to impress him - and the wife and kids...
  • toetrucktoetruck Posts: 22 As I said back in December, the operative word is "controlling". Nissan (Titan)fans better brush up on your Francais! If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ,it's a duck. Oui?
  • ndsnds Posts: 9
    The Japanese trucks may be better quality than the big 3 but if something does go wrong out of warranty it is pay back time. We bought new Tundra in 2000 that was recently replaced with Camry. While we had no major problems with truck the cost of replacing oxygen sensors (mostly under warranty) exceeded the total non routine maintenance cost of my old 1987 Chevrolet that I have driven for 17 years.
  • bearbrawnbearbrawn Posts: 19
    All the new vehicles have these various sensor issues
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    "The Japanese trucks may be better quality than the big 3 but if something does go wrong out of warranty it is pay back time."

    not with the titan. the only part that comes from overseas is the tranny, so all other parts are shipped domestic. in the past, imports had higher maintenance and repair costs because of overseas shipping. not so anymore.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    replacement parts are no more expensive on nissans, hondas, and toyotas than on domestics, since many domestics are built in mexico, japan, korea, etc...
  • I think the Titan Looks horrible and don't want to drive one and upset the people who have to look at me. I love my 2003 Tundra EXCAB.
  • bearbrawnbearbrawn Posts: 19
    Yeah, Rex I feel sorry for the multitudes of folks who constantly whip their heads around as I drive past.

    And I've heard it may be causing fender-benders as well.

    The Tundras are so easy on the eyes I barely notice them - unless one gets in my way in traffic...

  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    "The Tundras are so easy on the eyes I barely notice them - unless one gets in my way in traffic..."

    you notice them???

    all i can tell is a small bump when i run over one...kinda like an old roadkill...
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    old roadkill
  • albivalbiv Posts: 35
    Purchased a Titan 3 weeks ago. Major disappointment. I regret buying it. Having been loyal to Toyota in the past I looked at the Titan out of curiosity. Rides pretty good, good HP, generous amount of room in the Crew Cab, plenty of gadgets and gimmicks. The utilitrac system is nice. But, Nissan QC on this truck is pathetic. I have a list of 15 issues that need to get resolved at the dealer. There are some "competing websites" which detail many of the problems associated with these trucks, from burnt rearends to failed trannys to radios that fade in and out, warped brake rotors, insufficient diff lube, and the list goes on. Granted this is a new vehicle, but not a good sign. Should have purchased the Tundra. Live and learn.
  • crosley4crosley4 Posts: 295
    the step side Tundras I have seen bring new meaning to ugly from the cab back.

    I'll wait for a year to see how the Titan does QC wise.

    We bought a first year 2k Imapla in sept 1999. They had sub frame issues. Our Impala received a new frame under warranty and still had problems
  • green_teagreen_tea Posts: 14
    Hard to believe somebody bought a new truck and had all the problems listed on the webpage (15 problems) happened to this single vehicle at the same time!! Someone may have one or two problems at a time. You must be unfortunate indeed.

    Check the recent Edmund comparison of full size trucks, Toyota Tundra is at the second to bottom of all trucks. And Nissan Titan blows out every competition by incredible margin. .html

    Even if I got 15 major problems on the new Titan, I would still prefer to go back to dealer and ask for a change instead of considering Tundra.
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