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Toyota Tundra vs. Nissan Titan



  • mcscjtmcscjt Posts: 17
    "The Titan worries me that it might be a Ford Sport track"

    You can't compare the Titan to the Sport Trac. Read edmunds review of the Sport Trac and you will realize that it should not be considered in the 1/2 ton class at all. Besides it bed is under 4 feet isn't it.

    Yes, the Tundra might get better milage but is 14/18 really than much worse than 16/23. You've already stated that there is nothing appealing about the interior or the exterior look.

    For me the Titan was not only about the numbers but about the looks. The chrome face of the Titan just screams "look at me!!!" The other day, I was on the highway and I passed 5 Tacomas in a row (literally). Sometimes, standing out from the crowd is a very good thing.
  • I don't think I can make the move to Titan at this time. Basically, while it will outrun my Silverado 0-60 mph, the Duramax turbo diesel will easily outrun the Titan from 60-100mph.

    While that's not making a positive statement about my driving style, it does reflect the reality for me in Colorado, where I actually do lots of high altitude 2 lane mountain driving hauling motorcycles, and can actually use strong passing power to get around a motorhome or a line of cars, and spirited stop and go city driving where the Titan excels is something I'm more patient about.

    And it's not that the Titan is weak on passing power, any more so than any normally aspirated vehicle that loses 15-40% power depending on the altitude. It's just the matter of fact that turbocharged boost is strongly suited for high altitude mountain driving. The higher you go, or the faster you go, the greater the advantage.

    Reading 50 pages of posts at makes it evident Nissan will benefit from another year to get the initial quality up.

    I love the utili-track system and spray in bedliner, but now I've seen several that have the bubbling-up problem. The paint quality is also mediocre.

    I love the luxurious LE interior and seats, but I'm neutral about the exterior style. I TOTALLY love the way it drives around town, the steering, braking, shifting, exhaust character.
  • That's the most glowing review so far, and they've all been good. Titan has won every shootout, but it's only being compared to 1/2 ton trucks in it's class.

    As a consumer weighing a purchase decision, I have to look at it a little differently. I'm not writing magazine reviews, I can stray outside the box, and my judgment criteria is how well it merits against my likely trade-in, for filling the role I have for it. In the case of Titan, it serves my 'wants' just a little bit better than in serves my needs.
  • ...and those are my final comments, unless someone has a question. Feel free to email me at 12345678@vsdrives (substitute "motronix" for 12345678...anti-automated-spam control.)

    I'll still be reading and following with interest, but I'm not here to thread-hijack or troll.
  • toycashtoycash Posts: 139
    Here's one Toyota advantage:

    Ghosn: Mea culpa on Nissan quality
    Published 09/13/2004 in Automotive News
    Inexperienced workers are the cause of poor quality at Nissan Motor Co.'s Canton, Miss., plant, says CEO Carlos Ghosn. "The root cause was a lack of experience," Ghosn said last week, referring to Nissan's dismal scores in the J.D. Power and Associates 2004 Initial Quality Study.
  • OK, Where's the supervisor that supposed to be montitoring the vehicles that come off the assembly line? It's hard to believe that these problems can keep popping up without somebody in management checking it out. Are they having problems with the Armada? The Canton plant may be inexperienced with their employees. They are supposed to have some experienced leadership. That is supposed to help the employees improve upon their mistakes. I take the quality control conversation to the management. They should stop passing the buck. I do love the low depreciation the Tundra has over the Titan. Toyota has outstanding reputation for dependability and reliability. Those are the vehicles my wife will purchase outside of Lexus which is the same thing.
  • Tundra is dated and boring. Wait for the '06.
  • Remember that movie Gung Ho where Michael Keaton played a union guy in a Japanese car plant? Sounds just like Canton.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,931
    Can't lay the blame solely on new plants. Notice that the Nissan Sentra has taken a big hit in reliability and quality. The Smyrna plant is not brand new.
  • Hey, I did not know about Smyrna. But it still falls on the management to make sure it gets done right. You mean the 04 model sentra? Or further back then just 04.
  • What is the big deal about 06? Is bread supposed to fall from heaven? How much of a change can the Tundra be in 06? I saw the cartoon like prototype in future vehicles. It was not impressive at all. It looked like one of my son's tonka trucks. So, what do you know about 06?
  • Hey, I saw that movie. It was a pretty good movie. But I am not sure that is what is happening at the Canton plant. I don't think this is a union plant.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,931
    I think it's '03s and up.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    nissan doesnt have any union shops, thank goodness!
  • Thats why they turn out such junk.............
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    oh please! deep down, you know better than that. neither honda, nor toyota use union shops either. how do you explain those???

    the only thing a union is good for these days is lining the pockets of the union bosses, and keeping peoples' jobs that dont deserve them. other than that, the things unions SAY they do, mostly are covered by OSHA standards.
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  • I read in the newspaper today that the Canton plant is going to do some continuous training with the employees to eliminate the quality issues. The plant does 5 vehicles. They said the fault is plainly on management for keeping the employees skills up to par. This came straight from management in the Nissan plant. I am not sure about Smyrna. That's a lot of vehicles for new employees at a new plant to be producing with that kind of experience. No wonder they are having these quality issues. They are putting too much on these employees at one time. They need make sure they have one vehicle at a time done correctly instead of doing 5 different ones at one time.
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