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Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan 2005+



  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    I can NOT detect any "refinement" in my 2006 Sienna 3.3L V6 compared to my 2002 T&C LX 3.3L V6 although the Sienna seems to have slightly more power with slightly better gas mileage. (28.8 MPG on the same trip a year later than the 28.2 MPG the T&C got). My T&C was rated 18 City 24 Highway while the Sienna is rated 19 City 26 Highway.

    Based on mailings from Toyota, the recommended routine maintenance will cost MORE for the Sienna than the Chrysler for every maintenance interval. :sick:

    Are pushrod engines less expensive to maintain than the newer technology?
  • Does anybody have experience with diminished value? Wife was hit by lawn care truck which ripped the front bodywork off. Their insurance is paying for the repair $5000+, but the resale value will be diminished since it was wrecked. How do you collect on that? Thanks. P.S. state of Missouri.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Sadly, the insurance companies have too many lobbyists that have bought off politicians at state and federal levels. :lemon: The vehicle owner ALWAYS loses money when a vehicle is damaged in a wreck whether the owner was at fault or not.
    I have never seen anyone get compensated for diminished value. I lost large amounts of money when vehicles I owned were totalled when struck by another vehicle.
    The insurance companies will only pay to get a vehicle repaired by the lowest bidder using inferior parts or will pay wholesale, auction prices when a vehicle is totalled.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Hi gregman,
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  • Thank you Hansienna and kirstie h. Your input is greatly appreciated.
  • I have same problem. Just stopped playing with disk error. Dealer looked at it and now all the lights are blinking and cost $1,300 to fix. Emailed Chrysler CS and no TSB. Trying to find a shop to fix/replace for less.

    I believe I can hook up a portable DVD player for under $100 and hook it to the outlets and play from the screen.

    Let me know if you find a solution.
  • Have a 05 T&C and had front pump and torque converter replaced at 40k under powertrain warranty for $100 deductible. The van had a code 0988 at 10k which is a trans code and had to be reset.

    I believe there are still issues with trans problems. I had the dealer do a trans flush service at 30k so they can't say trans failure was due to lack of service.
  • had my 2005 T&C tranny replaced with 1,800 miles on new vehicle only after i fought with them and had 3 TSB's done, i could not believe the way chrysler handles warranty problems, was at dealer for 2 weeks, gave me a loaner before they decided to fix it, plus a had paint issues, i.e., severe runs on hood lip, all doors interior lips where i presume clamps were used during assembly are bare, slag at bottom of 2 doors breaks off and exposes bare metal, new muffler system installed because of put-put sound, all before 2,500 miles, now at 17,000 miles a rough idle and guess what, no hassle from chrysler, they put in new plugs and complete cable system no questions asked, what a piece of crap i purchased, it in my opinion was worse than buying a used car off the lot, at least used one might expect a couple minor issues :lemon:
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Trade it off for an Odyssey that will never have any problems. :shades:
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    Has anyone seen the 2008's. They are something else. It looks like Chrysler did their homework on these babies. Edmunds should have the pictures and info out on them by now.
  • greener, could you please tell me what dealer did the work on your car? I am still fighting the apathy and obfuscation of DC and its dealers regarding the noises from my 2005 T&C that I bought in mid-July of 2005. In September of that year, the regional service manager admitted in writing that the exhaust noise was a known problem and that their engineers were working on a solution, but nothing has happened since then. He still wouldn't admit to the tranny noise being anything but normal operation, though.

    My local dealers say they can't do anything until DC comes up with a fix. If a new exhaust and tranny fixed your problems I would like to point my dealer to an actual case history. My piece of rubbish is so bad that to date I only have about 6500 miles on it - I simply can't stand to listen to it for more than a half-hour at a time. TIA
  • Has anyone seen the 2008's. They are something else. It looks like Chrysler did their homework on these babies. Edmunds should have the pictures and info out on them by now. "

    Home run!
  • sorry, i see where u've been trying for a long time to get info from me, my exhaust was fixed under warranty using code #1923 included muffler and pipe assembly, it is a definite and known issue according to rep, they did 2 tsb's on tranny, and i told them i wanted a new car or take the one i bought back, they (DCX)did a 0% finance on it, 3rd time they replaced after ordering a new tranny, not rebuilt, using the code #1985, but did so IN THE INTEREST OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION,, what a cop out as far as i was concerned, and guess what, no noises any more, at least my dealer told me they would fix whatever was wrong with it, more than what your dealer wants to do for u, i still have paint issues to get done, but i am waiting until nearer warranty end, and if rust shows up, they will have more work to do than what started, it's their fault, let them deal with it, i like the van, but with quality like what i got with a new van, i will certainly take a new one out and drive it for about 100 miles before purchasing it, as i had all these sounds before that but had already purchased it, it is still the worst new car purchase ever in my life, and i've had 5 of them, chrysler quality sucks and i dont care what year it is, had they owned up to the fact there was an issue with tranny, i would have more respect for DCX, they only tried to save face for themselves, your problems own up to what i say
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Both Edmunds and CR will bad mouth the 2008 Chrysler minivans because they do not have the Honda or Toyota nameplate on them. They will also trash the "old fashioned" pushrod OHV engines. :shades:
  • Thanks for the info you have given me. However, in keeping with my long-standing policy of always looking a gift horse in the mouth, I will now ask you for:

    1. The name and location of the dealer who did the work on your car.
    2. The date (or dates) on which the dealer (and/or DCX) finally agreed to make replacements of your tranny and exhaust and actually performed the work.

    I realize that this may sound a little demanding on my part, but experience tells me that I had better have chapter and verse in hand before the clowns around here will take me seriously. My present conviction is that they will simply say they have no idea what those code numbers stand for.

    Thanks again and in advance for your valuable information.
  • Both Edmunds and CR will bad mouth the 2008 Chrysler minivans because they do not have the Honda or Toyota nameplate on them. They will also trash the "old fashioned" pushrod OHV engines."

    I have a feeling these will be well received. The 6 speed trans will score major points with the reviewers
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    For more information and discussions about the upcoming '08 model, click here:
  • i dont really want to get my local dealer involved in your problems in florida, i.e., i've given u codes that they used in fixes under warranty, i understand your problems, but i think you should file a lemon law complaint seeing as u have such low miles, and they refuse to fix it, or go through your finance company with your problems and tell them u refuse to pay for the piece of junk, as that is what i say mine still is, for all the problems i've had, u have legal rights in a new car purchase, pursue them, i only got results i think because chrysler was the finance company and i told them replace the car, i probably should have used the lemon law, didnt realize at that time i could have, then they would have had to fix it and resell it again, seeing they presumably thought it would be cheaper to fix and let me keep, keep me posted on results, i think they're plenty of pro bono lemon law lawyers out there to help u through this
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    If you haven't seen it yet, there's an existing topic dedicated to this here: Chrysler Minivan Transmission Problems.

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  • claires, i did see what you are referring to, i was just replying to someone who had same issues i've had with same year of van 2005, but seeing the issue is on current 2005 vans and not years older ones, of which we all knew had issues and thought dcx had gotten their act together on trannies, but apparently not all of them, the reason for posting in this section, i love their vans, but absolutely despise the quality of mine and apparently others have same issues, yet dcx continues to boast about their great quality, what a bunch of bull and for everyone that is bad quality, with me and others complaining about it in forums hopefully will discourage others from purchasing chrysler products or vans, so it hurts them more than they think
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