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Toyota Highlander Hybrid



  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    It does sound like a very good deal. As a rule of thumb on Toyota's and Honda's I estimate that they deperciate on average about 10% per year, maybe a little more the first year. Your figures seem in line for a Limited HH w/ Navi so the $30K price on what was likely a $36K invoice is in line. Enjoy it.

    I don't think there will be any changes on the '07 model versus the '06.
  • FYI,
    I met with a sales manager yesterday, and they have some info on the 07 Highlander. The model design does not change (as we thought it would not). I was only talking to him about the hybrid limited, but I think it applies to all limited's. They expect the price will fall 7%, BUT, the 3rd seat will be an option (about $1,400) and leather will also be an option ($ ??). So the 7% drop is probably really a reduction of standard equipment. But if you don't want the 3rd row anyway, or leather, could be a savings.
  • I checked w/my local Toyota dealer and told him I could get that 06 HH 2x4 LTD w/Nav for 30k used, and they called back on a new HH 2x4 LTD (no nav) for 35,385 (I think that should be about 200 under invoice, right), w/0% for 36 months (Toyota August deal), and the Fed Tax credit of 2,600.

    I figure that if I factor in cost of loan and loss of interest for 36 months on the used car (11k miles), actual cost would be 35,740 incl sales tax. With the new car, factor in interest on keeping my money for that 36 months instead of paying it out, my actual cost would be 32,307.

    Probably go for the new car.
  • Oh mah. Losing the 3rd row seat is a great idea... can't imagine us ever using it, and it takes up storage space and adds weight. Strange that they'd dump leather in the limited, however... and leather will probably add back on $1500 t0 $2000 of the 7% price drop.

    Any other news on trim or styling changes?
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 314
    Air drag is Cd x Frontal Area(sq ft) of the vehicle, not just Cd.Car makers will quote Cd, but most won't tell you the Frontal Area so you can make true comparison. Someone mentioned that Mazda CX7 has 0.34 Cd, so does Highlander, but which has smaller Frontal Area for lower air drag? GM did studies years ago and found air drag to have an effect above 30 mph.
  • terryp2terryp2 Posts: 9
    That was great on seatbelt function.

    So cud u tell me how to activate the "automatic door lock" function when car has reached a certain speed (15 mph?).

    Change thread title, if u like; don't know how.

  • deserthhdeserthh Posts: 11
    the manual does not state that there are any customizable options that autolock the doors at preset speeds. I remember seeing on another forum that this was do-able by the dealer.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    The thread of posts discussing the results of a THH test drive were moved tothe Toyota Highlander Hybrid Test Drive - What Did You Think? discussion.


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  • terryp2terryp2 Posts: 9
    Thanks, that's what says.

    I'll have dealer do it.

  • robroirobroi Posts: 5
    Concerning the Automatic Door Locking Feature:

    I wrote to Toyota,, asking about the Auto Door Lock Feature (when the vehicle reaches a set speed). The Highlander Hybrid iGuide says this can be programmed by the dealer. Here is their response:

    The Highlander Hybrid i-Guide was published before the Highlander Hybrid went into production. Toyota planned to offer the automatic door locking feature on the Highlander Hybrid Limited Model only. However, the automatic door locking feature was not an option once the vehicle went into production.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  • Bummer. We have this on our Benz and it's a nice feature.
  • joep0000joep0000 Posts: 11
    When is the 2007 Highlander Hybrid expected to be in dealer showrooms? Thanks
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,023
    A national newspaper is looking to interview consumers who have decided to purchase a fuel-efficient car, such as a hybrid or a subcompact car, versus buying a pickup truck. Please send an e-mail to no later than Wednesday, August 9, 2006 by 2:30 PM PT/5:30 PM ET containing your daytime contact information and what car you purchased and what pickup truck you were considering buying.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • landdriverlanddriver Posts: 607
    When is the 2007 Highlander Hybrid expected to be in dealer showrooms? Thanks

    Historically non-hybrid HLs have arrived in the September timeframe; according to the Toyota build schedule in kdhspyder's post the HH will arrive in October. :)
  • Historically non-hybrid HLs have arrived in the September timeframe; according to the Toyota build schedule in kdhspyder's post the HH will arrive in October.

    FYI, the federal tax credit is cut in half for HHs purchased after September 30th.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Assuming it isn't extended/increased, as before..... ;)
  • Of course, but there are no guarantees. My state, Virginia, is already starting to scale back the hybrid incentives, like HOV restrictions.
  • was offered free pinstriping on my new 2006 HH Limited. Has anyone done this? How does it look?
    FYI - Mine is Bluestone Metalic.

    I really like the looks of the HH and do not want to detract from it, but if anyone has pictures, that would be great!

  • terryp2terryp2 Posts: 9
    My HH is also Bluestone Metallic with An Almond Pinstripe; looks great.

    However, the greatest appearance addition I just had done was the addition of Running Boards. This should be standard.

  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Agreed. We added the chrome step bars and they just set off the relatively plain exterior look. My wife wanted the hood deflector and the wind deflector for the sunroof to dress it all up.
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