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Toyota Highlander Hybrid



  • peatnickpeatnick Posts: 26
    Sloan Toyota Philly Area
    Used Internet Sales Dept.
    Only Option =Pkge 2
    Sticker $39.5K
    Invoice Price $35.3K
    Cash Rebate $1.5K
    6% Tax on $33.8K
    About $150 title and licence
    $36K out the door
    Actually putting money where mouth is on envirnment = priceless :D
  • stevegoldstevegold Posts: 185
    The difference must be the NAV system and the rest of package #3.
  • peatnickpeatnick Posts: 26
    Correct, no NAV (could never get the hang of those anyway) but did get the floor mats and cargo net along with the sunroof, leather etc in pkg3
  • stevegoldstevegold Posts: 185
    How do you like the car? We still have our Subaru so have hardly driven the Highlander. We're giving the Subaru to our grandson in Chicago and will start using the HH when we return. His mother also has a HH (2006).
  • peatnickpeatnick Posts: 26

    The car rides very nice, I almost bought one 2 years ago, but it was still selling at MSRP then. My dad and uncle both have the Prius, they can't stop raving about it, but my wife says we still need a "big" car since we have 3 kids under 12 years old...
  • cashuangcashuang Posts: 2
    Can you post the steps to normalize the sunroof here? I have checked my owner's manual, but did not see any mentioning of such thing. Maybe TOYOTA removes the section from 2006 owner's manual. Thanks!
  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    Hi, to "normalize" the 2006 HH sunroof do the following:

    1. Turn your key so there is power. No need to turn on engine though.

    2. Push the moon roof button to the "TILT-UP" position and hold the button in that position until the roof has completely cycled through tilt up, down, slide open and slide close. Then you can release the button.

    3. On ours, when I first push to tilt-up, roof will tilt open but then nothing will happen. I must continue to hold the button in the tilt-up position for 30+ seconds, then the normalization kicks in. The manual says nothing about this long wait. And when we first got the car, we did not have to wait that long.

    Good luck. THe instruction is in our 2006 manual, pg. 46. It has no big title, just a bried paragraph.
  • cashuangcashuang Posts: 2
    Thanks much! It works like a charm! Now I can finally know when it is fully closed.

    The 2006 manual I have got did not have this section. And pg.46 is the instructions about folding down second seats. Wonder why there is such difference.

    Toyota must be out of their mind to sell a car that does not operate as the owner manual says.
  • haymistahaymista Posts: 12
    I know the 08 is going to be a re-design, but will it be worth the extra money? Is the Hybrid technology different?
  • stevegoldstevegold Posts: 185
    Doesn't do anything on the 2007 and nothing in the manual about normalization.
  • haymistahaymista Posts: 12
    I've read where the 2008 will have a litium battery. Can anyone explain how this battery differs from the 2007? I've read where they expect the 08 HH to get the same mileage even though it is 500 pounds heavier due to the increased interior size, but I can't decide if I should take advantage of the rebates and get a 2007. The 2008s are sure to be more expensive plus there is usually less room to haggle on a new model.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 262
    Lets get back to the topic and not keep derailing this thread with discussions about braking/etc.

    I'm interested in when we can get an early price sheet on the 2008 model.

    I'm also interested in if the deep LCD lit gauges shown in photos from the 2008 "sport" model that have been popping up around the net will also be in the hybrid as well.

    I have been considering an Acura MDX for my wife but with rising fuel prices I am strongly considering the 2008 HH.
  • joe540cijoe540ci Posts: 17
    Which would you buy if the price was close?
  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    It all depends on what you are looking for. Price will be close but MPG is significantly different as I understand it. I would also check out reliability and general fit and finish if I am going to pay all that cash for a GM car.

    The 2008 HH is supposedly getting the same MPG as the 2006, 2007 HH. Using the 2008 new EPA computation, that will put it generally 20% lower than the 2007 old-EPA computation MPG. That means the HH 4WDi Ltd model may get something like 22 HWY/ 25 City or 24 Combined. I am getting 26-28 MPG depending on where and how I drive. SO I expect the 2008 to get about the same real life, between 24-28 MPG.

    Car and Driver "claims" the Tahoe is reported to be around 20 MPG in real world driving. You have to decide if the difference of 20 MPG vs 24 MPG or 26 MPG is significant.

    The Tahoe can tow 6000-lbs while the 2008 HH can tow 5000-lbs.

    As for sophistication of the drive system and safety features, you will have to research what the Tahoe offers. The HH has the VDIM drive-by-wire system which I have really grown to love after having to negotiate mountain roads in the Mt. Shasta (Northern CA - north of Redding) area over the past two years. The 2008 will have the same system or improved. Handling for such a heavy and tall car is really impressive and this is *not* a BMW.

    Will the Tahoe run on full-electric as the 2008 HH will? We all know the current Saturn Vue is really a "mimld" hybrid that cannot run on electric only. The 2008 HH can run on electric for the first mile if there is enough charge. In our '06 HH, we can run on electric only for miles on flat road using certain techniques. I expect the '08 HH to do the same. Can Tahoe do this?

    The HH runs its accessories on electric so I can have the A/C blasting at a full stop with the gas engine off but still able to drive off when the light is green. This saves gas. Can the Tahoe do the same?

    I would check out the fit and finish too. The HH comes like a luxury car and drives like one. Will the Tahoe offer the same given that the price is comparable?

    There is also issue of reliability. Has GM improve its quality so that everything, from the smallest clip to the transmission simply works? Or will things rattle and creak and come loose after 5000, 10000 or 20000 miles?

    Also want to check the emission rating. Getting a hybrid to save gas is one thing but if you are really into reducing emission, then get a car that runs clean. The 2008 HH is currently assumed to be SULEV II (CA). There is a rumor that Toyota may try to get it certified at a PZEV but I doubt it. What will the GM Tahoe be rated?

    I have nothing against GM and hope it can finally come out with something that makes sense but I would be really weary and would hold GM to as high a standard as Toyota.

    Good luck in your research.
  • ljmiiiljmiii Posts: 7
    I think that if you are deciding between buying a 2007 vs 2008 HiHy the big decision items are:

    1 - The 2007 will be more quick and nimble (500lbs less with the same drivetrain)

    2 - You can carry people taller than 5' 0" in the 3rd row seat of the 2008

    3 - You can likely get a better deal on a 2007 sitting on the lot
  • desertfox1desertfox1 Posts: 80
    What is "normalize"?
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    Normalization is a procedure one goes through to have the sunroof open and close correctly. This should be done by the dealer before delivery, but is often not done. If you have to replace your battery the roof will have to be normalized as well.
  • mmccloskeymmccloskey Posts: 168

    I have a few questions regarding the battery level indicator (below the speedo) for those who have had their HH's for a while. When I first got the car (4/6/07) the battery level was at 6 and would briefly go to 7. As time and miles have gone by, I notice the battery level is usually 6 and will drop to 4 or 5 while driving depending on various factors. I always try to drive with a light foot to conserve fuel and keep the battery level up. Is 6 considered an average/normal level and is there any way I can get it charged up to 7 or 8? I was a bit concerned that the battery would drop to a level that might prevent the car from operating but the 'system' seems to know when to kick in the ICE to ramp up the battery.

    Overall I am quite pleased with my 2007 HH Limited w/Nav. It sure is nice to get over 29mpg and ride in such comfort and room. I made a good choice on a great vehicle. As nice as this car is, I can't imagine how much better the 2008 will be, especially being so much heavier. With all that projected extra weight, it certainly won't have the spirited acceleration that the 2007 HH's have.

    Thanks for any comments or input regarding battery level.

    Regards -

    M. J. McCloskey
  • joe540cijoe540ci Posts: 17
    I have a 06 highlander and I want to tow more than I can now. I have always been a CHEVY MAN but I am a toyota man too.I think reliability is the biggest question I have. Toyota reliability is a no brainer, chevy has not been the best lately. Oh what too do???
  • desertfox1desertfox1 Posts: 80
    What if the battery dies, and needs recharging?
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