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Toyota Highlander Hybrid



  • pcritpcrit Posts: 27
    As I suspected, there is no difference in the safety features between the base and limited models. The only difference is that the base does not have the anti-theft engine immobilizer (not really a safety feature, at least to me). This info is from the Toyota online brochure. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  • My "Comparison" which I submitted previously was for the Non-Hybrid and Hybrid models of the Highlander. So, when I made the comment about some "additional safety measures" being different, it was from that perspective.
    I just looked at the Hybrid Brochure which lists the base model compared to the Limited model and saw that the Limited had an "anti-theft" feature which the base model does not. Also, the "payload" is different between the 2WD and the 4WD if this feature is considered related to safety.
    I was really happy to make this notation about similar safety features because safety is extremely important to me. I am, therefore, more in favor of getting the base model 2WD rather than the Limited.
    Have you found any cost estimate on package # 1 for the base model?
    Does anyone have an estimate on having the seats covered in leather after purchase? This is the big desire of my daughter who is the buyer/driver. Plus, she would like the moon-roof , enhanced stereo system and the fancier dash offered by the Limited model...So, that means that we might end up with a Limited model anyway to meet HER "needs". Personally, I really don't want to spend the extra money, though, to upgrade from the base model. This is an expensive vehicle.
    Why are you buying the AWD? for safety? I have the VSC in my Prius 2004 and I feel safer with it although I have never had it in use. btw, I upgraded the 14 inch OEM tires to 15 inch Michelin Hydroedge tires... I live in a rainy area.
    is a link to an article on the HH if anyone wants to read it.
  • tomslycktomslyck Posts: 70
    I just talked to the dealer in Manhattan Beach, CA. They're adding $2,000 for "Market Value" to the HH Limited AWD. In addition, they said that 100% of the Limiteds are coming with the navigation system, which was a fun novelty on our last car but wasn't something we were planning to get on this one.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    I doubt very seriously it is possible for the dealer to know that "100% of the Limiteds are coming with NAV."

    Until that is shown to be true, or you can find that on the web in some of Toyota's press releases on the HH, I would not take that at full value.

    The "market value" markup is also something that NOT ALL DEALERS will do. Were I shopping for this vehicle, I guarantee you I could locate a dealer that is not trying to hack me for an extra two grand. :)
  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    A Sacramento Bee reporter tested the 2WD model (pre-production) and received mixed mileage of 34 MPG after 1 week. To access this article, you need to register with Sac Bee.

    Another reporter took a 4WDi model to Death Valley and crawled through some dirt roads. After 1022 miles, he reported 34.5 MPG. The 4WDi will handle dirt trails OK just not serious boulder crawling. This is great news for those of us who need to cut through some dirt tracks to get to a trail head.
  • ssachnoffssachnoff Posts: 33
    I have been bugging a salesman (now finance manager) at a Chicago-area Toyota dealer about the HH for almost 18 months. He says I am first on the "list" for a 2WD with the options package. He claims to have submitted my sales order sheet however I have yet to receive a faxed copy from him. He told me that the dealer policy was not to create a waiting list but "because he's a man of his word" he put me at the top since I''ve talked to him every couple of months since the HH's creation became a rumor/then reality. He says that he expects to get about a dozen of the vehicles with fewer Limiteds than base models. He also says he has one other person on the "list" who said they will take any model, any color, any price (why isn't this guy buying the Lexus hybrid?) He says they will not charge any premium or "market value" type markup but says I am stuck with a $94.00 extra teflon coating charge. If this is all he sticks me with, I'll consider myself lucky. He has no idea when they'll come in other than "sometime in June." I'll believe all this when he faxes me something, hits my credit card with the $500.00 deposit or calls to say come out and pick one out. Call me a cynic; call me a realist. Just call me an HH driver by sometime this summer. I hope my 1994 Voyager holds out a few more months. ;)
  • harris5harris5 Posts: 1
    Check out the web site for California Cars Initiative. They are working on a plug-in version of the Prius. It will likely be usable in some form for the other Toyota hybrids. They are non-profit. Check energyCS for their electric car. There is a chance they will be offering a kit in the future. The goal for both of them is to double or triple the mileage and extend the "electric only" range to cover most commutes.
  • pcritpcrit Posts: 27
    I'm in the Atlanta area and the 2 dealers I've talked too are asking MSRP $34,430 for the AWD + $1770 for Pkg #1 + $565 destinaiton, total of $36,765 in my zip according to Edmunds. The Pkg #1 has all you want, except the leather seats (Package #1
    Includes front fog lamps, rear spoiler, 4-spoke steering wheel with cruise and audio controls, JBL AM/FM stereo, cassette player, 6-disc in-dash CD player, 8 JBL speakers and tilt/slide power glass sunroof). I put 17" Michelins on my HL-Limited which I bought in Feb as well (the limited has 17" wheels). I bought the limited because it was the only HL I could find with side airbags, as Toyota doesn't ship many of these to the SE region. At least the side airbags are standard on the base Hybrid. I like the AWD model because the mpg is almost the same and I travel north in the winter (IL) and almost always run into snow, so I like to have the traction and extra safety of the AWD. The AWD is also very nice for rain slicked streets here in Atlanta.
  • "He says they will not charge any premium or "market value" type markup but says I am stuck with a $94.00 extra teflon coating charge."


    What a joke. Taflon consists of microscopic particles. The only way to make those particles adhere to metal is via baking at >500 degrees, else the Teflon particles would just wash off the car when it rains. I have my doubts the dealer baked your car at >500 degrees.

    I'd refuse to pay. It's a worthless service.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Thanks for that info, Troy - it makes perfect sense, as Teflon is used on a lot of cookware, but knowing that as a fact, I will never pay for Teflon coating again unless I can see photos of the giant oven in the manufacturing facility.

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  • fizbanfizban Posts: 42
    I pointed out to my dealer that the Lexus version comes with an entertainment center option, so it's obviously possible. So, have included it on my HH order. Will see if it's actually included.
    Considering the orders went in on Apr 7 and the vehicles won't be rolling in until Jun at the earliest, I'd think they'd be able to build them to order. I'm not a car manufacturer, but that seems like adequate lead time to me.
    I too am no. 1 on the waiting list (signed up last Oct.), but I'm beginning to believe anyone who asks is no. 1.
    I was also told NO after-factory modifications or add-ons (electrically speaking) or it will void the warrantee. I guess they don't want people messing around in the electronics of this baby.
  • fmvafmva Posts: 5
    Has anyone else been told about add-ons voiding the warranty? I was intending to have a cell phone hands-free system installed (unless all the specs so far have left off that the NAV system is bluetooth enabled like the Prius - but nothing that I've seen so far on the HH says that it is).
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    The Teflon used on cookware is different than the Teflon used in automotive paint protection and other surface protection applications (fabric protection, wallpaper etc.). The surface protection stuff uses Teflon fluorosurfactants, not the original Teflon fluoropolymer used in pots and pans etc. See for example:
  • ssachnoffssachnoff Posts: 33
    Well, maybe it isn't a waste of about $100. But the simoniz website doesn't say what they charge for the product./serviice. Is $100 way off base?
  • toycashtoycash Posts: 139
    As with any other vehicle, add-ons do not automatically have any effect on the warranty. The add-on would have to be responsible for a problem, to make Toyota not cover it under warranty.

    For some reason, the factory installed DVD entertainment system isn't available. But, the port- or dealer-installed system will be available.
  • fmvafmva Posts: 5
    I called Toyota's 1-800 number and the employee who answered said very clearly and without hesitation that any changes made after the sale that had anything even remotely to do with the wiring in the HH would immediately void the warranty (she said this was unlike the warranties on other models)! My understanding from her was that if you make any electrical changes Toyota has the option to not perform ANY warranty repairs after that - caused by what you did or not. :cry:
  • toycashtoycash Posts: 139
    I'm thinking that what she was referring to was a modification related to the hybrid wiring, not the regular 12 volt system. Unless a modification can be shown to have caused the problem, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prevents them from denying coverage.
  • tpatintpatin Posts: 11
    FYI: I was in Tucson, AZ on April 15 and spotted a Bluestone Highlander Hybrid there. It was a fully-loaded Limited version with regular California plates. No indication of dealership. Any ideas how this guy got his so fast?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    I would imagine it is one of the units used for media demo. I saw an RX400h in Hawaii back in September. They had 6 of them over there for demo purposes. All had CA license plates.
  • That's a media car - they have to plate them. They are given to the magazines to test and then they put a press embargo on the info till THEY (Toyota) says it's OK to talk about their testing. I saw the very same car in CA going down the 405.

    As far as ordering the Highlander hybrids, they are being built specific to folks' needs. If you wish to have a Limited with no NAV, you need to find a different dealership to order from who knows how to do this. The dealership you spoke to about the NAV being on 100% of the cars is either incorrect or a liar. It could be either. Beiong misinformed never makes one a liar... but passing on bad info is one way to get "thought of" as a liar. :> Anyway, HLH cars are order-able in Limited both with and without NAV. That's a fact.

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