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Mazda3 Maintenance & Repair



  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    "Better on speed 3 than it does on speed 4" - Although I agree that most systems will put out colder air when you slow down the fan - that is not exactly what I mean.

    With my other vehicles (ones I own now + prior) the inside of the car would cool down faster and become colder if the fan speed was set at its highest level. This is not true with my Mazda3.

    (Made up numbers - just an example!)
    With my other cars it was like 20 cubic feet/minute of 44 degree air (fan on high) made the car feel cooler than 15 cubic feet/minute of 38 degree air - fan on medium speed.

    I think the reason this is normally true is - if the fan is on high you have more air being forced through the evaperator - this larger volume of air keeps the evaperator from cooling down - once the evaperator cools to a set point (around 32 degrees) a signal goes to the compressor to shut down. By not allowing the evaperator to cool down to its set point (as fast) - makes the compressor run longer - so it is able to do more work.

    As far as the auto climate control making the system work better - I have not tried a Mazda3 with this feature so I don't know - but most cars with a auto climate control can be switched over to manual control. If the auto feature really is the reason the system works better then I would think if you switched over to manual mode the AC would not cool as well - but if it still works just as well in manual mode - which I assume is better than my car that only has manual mode - then there must be another reason for the improvement.

    I will take my Mazda3 into the dealer on Monday - I had a hard time starting it again this morning - engine turns over fine - but it just takes a long time to start up. After it finally does start it seems to run fine - so I am thinking its the fuel pump (again). I am going to try and get them to also replace my spark plugs with a hotter plug.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 273
    Actually, there may not be [much] difference in the hardware but there are differences, especially in the software. Have you downloaded the PDF I posted? If you have, you would see in page 6-15) 182 that are additional sensors inside the cabin to maintain desired temps. An additional AMB switch is also present. It's a completely different layout. This is the way it is and has been in Europe and Asia since 2004

    Eureka! problem found.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 273
    I already have a GPS, thank you.

    But, if you like to tinker and take things apart in your new car go ahead. Some people don't tinker and don't want to complicate things. Some people also like to do bungee jumping and do river-rafting, or swim with the sharks. Different strokes for different folks.

    Anytime myself or anyone else including a certified mechanic worked on any car for more than an hour, something is always screwed up. It's the law of averages. Besides, if someone has 2+ hours to burn on installing a mirror, it's probably time to get a part-time job or do something else more practical with their time and life. :shades:
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Do these sensors do anything while in manual mode? I don't know - but my guess would be no. So if you turn the AC over to manual and turn it on Max cooling does it kick out more / less / or the same amount of cold air as when you have it over on auto pilot - with the setting turned to max cold?

    I am thinking it makes no difference - unless the sunlight sensor overrides the system and tells it to run longer between cycles when in auto mode.

    Its good if Mazda improved the AC for the 2006 model year - but shame on them for letting all the customers who took a chance on a 2004-2005 model just twist in the wind (or bake in the sun) It will be very hard for me to ever buy another Mazda - like their car - hate their service after the sale.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 273
    I look at things differently.

    It makes no difference to me if the A/C doesnt work well in manual mode. With the auto feature, it becomes redundant. The auto uses the interior sensors to climatize the interior properly. Analysing the manual component now becomes a moot issue.

    And your mistaken, Mazda did NOT improve the A/C in [some] 2006 and 2007 models in Canada. They only added the same features that's always been available in Mazda3 in other countries. It's totally insane why Mazda didnt even introduce climate control in any Mazda3's in Canada while in the US, it's available in 2006 GT. I guess they think the temps are around freezing and we all wear beaver pelts all year round. WTF?? :mad:

    Clearly, Mazda has heard the complaints (but won't admit they exist) about the poor A/C and finally decided to put back what they NEVER should not have removed when assembling the Mazda3 for North America.
  • lena3lena3 Posts: 1
    Had A/C repaired on '05 3s in July 2005 because it was not getting cold enough. After A/C was fixed, gas mileage became worse :confuse: . Before A/C was fixed, gas mileage was pretty good. Also having first-gear problem w/cold engine.
  • dridedride Posts: 139
    if someone has 2+ hours to burn on installing a mirror, it's probably time to get a part-time job or do something else more practical with their time and life.

    To be honest, I'm a physician so I am quite busy, and I have to work non-traditional hours. However, I do enjoy talking about cars with folks online when time permits. I also enjoy learning how to do new things. I am proud that I successfully modified my car with a new gadget. Your last post kind of torched me, calling me lazy? I hope it made you feel better. Nice place, you Canadians sure are a friendly lot...Next topic please, I consider the issue dead.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 273
    dride, my goodness. i think you're skimming (instead of reading). i hope you don't do that with your patients' medical reports...oh wait a minute, that's what physicians do. in now way did i imply you're lazy; rather, you have too much time on your hands and it would be better spent doing something more meaningful and beneficial instead of wasting 2 hours to install a mirror. if you don't want to read the posts, don't. you're not the moderator here.

    moontom, you say your say the dealer fixed your A/C? that's like saying you had cancer and now your're cured. can you elaborate what dealer did to fix your problem??
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I also enjoy learning how to do new things. I am proud that I successfully modified my car with a new gadget.

    Agreed. The more we pay attention to the maintenance and upgrade of our zoomobiles, the more we appreciate them. I'd encourage Mazda and its dealerships to consider offering "how to" sessions similar to the Saturday show n' tell improvement sessions offered by Home Depot and others. Here are a few examples: how to check engine fluids and do a monthly inspection; how to switch wheels in the winter; how to upgrade your wheels; how to change your battery; how to change your spark plugs. Some may think this counter to a dealership's interests, but I'd venture to say that a lot of good will would be created by these efforts with participating dealers receiving good references which hopefully would result in new and repeat business.

    p.s. Likely, once some of us see what's involved in the work, we'd gladly let the mechanics do it. ;)
  • slate1slate1 Posts: 84
    "you have too much time on your hands and it would be better spent doing something more meaningful and beneficial instead of wasting 2 hours to install a mirror. [ex_tdier]"

    hmmmmm - you mean as opposed to spending countless hours in online forums for example???

    I agree with autonomous - doing things yourself is an excellent way to learn more about the vehicle you own. That can't possibly be a bad thing.

    Interestingly, I believe I read somewhere that Saturn used to do those Saturday clinics autonomous is speaking of.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    Please try not to over-personalize your comments. This forum is supposed to be fun and informative and you are here to enjoy yourselves (hopefully).

    thank you for observing the rules of common courtesy!




  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Since I have a car with a weak manual AC it is not a MOOT POINT for me - I would like to determine what the REAL cause of the problem is - I would bet that is also true for all of the Mazda3 owners that have a weak AC.

    BTW - I dont' think the temperature sensors produce any cold air (do you?) - so they do not increase the system capacity one little bit. They just turn the system off and on - so - if the AC with auto control is better - they must have improved / changed something else - right?
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 273
    Lol. Sure, whatever. As if we (the Mazda owners) will ever get Mazda to admit to anything.

    Trying to find out why the manual A/C is inadequate is an exercise in that we know that the everywhere else in the world the Mazda3's had climate control going back to the production years of 2004 and have had no complaints. So, no. I dont think Mazda North America changed anything, they only neglected to add the auto climate control in Mazda3's until recently and only in 06's GT's in the USA.

    Basic common sense tells us that are car with interior A/C sensor(s) will have more of a constant temperature than one without. Even an inferior system can be made to work well as long as the sensors tell the PCM to keep running the compressor. And this is the problem, if you havent figured it out by now.

    I can now move on knowing that auto-climate control is the answer and always has been. However, I do wonder why those dumb [non-permissible content removed]'s at Mazda North America didnt want the auto climate in their Mazda3s and people like us are suffering as a result.

    All I care about it is how can I get auto climate in my Mazda3 installed and working because believe it or not, Mazda has left us to dry on this one.

    If you want to become knowlegable on how auto climate control works, I suggest visiting that A/C forum link I previously posted.
  • vonnyvoncevonnyvonce Posts: 128
    Doubt the auto climate control has anything to do with any perceived improvement. The inside sensors tell the climate control system when to add or not add a bit of heat to keep the car inside temperature where you want it. You do the same thing with a manual climate control with the temperature knob.

    This should have nothing to do with how long the ac compressor works. My understanding is the ac system compressor comes on until a certain temp is achieved then the compressor cycles off until a high limit temp is reached and this cycle continues. If you add heat to the air coming into the car has nothing to do with this cycling. These high and low temps are monitored inside the ac system itself not in the interior of the car per se.
  • slate1slate1 Posts: 84
    I think the whole point ex_tdier is trying to make is that the Mazda3 equipped with Automatic Climate Control works and works well.

    I can attest to this - as I've stated here before, we've had several 90°F+ days here in balmy South Carolina and the automatic A/C in my '06 3GT has had no problem quickly cooling off the car. Even after it has sat with its black leather interior baking in the sun for four hours.

    If you search on other forums, you'll find others too with automatic A/C in their '06 3's that are getting satisfactory results.

    The bottom line is - it works. We could spend 100 postings speculating as to why this is - but it will still be speculation. As for those with sub-par systems, I feel for you - I'm miserable in the summer heat and it's a pity that Mazda hasn't satisfactorily addressed the problem in your cars.

    They do have a solution however - the proof is in these '06's with auto-A/C that work exceptionally well.
  • slate1slate1 Posts: 84
    I was wondering if anyone else had noticed that the MPG reading on the GT's trip computer is consistently about 1-1.5MPG low.

    Maybe I'm expecting too much from it - not sure at all how it's calculating it. All I know is that every time I check it against my calculations it's about 1-1.5MPG low.

    For example - last night the trip computer was showing 21.9MPG. When I filled up - I calculated it at 23.2MPG based on my mileage and the amount of fuel I put in. It's read consistently low like this since purchase 2200 miles ago.

    Incidentaly - this was all city driving with lots of stop and go... hence the 23.2 MPG - I got around 33MPG on a longer highway trip recently.
  • vonnyvoncevonnyvonce Posts: 128
    I think an accurate reason about why it works or does not work better is important. Only that way can it be decided how the sub par systems may be fixed.

    Antedoctal evidence about how well any one system (automatic climate control or not) works is just that. Only a side by side comparision yields anything. Just like in medicine.

    Love to see someone measure some air temps in both versions and give us something we can hang our hat on.
  • lizzysunlizzysun Posts: 1
    I can't remember how to change my ambient temp setting back to fahrenheit. Took in for stereo work and now it is set on celsius. I have done this one time in past--I know it is something about pressing media and power(while power is on) for 5 secs. I did this-turned car off and restarted but still celsius setting. Tried several times. Help!!
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I agree - there is no basis to conclude that the auto climate control fixed the weak AC -

    Since not all 2006 Mazda3's have auto climate control - are the cars with manual control still having AC issues?

    Has anyone with an auto climate control experienced poor AC performance?

    (Again) - Anyone with auto control experience a big drop in the cooling performance if they switch their AC over to manual control (set AC to max cooling)?
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    I think the point here is with Climate control how often does the conpressor stay on to keep the cabin cool if it is really hot. With mine, 05, no mater the temp the compressor cycles 10 to 12 seconds on than about 1 minute off. With climate control does it cycle on more than 12 seconds at any one time. Can the compressor stay on for 30sec, 45 sec., or as long as 1 minute or longer to keep the cabin at the temp you set it at???? Those with 06 with climate control might want to confirm this.
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