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Mazda3 Maintenance & Repair



  • There is a Service Buliten that details the fix for this. You have to push the buttons in the right order, follow closely and it works. See link below.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 273
    Any warranty work required has been promptly taken care of to our satisfaction. We've never had to contact the national Mazda office with a complaint.

    It depends on how straight forward the problem or repair might be. If it's a defective glove box, that's easily remedied, if the radio stops working, then that too is an easy fix. If it involves any troubleshooting, then you probably won't be so satisfied.
  • I'm trying to install a Sirius Satelite radio in a 2006 Mazda 3. I have 2 questions.

    1) The fuse box is on the passenger side, the radio is a suction cup mounted model and will be on the driver's side. I do not see a whisper of space to pass a wire from left to right side under the dash. What is the best place to tap into power for auxiliary stuff like this on the driver side?

    2) There is a Satelite button integrated into the the Grand Touring Audio system. Is it possible to to hardwire into the existing interface with a stock Siruis radio (without buying the Mazda version of the radio)? Obviously an adapter would be necessary. How difficult is it to access the ports?

    OK several questions. Thanks in advance for the help.
  • richmlrichml Posts: 156
    If it's a defective glove box, that's easily remedied, if the radio stops working, then that too is an easy fix. If it involves any troubleshooting, then you probably won't be so satisfied.

    Defective glove box? What - it stopped cooling the case of beer stored in it? :P

    Let me assure you that our vehicles required much more involved warranty work than that! The warranty work was done promptly, some of it at dealerships other than the one where we bought the vehicle.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 273
    My coolant is 1.1 and so it is on Automatic Climate models too.

    Also, from an A/C forum: The ATC may control the compressor, instead of the PCM. Many PCM's incorporate a re-strike delay that prevents the compressor from restarting for several seconds when cycling. "
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    If you do not have a delay between the compressor stopping and when it is allowed to start back up - that would be a very bad thing. Its called "starting up under load" - next to running a compressor with no refrigerant - it is about the worst thing you can do.

    If this is really what Mazda did to improve the AC then plan on replacing the compressor at some point - this could be (one of the reasons) why Mazda is lowering the warranty down to 36 months.

    Also this change could have been done with or without the auto climate control - but either way its still a bad idea.
  • noelle023noelle023 Posts: 1
    I'm seriously considering buying a new 2006 Mazda 3 s Touring. I'm wondering what other Mazda owners' opinions are on the 2006 Mazda 3? I've heard about transmission and check engine light problems, as well as some not so cool a/c problems. Are these common problems for the 2006, and was the dealer able fix them for good?

    Also, how does the 2006 Mazda 3 s Touring handle in the snow and rain?
    Thanks for any advice! I appreciate it!
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I think the CEL & tranny problems have all been solved - for 2006 (even for 2005) -

    As far as the AC is concerned - I would just test drive the car you plan to buy on a hot day - if the AC works you should not have any problem -

    If the AC is weak then test drive a different Mazda3 until you find one that has a good AC. DON'T ACCEPT A CAR WITH A WEAK AC - Mazda will not fix the cars with defective AC systems -
  • madvey333madvey333 Posts: 4
    After driving for awhile, once I stop and am idle, there is a low key buzz. I think I read that this may be the power steering. Can anyone explain?

    My 3i Touring has never had any problems in the snow or rain as of yet. Only got in 2 months of driving in the snow now that its warmer out. I'm most impressed with driving at night. The red lighting lets me drive in stealth mode and concentrate on the road rather than a bright colored dash. The projector beams and the Hi beams are also pretty decent.

    My A/C is plenty powerful enough for Pittsburgh weather.
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    Put winter tires on if you are planning on driving in the snow especially if you have the coated rims they will rust besides the tires appear to be summer performance verity, not good in snow.
    As for the A/C check it in stop and go traffic on a very hot sunny day as it appears to be its weak spot. Let the car sit in the sun, windows up and than turn the A/C on before driving it. Drive the car into the sun so the sun hits the dash. If it is weak do not let the salesman tell you it will be better if the windows are tinted, thats not the solution. I am not impressed with the high speed braking ability for the 4 dic brakes the car has. :(
    Google "Mazda 3 forums" for more info before buying...
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    What year is your car? Had you tried your A/C on a very hot sunny day in stop and go traffic?
    The projector beams on a very dark country road is not good, no depth-distance as the light drops off sharply. At 50 miles an hour, with low beams I don't feel safe. My hradlights are stock, no upgrades. The 06 might have
    HD lights? :(
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 273


    As you can see from the manual, it's an 2004 and the auto climate has been around since 2004.
  • smallcar1smallcar1 Posts: 76
    I test drove an '06 Mazda3 GT on a sunny day w/ temps in the high 60s. Since it was not that warm the car was not warm but even w/ climate control set to 60, the A/C did not blow out that cold and I had to raise teh fan speed to get it comfortable. The A/C in my '96 Altima was colder (I had to lower it within a block of turning it on) and I test drove a Corrola and the A/C was much colder.

    I otherwise loved the car but I question how the A/C will do on a hot day. When the car was not moving the A/C was not blowing that cold? For the people that have good A/C does it blow out cold within a couple of minutes even if the car is slow?

    I am really leery of buying this car b/c of the A/C. Is there some way to test the particular car I would buy to see if it has weak A/C?
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I would strongly recommend that you DO NOT BUYING THAT CAR. If the dealer does not have another Mazda3 - find another dealership. Even my weak AC will cool the car on a 60 degree day (actually mine works pretty good up to about 80)

    I would find one where the AC works better - Mazda has not (so to me that means Mazda will not) fix any cars with weak AC systems.

    The thing that leaves me puzzled - why hasn't Mazda found a way to solve this defect - this is the 3rd year of the Mazda3 and all the problems (major ones anyway) should be solved.

    It sure looks like all the talk about auto climate control was a waste - just as I though - it make no difference - because auto control adds no capacity to the system.
  • madvey333madvey333 Posts: 4
    2006 Mazda 3i Touring

    I work nights so a major portion of my driving is done at night. Compared to most other cars in the 3's class that I've been in lately (04 civic, 03 neon, 97 cavalier, I know all alil older cars) my lights are much better. Most of my driving is done on back roads around 40-50 mph and I feel very comfortable with my lighting, mostly use hi beams which are better than the cars mentioned. I don't know of a car that you can travel comfortably going over 50 mph on dark back-roads only using low beams for prolong periods. Anything over that speed on back roads is just not a good idea considering it is after all dark, weather is typically worse at night and most animals are nocturnal.

    We don't really get extremely hot weather in Pittsburgh. So having a powerful A/C was not a hugh factor in buying a car.

    Looking for an answer on my low key buzz I hear while sitting in idle, typically heard after driving. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 273
    I dunno if I mentioned this in the other thread or not. But Mazda North America screwed up big time when they decided not to include auto climate control in the Mazda3's here like they did when the model first was produced back in 2003/2004 for zones outside of North America.

    I was also told that to do a refit, they would have to install a completely new wire harness system. This itself would require the car to be prettymuch fully taken apart.

    Hence, no fix cuz of the huge cost involved. Mazda doesn't care about customer or brand loyality.
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    Waiting for the 2007 in Canada to arrive. When they do I will wait for a very hot sunny humid day and do a test drive. For 2007, here in Canada, the cars will be equipped with auto climate control, 2004-2006 did not.
  • richmlrichml Posts: 156
    Mazda doesn't care about customer or brand loyality.

    Could've fooled me. I receive mail and E-mail from Mazda and Mazda dealers with $500 discounts, coupons for discounts on service, and surveys asking how their service departments are performing. They also call to see if we were happy with the service.

    As noted previously, a number of Mazda service departments have performed warranty and routine maintenance on all of our Mazda vehicles (since '80) without any hassles. My wife even commented the other day on how easy our local Mazda service department is to deal with.

    I do feel for anyone who is unhappy with the service provided by any service department.
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    I think manufacturers feel a customer will not buy their product again because car buyers jump from product to product. Trying a different car because of style, performance etc. They feel they might have low repeat buyers so why make the ones who jump around happy but at the expense of the loyal repeat buyers. I have owned 3 different GM, all used, 1 Ford, new, 2 different Chryslers, used, now a new Mazda. Look at Toyota, the 2007 Camry V6 6 speed trannys are breaking down, earlier production runs but I am sure loyal buyers will buy them knowing Toyota will recognize and fix the problem. Check out Edmunds Toyota thread. In fact someone from Toyota has been on the board with replies to concerns and giving information on the problem. Toyota looks for repeat buyer and wants to keep them not like other manufacturers. My next car, not a Mazda. But if they fixed the A/C problem I will be a repeat buyer, wouldn't you??
  • smallcar1smallcar1 Posts: 76
    The 3 I test drove was a GT so it had the auto climate control. I had to raise the fan speed manually since for some reason in slow moving traffic the A/C was lowing out on low. It did the job albeit slower than the A/C in my old Nissan or in the Corrola I test drove but I wonder how long it would take if its was 88 degrees instead of 68 degrees.
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