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Mazda3 Maintenance & Repair



  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    You really probably didn't need a fuel system cleaning with only 18,500 miles but it won't hurt. Take it to the dealer they will scan it and will be under a warranty fix. You are not the first with this problem. Let us know what the dealer finds. When a CEL comes on take it to the dealer right away and try not to fix it yourself by doing something what you think might fix it. The car is still on warranty so why spend your own money on a fix?
    Good luck...
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    Agree with nifty56, let the dealer check it out since it is under warranty. That said, my VW Jetta through the CEL several times because the gas cap was not tight. After I would tighten it, the CEL would turn off in about 2-3 days.

    The fact that your car is starring rough may be an indication of a larger problem. Perhaps the dealer can keep it overnight and start it in the morning for you.
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    Forgot to add, I use 5W30 syn oil, Mobil 1
    I also shift with the manual mode on the Automatic. I usual start in 2nd gear and shift to 3 than 4th and not go over 2000RPMs. I think this will help with gas mileage in slow moving traffic. But I do push it a little at times.
  • clarissaclarissa Posts: 10
    The same thing happened to me, in idle. But it has stalled 3 times, too. I have an automatic. Anyone else have this problem? It's at the dealer right now... since Wednesday and they can't find anything wrong. I'm soooo pissed about it. Someone help.
  • jmnappjmnapp Posts: 13
    Mine stalls too. Supposedly there is supposed to be a "flash" the beginning of this month to reprogram the engine computer. I'm hoping to trade my car soon, so I haven't followed up on it. No more Mazdas for me. VW, here I come! If you're going to keep the car, your service manager should check with Mazda to see if the flash is ready.
  • clarissaclarissa Posts: 10
    Really? How old is your car? Mine's a 2006. I'm sooo mad they can't find anything wrong with it. This is the second time at the dealer. GRRRRR!
  • brodie2brodie2 Posts: 32
    I too had this problem - my 2004 automatic mazda 3 stalled on me at least 8 times. It also suffered from a power surge problem -where the car would just take off without pushing on the gas peddle. Scary and very dangerous. My dealership could duplicate the problem but could never fix it. They also had 6 other cars in their dealership with the same problem. Mazda Canada wasn't supportive at all. They didn't care about my safety at all. Anyway, sold it back to the dealership. They said that they would chase after Mazda Canada to buy back the car since they couldn't fix it after a year and a half of suffering. My best advise to you - log everything, keep complaining, call the owner of the dealership, phone the ministry of transportation, don't give up. Mazda does know this problem exists and its a HUGH safety issue. I too will never buy a Mazda again. Their customer service stinks. :lemon:
  • clarissaclarissa Posts: 10
    Wow... thanks for the info Brodie. They say they can't duplicate the problem. I'm so frustrated about it. And it seems like no one is doing anything. Thank you for your insight.
  • obtubeobtube Posts: 5
    Faulty Purge valves are also causing a lot of CELs right now with the Mazda3 - it could be that
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    I don't know why dealers don't invest in a portable scanner. Hook it up to the car and you drive. When the stall or hesitation occurs it will be recorded and is proof it happens. I have heard this story so many times with intermittent problems that the service department can't reproduce leaving the owner frustrated. Maybe a independent garage that does nothing but electrical work would be a place to go.
  • brodie2brodie2 Posts: 32
    I've read on different sites that many people both in the US and Canada are experiencing this problem. My dealership was honest with me by telling me that Mazda is aware of the problem but they have no clue how to solve it. Telling customers that they can't duplicate this problem is a way out for them. Keep complaining..... eventually Mazda is going to have to solve it hopefully before someone is really hurt. They replaced so many things on my car hoping to find the solution but never did. Write letters both to the dealership and to Mazda - demand that they fix your car and threaten further action. After a year and a half it finally worked for me. :lemon:
  • retailroyretailroy Posts: 8
    On this problem and another I sent complaints with csi reports to the factory. I never heard a peep from the factory, it is as if they don't care.
  • lowprolowpro Posts: 1
    Greetings All, I can confirm this as i just yesterday had this problem repaired 7/18/2006 the code which the Check engine light generated in the computer was P2187 which according to the Mazda tech necessitated the replacment of the "Purge Valve"
    but all in all since I've had my 2005 SP23 the small quarky problems that I've expirenced has moved my Grade of the car from an A+ to a B+

    Just my 2¢


  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I had the same problem with my 2004 2.3L - CEL kept coming on - replace purge valve.

    Before they replaced the valve I was getting 22+ MPG mostly city - after my MPG dropped all the way down to 15-17 MPG - for many tank of gas. I didn't ever figure out why - and thought it would be a waste of time to even ask the service department. Hope you don't have the same result.
  • clarissaclarissa Posts: 10
    It's been a week and a day and the dealer still has my car. One of the guys even drove the car home to see if it would act up on him in the morning. No one has called me since Tuesday evening. I want them to just give me a new car. I'm soooo tired of this. P.S. I told the service manager about this website and how other websites had people with similar issues. He couldn't respond. GRRRR!!!!! :lemon:
  • brodie2brodie2 Posts: 32
    Are you located in Canada or the US. Have you tried calling the Ministry of Transportation to report the safety problem. Call them for an update.
  • clarissaclarissa Posts: 10
    I'm in the US. What's the ministry of transportation?
  • dairyshickdairyshick Posts: 129
    I'm finally getting the Mazda-specific Sirius tuner kit for my MZ3 Gt this weekend, but my big dilemma is to install it myself and risk dinging up the trim or damaging the radio; or do I just pay the extra $120 and have the dealer install it? I'm also concerned that if anything happens with the radio, even if it's not related to the sirius being installed by me, they'll try to say I caused the problem with the self-install.....I do have a 10% parts coupon that would bring the total parts and installation to about $480 as opposed to the $340 I would pay doing it myself.
    ...besides plugging the tuner into the back of the radio and hooking up the antenna to the tuner, is there an additional power supply running from the tuner to the battery or the stereo??

    Any insight or experiences with this would be much appreciated!
  • mscafmscaf Posts: 5
    clarissa, i think that would be the us dept of trans. (DOT) but i think the dept you would want to contact would be your state's dept of consumer affairs...not sure though. bummer about your car, my dad had a similar problem with his lincoln and he had to have it lemon lawed after having the same prob. 3 times, he just did it through the dealer, after getting a lawyer. good luck
  • clarissaclarissa Posts: 10
    Thanks mscaf. By the way, I'm using all these posts in my argument against the dealer. He said that there were no problems that he'd heard of. I'm glad you all are helping me! It's not easy being a girl when going to these dealers. They love to take advantage of us. Little do they know I'm doing my research! mwahahahahaha! I just want my car back! :mad:
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