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Mazda3 Maintenance & Repair



  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    The best way to determine how good a company is at providing service (including warranty work) after the sale is by asking someone who has had problems.

    Rate Mazda based on what they have done to solve some of the specific issues that people have - and they get a very low score. How are they doing solving the stalling problem? What about cars with weak AC? Has anyone with these MAJOR defects had their car fixed? Simple answer is no.

    I am tired of reading the lame excuse that the MAJORITY of Mazda3's don't have these problems - always posted by someone who has been LUCKY enough to get a car that does not have a defect. Would they be singing a different tune about how great Mazda is if they had a car that stalled - or an AC that did not cool? Would they still say - Mazda did not fix the defects in my car - but they are still a good company - because only a small % of the cars have the problem - and consumer reports rates them high! What good is a high CR rating if the defects in my car do not get fixed?

    I do not care what consumer reports says - I have actual experience with Mazda - and they have a very low service level.
  • Wasn't there another thread created just for the people with weak A/C's? I don't think there's a need to keep going over and over it with the same people. The fact is that a MINORITY of owners have problems, and that's to be expected, I think to assume that all cars will have no MAJOR defect is pretty naive. Instead of rehashing it over and over again, maybe those owners should consider legal actions. You can ask someone who's had a problem, and someone who's never had one, and the truth will lie somewhere in between.
  • The whole point of his thread went right over your head. It is not about the specific problem but the lack of care by Mazda. I owned a 3 and had the same problems and got the same run around. On two CSI reports I gave the dealers a positive rating but in the extra information column I voiced my specific complaints with corporate Mazda and got zero response from Mazda. It is easy to chastise others when they have had problems that you have not experienced, but you better pray to God you don't, because I can assure you that the response from Mazda will be nill. The reputation of any company is in large part determined by how they take care of their customers. I have owned eight Mazdas and still own a Miata but it will be a long time before I buy another new one.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I am tired of reading the lame excuse that the MAJORITY of Mazda3's don't have these problems - always posted by someone who has been LUCKY enough to get a car that does not have a defect

    here we go again....

    I'm tired of reading about people who ignore the facts that show the Mazda3 is a very good car and one of the best in class. This has been backed up by pro consumer magazines with factual real world data. Perhaps you were lucky enough to get a bum car, but it doesn't wipe out the fact that the overwhelming number of 3 owners are thrilled with their car and would highly recommend the car to friends and relatives...If the car wasnt a great car the the bad press and bad word of mouth would kibosh the sales. But sales continue to increase and demand continues to be very strong even after being out on the market for a while.

    the bad word of mouth and press would have kiboshed the sales...
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    How many buyers do any research before buying? Some see a car, see what they like, and buy it. It's all about styling and nothing else and thats where the M3 falls into. I think, I could be wrong, if every potential buyer of the M3 was to read this thread than maybe sales might be lower?
    I have been following the Camry thread here and from what I have read I would stay away from the car until Toyota fixes some of their serious issues that owners are voicing. This thread is about problems and solutions not how great the car or Mazda has been for those that do not have an issue. If and when you have a problem just keep in mind what you have read here about the service and support that we have had from Mazda, specially if the work involves a warranty issue.
  • I bought a 2005 Mazda 3 last year. Since that day I have had nothing but problems. It has been in the shop several times but the dealership kept insisting that nothing was wrong with the car.Well in July,06 I was driving about 10 mph when the power went out on my car.The steering & brakes locked. I ran into the curb & the only damage was the rim & the alignment. I drove the car home that night & was at a red light & once it turned green I started to drive & the power went out again. The next day we dropped the car off to Mazda & on Fri. they called & said they drove it 9 miles & nothing had happened so they said to come pick it up. Well when I went to pay for the car I made a complaint to the cashier & she then called the manager. We went into his office & I explained the problem & that I had to pick my child up the next day from LAX that had just been diagnosed with a heart problem & that I did not need this happening. He then said "if you were my wife I would not put you back in this vehicle" & got me into a rental for the weekend. Then on Mon. he called me & said he personally drove the vehicle & that he just doesn't know what is wrong. Well on Aug 22, 2006 I was driving to work & first thing that happened is I turned on the wipers & the rt wiper flew off my car(note I had them change the blades) so the rest of the way to work I could barely see. After work my boss came out and said the wiper was broken. Well about 2 mins later I was driving about 35 mph when the power went out on my car. I once again had locked brakes & no steering, I had NO CONTROL of this car & all I could see was cement manhole that we have on base & all I did was hold on tight knowing I was going to hit it & the next thing I know I hear someone asking me if I was ok. Well when I opened my eyes I realized that I was upside down. And not only that NONE of the airbags deployed so I hit my head on the drivers window & broke it. I was taken to the hospital. The seat belt saved my life.
  • Look at my problem that almost cost me my life on 8/33/06 the number is 3638
  • On the flip side, JD Powers does NOT rate the Mazda3 as being reliable. I dunno about the rest of you CR advocates, but Mazda sent me a JD Powers survey, not a CR survey. Take this fact for what it is and draw your own conclusions.
  • The last post on the Defective A/C thread was on 08/07/2006, but yet here we are again having to hear about the defective AC. I think you're looking at it incorrectly into assuming you're "lucky" if you get one that doesn't have a defect, but that you got one of the "unlucky" ones. Can you tell us what legal actions you have taken besides reposting on Edmunds? And to answer your question, if I were to go by what's being posted here on Edmunds, it seems that 5% out of all the posters might have an A/C problem, but with the amount of reposts counted about the same issue, it'd be closer to 50%. :sick:
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    If you get a problem car Mazda will do little about it.
    Please prove me wrong (or admit you are wrong)

    Spend a day in our shop and you will be proved wrong. If mazda won't do anything about problems then why do I have cars in for warranty work that leave fixed?

    If mazda didn't stand behind their cars their sales would drop to zero...instead mazda sales remain positive in a flat/declining market...
  • I think I've posted advisories a number of times in this topic about not beating one subject to death by repetitive posting by one complaintant--such as the AC issue. This tends to weary people who participate in the discussion. Edmunds is a place to trade ideas and suggestions--it's not meant to serve as NHTSA's complaint station or the District Attorney's Office.

    Try to avoid any kind of "brand-bashing"...we'd like to use this topic (and all your valuable time) to actually make progress solving people's issues and answering their questions when possible.

    Brand-bashing posts, repetitive rants, etc., will regrettably be deleted on sight.


  • dridedride Posts: 139
    Does anyone have a good product and or trick to get the inside of the windshield clean. I tried some Windex last night, and I now have streaks and fogging issues.
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    Well at another forum a A/C poll was started and about 400 responded and over 52% said their A/C was weak. Even some with a 2006 model year..end of discussion
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    What forum are you talking about. Please let us all know, as heresay does not mean end of discussion!

    The Sandman :confuse:
  • considering that mazda does keep advertisement on this forum (as i can see on the left side here), do you think they look into what people are writing? i know P.R has nothing to do with mechanics/ingineering but is there someone in "oh-mighty mazdaland" that actually keeps tabs on what mazda clients are saying, and at least tries to do something to look up the issues mentionned? :lemon:

    my own mazda motto : "it all comes back to zoom zoom stall"
  • Does anyone know if I can put an O.E 17 inch wheels from a 2005 Mazda3 onto my 2006 Mazda3i sedan? I currently have the stock 15" wheels. Is there anything special I would need to install the tires? I'm thinking about buying a set from someone. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Well nifty the all mighty has spoken...explain to me the scientific basis for your poll? Also can you confirm that all the voters are actual mazda3 owners?

    Otherwise I'll stick with real world factual mazda warranty claims for accurate information concerning problems associated with any mazda vehicle.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Does anyone know if I can put an O.E 17 inch wheels from a 2005 Mazda3 onto my 2006 Mazda3i sedan?
    17 inches likely will fit but I would check the user manual for Mazda's recommendation. If you can, try mounting one before you purchase them just to make sure. You need to make sure the brakes for example have enough room and that your front tires can turn properly.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Still waiting to hear about that "other forum" you were quoting...been about 3 days now and no answer. I'm pretty patient and can wait, so when you get a moment, please shoot me the info on that "other forum" so I can read it.

    Waiting in South Florida, I Remain....

    The Sandman :confuse:
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    This is off topic but I think it is what you wanted.

    kenny - legal action BESIDES posting on Edmunds? Not sure posting on Edmunds is considered legal action. I made the decision a long time ago - it is not worth the effort / time / trouble / stress / money to take legal action because of a defective car. Some think all you need to do is get a lawyer and Mazda will just give you your money back under the lemon law. Some have even posted you don't even need a lawyer.

    That may even be true in some places - but not worth it to me.

    The question is - if you need to take legal action against a company to get them to fix defects then how would you rate them in providing service after the sale?

    Its hard for me to see anyone saying - I sued them and WON - and they had to fix my defective car. They sure do go the extra mile to keep their customers happy! I would rate their service a 10 out of 10!

    My opinion is - Mazda will eventually get around to fixing the stalling problem - and I need to give them some credit here - they did (after almost 2 years) fix most of my issues. You can take that as a positive - way to go Mazda!

    I look at it a little different.

    I told Mazda (dealership & corporate customer servicve) that my car had several problems. In the first couple months of ownership I had already had - brakes making a loud grinding noise, a suspension than made a loud THUMP on every small bump, a tranny that shifted very harsh plus "other" issues. I was told they were all NORMAL and that they were not considered a problem. Then one by one Mazda issued a TSB that was EXACTLY on target to my problem. So when a TSB came out I would go into the dealership - show them the TSB and have my car fixed.

    Does this rate as GREAT customer service. Not in my book it doesn't.
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