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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    But I would try to get $500 over MSRP

    I hope you meant $500 over INVOICE - or else the dealers would chuckle every time you worked a deal with them :D .

    A few hundred over invoice would be a decent price, as long as that included destination and dealer fees.

  • mike245mike245 Posts: 5
    It would appear I donit know how to proofread
  • dan105dan105 Posts: 3
    Hi All, I offered the dealer $150 over invoice. He hemmed and hawed but finally agreed. The invoice amount that I had gotten from Edmunds was correct except the invoice also had an additional $215 "location Assessment". That is similar to what digidave reported in post #3092.

    So the pricing went:
    $18,318 Invoice (including location assessment and $595 destination)
    150 agreed to "over invoice" price
    1,125.42 sales tax
    175.00 registration
    289.00 dealer conveyance fee

    I took the 0.9 financing.

    By the way, the registration and dealer conveyance fee varied from dealer to dealer.

    Hope this info can help someone else looking to purchase.
    Thanks to all of you who contribute to this forum.
  • randyredlgrandyredlg Posts: 4
    I have an e-mail offer on i Touring. MSRP including destination is 17,750. Invoice is 16,656. Price is 15,606. This is well back of invoice.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    When I was RX-8 shopping a couple of years back, invoices I was shown by the dealer showed similar "Add ons". It appears they are normal for Mazda dealers and vary by region, it seems.

  • _lennox__lennox_ Posts: 4
    Hey guys,

    I've being reading the forums a lot lately as my family is deciding on a car, which all but points to Mazda.
    They most likely will end up with this version of the Mazda Sport:

    I was wondering if there were any fellow Canadian's in Toronto or the GTA that would be able to help my family get the best possible deal. We are looking at financing between the range of $0 down - $2000 range. Does anyone have any tips or experiences they could perhaps share?

    Thanks guys.
  • _lennox__lennox_ Posts: 4
    we are actually looking at leasing now instead. any advice?
  • th0mast33th0mast33 Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    Oh the phone, I worked out a deal with a fleet manager for a Mazda 3 S touring, and was wondering if you guys think I should go for it. BTW, this is in south bay/san jose area in California

    Mazda 3 S touring w/ manual tranny, silver color
    Options: wheel locks...yea thats it
    MSRP according to edmunds: $19, 070
    TMV according to edmunds: $18, 343
    Invoice according to $17, 881
    Negotiated price: $17, 400
    -the price includes destination and assessment fees

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
  • Yeah that's a good price. I got mine (same trim level, no options) for $18200 but that was back in November when the '07's weren't discounting so much. Make sure you get an out the door price. Don't let them quote you a low sale price then add on a bogus $599 documentation fee.
  • missyc1missyc1 Posts: 17
    Where did you go in NJ? I am currently looking to by a Mazda3 s Grand Touring and looking for the BEST deal possible. So far the bets I have is Pacifico in Philly 20,362, but this is there "end of month/memorial day weekend deal" I'm wondering if I wait it out till the end of next month/end of quarter I can do better!?!? :shades:
  • missyc1missyc1 Posts: 17
    I am now the proud owner of my first Mazda3 s Touring, Manual with Moonroof package and Wing spoiler, Phantom Blue Mica :D $19,292.00 :D 5.9% Financing

    Bought it at Mapleshade Mazda in NJ. Easy and smooth negotiating.

    I can't wait to pick it up!
  • hankhill2hankhill2 Posts: 1
    Just bought a Mazda 3 Hatchback Grand Touring,
    Pearl White with all options, except Navi.
    Gave $500.00 under invoice and got the .9% for 36 mths. This is in the DFW, Texas area.
  • turnpike1turnpike1 Posts: 1
    Did anyone here use the Costco service, and if so was the price they gave you negotiable?
  • missyc1missyc1 Posts: 17
    Picked my car up lastnight. My car is so badass I LOVE IT!

    Phantom Blue looks different in every light. I'm so glad I went with it. It looks nothing like the chip you see in the brochures or online.

    They through in All-weather mats and the body colored door guards too! All for $19,292.00. I think I made pretty good. :D
  • shatzishatzi Posts: 15
    Looking at buying a new Mazda3 for our daughter who is going to college in Sept. Does anyone know when is the best time to buy a 2007 - would it be July/August before the 2008 comes in Sept? Also, do you know if there will be any rebates for college students?
  • dh5551212dh5551212 Posts: 3
    Yes, it would appear you donit.
  • shatzishatzi Posts: 15
    I am looking to buy a 2007 Mazda3 s Touring 4 dr sedan for my daughter. Options would include 1MC Moonroof and 6-CD changer and Black Leather Seat Upholstery. What is the best price we could anticipate. I have seen model w/o the leather seats for $14,990. Would it pay to buy it and put in the leather seats after? If so does anyone know of a good aftermarket company in the Long Island area that I could get estimates from. We are looking to put $10-12K down and finance the balance. Does anyone know when Mazda runs their sales for 2007 models - is it in the summer?

    Please respond soon as we are looking to purchase this vehicle in the next week or so.
  • maribelnmaribeln Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    This is the first time I ever post a message. I'd appreciate input on an offer I'm getting from a dealer (I'm in Chicago).
    This is an online offer so I'm not sure if I can haggle to bring down the price or if I can even expect to get a lower price...


    Silver Mazda3-S sedan with auto, ABS/SAB/SAC pkg.

    $17,254.00 Car (includes destination charge)
    $58 doc fee
    $1558.08 tax
    $143 plates
    $19,013.08 out the door includes Chicago tax and all dealer fees
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    We passed on the mazda leather when we bought our 3s back in 2005. Looked and felt cheap to us and not as smooth as other leather we have seen and felt in other cars. In the case of mazda, I'd definitely go with aftermarket leather. Think you'd find it of better quality ans smoother. Check with the dealer as to who they farm their leather out to and go see them and compare. Definitely worth it.

    The Sandman :)
  • schallaschalla Posts: 2
    Looks like you are getting a very good deal. I live in Chicago NW suburbs and looking for the same car & options except that I want it in Galaxy Gray Mica.

    Can you tell me which dealer you got this offer from? Maybe we can buy together and get a better price. Let me know.
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