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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sender1sender1 Posts: 29
    Hi, I am going tomorrow to same dealer to pick up our Mazda3. Its the same one you bought. Were any of those extra fees negotiable, glass etching for example. Seems ridiculous to pay that but we got a great deal overall so if we have to pay it we will. How do you like the car so far? We also dealt with the same salesman you did, so far hes been great, hopefully no surprises tomorrow :)
  • sender1sender1 Posts: 29
    The coupon was on the Mazda website for a short amount of time. According to the coupon it is good until the end of the month. The dealer told me Mazda pulled the coupon early because it was too popular. I printed mine out on July 13th which from what Ive been told is the last date Mazda had it up on the website. Each dealership seems to have its own coupons if you go to their website and fill out a form. Check out the various dealers websites.
  • tommyceetommycee Posts: 10
    The $17.5 does not include tax or tags. It has auto trans.
  • sender1sender1 Posts: 29
    Just picked up my GT mazda3 from Maxon. Great experience. Price couldn't be beat. Got more than $1600 off of invoice. Love the car. Call and speak to someone in the internet dept or if someone wants to email me, I'll give you the salesman's name.
  • zzoomp09zzoomp09 Posts: 30
    Dino or Matthew? ;)
  • xishi1xishi1 Posts: 1
    2008 hatchback sport manual. Got it for 700 under invoice. According to edmunds invoice with destination is around 17500. Price paid was around 16700. OTD with TTL was 18200. No 0% financing but I have good credit so 1.9% ain't too bad. This was Russell and Smith Mazda in Houston and the transaction was very smooth and got it at a great price.
  • zzoomp09zzoomp09 Posts: 30
    Yup, Denise's "salesman of choice" I think is Dino and he actually let me test drive a 3 even though I would not buy that car that day. Maxon really gives you great customer service. It's just a pity they don't have what I want at that time and I don't know all about dealer to dealer trading where the dealer can get the exact car you want from another dealer.

    I could've saved a few thousand more with Maxon. :(
  • konrad9konrad9 Posts: 2
    Picking up my 3 today :D :shades: :blush:

    It's an i Sport Sedan, manual transmission, with A/C and the ABS/SAC/SAB package.

    $16,169 out the door, paid invoice + taxes, reg, small dealer fee.

    Got it from Lee Partyka Mazda/Chevrolet in
  • markmanmarkman Posts: 7
    I am looking to purchase a 2007 3s Hatch w/automatic in the Atlanta area and would like some input on good dealers and what kind of pricing I can expect to get. We are looking to purchase in the next few weeks.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  • zante64zante64 Posts: 24
    Purchased a 2007 3 S Touring hatch. Black ext w/ 5sp. Only options were the rear step gaurd and wheel locks. (also the PZEV version of course)

    Paid $18,300 in July, 2007.

    (we were inflexible about the color and man trans) So we could only find this combo in Sothern Cal - we live in SF Bay Area. We negotiated via phone - took about 3 minutes! I flew to Long Beach ($100 one-way ticket) the dealer picked me up at the airport before the dealership was even open. I got to the dealership at about 8:20am. All papers done and I was on the road for home before 10:00am! :shades:

    Absolutely easy and great experience! Can't say eough good things about them.

    Browning Mazda in Cerritos, CA.

    A side note - Mazda's online Chat Assistant was a huge help in helping locate the exact car we wanted.
  • fal900fal900 Posts: 3
    Looking to purchase mazda3 S sedan. only option i want is rear side curtains. edmunds invoice is 17785.00 can i do better than that. Also is edmunds and kbb trade in values accurate. If I could purchase for invoice and they give me within 500 of what edmunds says my trade in vehicle is worth I will move forward. Shouln't that be easily doable.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,681
    FYI, you can't get just rear side curtains on the Mazda3--they stretch from front to rear. Which is really what you want, right?
  • zante64zante64 Posts: 24
    Don't even mention that you have a trade-in to the dealer before you reach a price on the Mazda. Car salespersons use what's called a "4-Square." They even have a form that is literally divided into 4 squares. It's really designed to misdirect your attention from one aspect of the sale to another. As in - if they know you have a trade-in, they'll use that to adjust the selling price of the new car. More for trade-in = higher new car selling price. Also - never get into a discussion on what sort of monthly payment you want to make. Same rule applies: Aways establish the price you are willing to pay before you discuss any other aspect of the deal.

    Good luck!
  • jt120jt120 Posts: 6
    I bought a 2007 3 GT manual sedan with sunroof/bose package for $19275. The MSRP was $21725. The otd price with tax and fees was $20034. I think I got a great deal.
  • fal900fal900 Posts: 3
    I know thats the rule of thumb to negotiate new car price first before mentioning a trade. On the other hand after you have negotiated your great new car price they will just low ball you on your trade in. They can work it both ways. I have tried it both ways with several dealers not disclosing anything about trade in financing etc.
  • huff2khuff2k Posts: 1
    I got a price for a mazda 3 s Touring 2008 Manual transmission with no options for 17,507

    Sounds like a good deal?
  • zante64zante64 Posts: 24
    Jump on it!
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    When are the 2008 MazdaSpeed 3s due to arrive?

    I am not seeing any 2008s (Speed 3 or other 3s) in central Ohio just yet.
  • zante64zante64 Posts: 24
    Ther've already started to appear in Calif. showrooms.
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