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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    how Mazda will play out given its relation to Ford?

    My understanding is that Ford did not dispose of but rather reduced its share in Mazda. Considering Ford's state of affairs, Mazda having less of a connection with the blue oval may be a good thing.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Ford did not dispose of but rather reduced its share in Mazda

    "Ford sells Mazda shares - 33% stake shrinks to 13%
    Nov. 18 2008. Ford today announced it will sell 20% of Mazda, raising $540 million in much needed cash. As much as 6.9 percent will be sold back to Hiroshima-based Mazda, while the other 13.1 percent will be sold to unidentified investors. ... Ford acquired a 25 percent stake in Mazda in 1979 ... raised its stake in the carmaker to 33.4 percent in May of 1996, when the company effectively became a part of the Ford family." Source:
  • ylzylz Posts: 45
    Hello all. Buying a 2009 Mazda 3 Hatch this month and I had some questions. I am thinking of buying a cold air intake for more power but my friend who owns a 2008 says I'm nuts. I have test driven this car a few times and I know it has power but what about the highway? I frequently drive over 80 and am I going to have trouble passing people, making two lane passes, etc...?? Do I need this intake? Also, does the intake really help that much? I have heard mixed reviews about it. And I can't seem to find one online for a 2009, I only see for 2008 models and below. It's the same engine and should fit, right? Thanks.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Just an FYI, it is both a violation of the site rules and completely unnecessary to cross-post the same post all over the place.

    As others have said, skip the CAI, it won't net you anything but a little extra noise. If the Mazda3 hatch is too slow, your only real alternative is to buy a MazdaSpeed3.
  • ylzylz Posts: 45
    Did not realize that's its against the rules to post same message in multiple chat rooms. Sorry about that.
  • jatecjatec Posts: 7
    i'm looking to buy an Hatchback GT with moonroof option before the new year,

    talked with a dealer on the phone today, and got down to about 22000 out the door, just wanted to get some feedback from you all to see whether i could still get it down lower.

    thanks in advance for your responses
  • Your quote is ok for now but may get a lot better by next week.

    I just received a quote on an 09 M3 GT with moonroof, 6 cd, and manual tranny for $21,202 + tax. Original price was $23,159 + tax. I strolled the showroom last Saturday and he called me twice today and sent 2 emails. I called back and said that his price was still too high and that I may wait for an '010 model. He then got very animated and said that we can "work on that price as sales kind of slow right now and we have a high inventory." I'm curious to know what the real list price is.

    The other dealer that I visited on Sat. has called me once and sent me 3 emails but they only have the loaded GT with auto and Nav. with a list of over $26,000--which the salesman said "we will work hard on this sale, and we can be flexible, but I don't see them selling that GT for under $21k. Dealers were Brown's Mazda in Chantilly, Va. and Fitzmall in Frederick, Md. I really wanted to buy before the holiday's and will wait to see how flexible they can get over the next week.
  • ogurekogurek Posts: 13
    hello all,
    i am interested in buying a mazda3 hatchback. i got this quote from Crystal Auto Mall (in NJ):

    2009 Copper Red Mica Mazda MAZDA3 HB Auto s Touring
    MSRP $20,445
    their price: $19,336 (including destination)

    i havent been able to get a quote from other dealers, but it seems kind of high. there is only one car like this (without moonroof/sound upgrade) on their lot.
    any opinions about this?
    btw: there seems to be a 2,000 to cash to customer rebate for 2008 models.
    thanks for reading. :)
  • Dealer is asking 15,900 before ttl for a gray 09 i Touring sedan. Good deal or no? 4 speed atx, and i think it has a 6 disc changer
  • jatecjatec Posts: 7
    it's a bit too high

    i'm in Nj as well, looking at GT's and i'm getting on avg 20500 on my quotes in cluding destination, so touring has to be atleast 1800 down from that. I've got a quote of 21000 out the door for a 2008 touring with moonroof option auto. Just FYI

    i'd aim for a 20k OTD for a touring right now, just me though
  • ogurekogurek Posts: 13
    thanks for replying,
    i got a quote from another dealer, Open Road Mazda of East Brunswick, for an 08 model (so i guess including the 2000 rebate):

    $16,533 just the car, w/o destination
    or $19,026.26 OTD (again only one car, galaxy grey)

    should i jump on this deal?
  • jatecjatec Posts: 7
    it sounds like a decent price, if you got that on an email i would just go in
    and try and negotiate more. i got a quote for 17500 w/o destination on the 09 model from wayne mazda.

    Open road have called me and try to push me to buy a 08 as well, when i was inquiring 09 model, and they sent me a quote for sedan instead of HB. So i'm getting my quote done again.
  • Helping a friend out with this, and wanted to know if this was a reasonable offer from the dealer. No rush to buy, but am curious...

    In Cleveland Area (Cuyahoga County)...
    2009 Mazda3 s Grand Touring
    Bose/Roof Package
    Satellite Radio

    MSRP: 24,280

    Dealer offered right off the bat S-Plan pricing. After incentives were at 21,412...after TTL were at 23,412.

    Seemed pretty aggressive but I guess my two questions are: Is this a good deal and is there any room left to negotiate? It included a $1000 cash incentive on the price, but I'm thinking given the new Mazda3 coming out in a couple of months, that that incentive is bound to get better.


  • ogurekogurek Posts: 13
    it seems like a good deal (under invoice)
    but im betting that in a few months as the 2010 models come around, dealers will be a lot more motivated to get the 2009s out the door

    of course, then there is a chance that your configuration/color may not be available
    if possible find out when the 1000 incentive expires
    if you are not in a rush, id consider waiting a bit more

    or make it clear to the dealer that they need to motivate you to buy now rather than later
    and if they want to make their sales numbers for the month, they might be able to go down even more

    bottom line, cant hurt to ask, worst case they say no and are firm and you weigh your options
  • ogurekogurek Posts: 13
    i got that price from an email, and i did double check that its a hatchback model
    my goal is to set the final price via email, since im not good at negotiating in person

    i emailed wayne mazda for a quote and they gave me 17200 car w/destination
    this is basically the same as open road, so i think ill get them to beat each other

    is there any particular reason why you want an 09 and not an 08?
    the msrp is higher for 09 and there are less incentives
  • jatecjatec Posts: 7
    well, i'd get my price down via email and phone, and then really talk it down in person. So far they'd keep pushing you to go in for the test drive, and i don't think they'll come to their bottomline unless you go in.

    Consider all things right now, i'm getting about 500 difference between 09 and 08, considering all incentives. Alot of dealers are out of 08 gt models as well. But 500 difference is what i'm getting in my research.

    and the value lost from having an 08 and 09 is prabably more than 500 down 5 years...i think
  • ogurekogurek Posts: 13
    i know what you mean. every dealer, after they give me a quote, asks me when i want to come down to see/drive it.

    i know from my last car buying experience im not really good at those high-pressure must-talk-the-talk on-the-spot moments.
    what do you mean 'really talk it down in person'? it seems they are already pretty low so i dont know how low can i reasonably ask. i cant even say i want to pay invoice since they are already below invoice :(

    yes, the msrp went up, 500$ sounds about right. but i didnt realize there were any incentives on the 09 models, while there seems to be a 2000$ on the 08s.

    as for value, im guessing since they are introducing the 2010s so early, there'll be much less 09s than 08s as used cars. and it depends how quickly youre planning to resell after buying, since depreciation is not linear.

    anyways... i told wayne mazda to beat the open road mazda 19000 OTD. they replied that they only have one car like that and it has the moonroof package, and 19350 OTD is as low as theyll go. so now i guess i can check back in with open road :P
  • jatecjatec Posts: 7
    Well, i know for a fact that what they give you on the phone is not their bottom line, i'm not a good negotiator my self, so i have to ask people around me whether i should keep haggling.

    there weren't any incentives on 09, but the incentives vary from dealer, since wayne mazda didn't say anything about the $2000, and still came in with a better price.. if you ask me.. since moonroof package is roughly 1k, and you're getting it for 350..

    and well, if 500 is the difference then i'll take the 09, but if any more i'd consider the 08, but then there are just a lack of GTs for 08 ATM, so i just have to keep looking. I don't really want to drive 50 miles to buy a car.

    Are you paying cash or financing? just wanted to know so i have a better idea on their prices. But thx for the heads up, now i have a better idea atleast for these two dealers.
  • Don't know if this will help given the differences, but you can be the judge. I just went through evaluating costs for an 09i Touring sedan, manual, no options. The rates are all running $15,400 for the car/dest alone in Indianapolis and the Chicago area.

    The single exception is a quote from Pugi in Downer's Grove, IL for $16100 OTD (IN taxes figured in). They were an outlier that was $600 below everyone else but their responses have been slow, ignored previous information and I'm getting multiple people emailing me. I take all those as bad signs and given the distance from us, not worth the risk.

    Tomorrow we're buying one from Raisor Ford/Mazda for $16700 OTD. I'll throw up the real numbers when we're done with it all.
  • Hi Sportbiker:

    you are talking about i touring NOT i touring value right?
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