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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • BMW540BMW540 Posts: 33
    What did you pay and with what options?
  • go2uclago2ucla Posts: 8
    Hi Sodaguy, I am also in the market for a 2010 M3 Sport. Can you tell me the name of the dealer you got your friend's Mazda from. I am in the LA area. Thanks.
  • gman70gman70 Posts: 2
    Received $3K for a 1998 Nissan Sentra GXE with 90K miles in fair condition. Dealer was running a promotion in New Jersey. Blue Book was $1300.00 at best.

    Paid $14700.00 for the 2010 Mazda 3 I Touring - Auto Tran and the OTD price including TT&L was $16,311.00. Basically, paid $4400.00 under the MSRP.
  • isseyvooisseyvoo Posts: 120
    $18,198 (plus delivery charge) 5-door sport, with no options.
  • cricket18cricket18 Posts: 8

    Yes the MD state tax is 6% but you pay the tax rate of the state you reside in. I paid 3% since I live in VA.

    The extras were the extended warranty program, maintenance stuff..I wasn't interested in this so didn't pay much attention to his sales pitch.
  • cricket18cricket18 Posts: 8

    Did the $16,311 include the $3k for trade in? If it didn't I think it's an awesome deal for an i touring
  • I'm new to this group and love that people are so willing to help! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    Here's my deal. I actually have 2 questions.

    1. I've been shopping for a 2010 Mazda 3 i Touring Auto, base trim, wheel locks and no other options. I've visited 4 showrooms and probably spent about 3-4 weeks. After all that research, today we put down $200 (advance) on the car at a showroom in MA. This is what I will be paying for it -

    MSRP : $19,150
    Invoice : $17,980
    EdmundsTMV : $18,539

    My Offer: $17,000 !! (about $1000 below invoice)
    Acquisition $595.00 (sounds high?)
    Registration $109.50
    Dealer Fees $295.00 (lesser than some other dealers)
    Tax $850.00
    OTD: $18,849!

    I know the Dealer Fees sounds like a lot (and it probably has a lot of his profit built in) but he wouldn't budge on it. Since I had done some research on Edmunds, I knew this was a great price and showed interest. Infact, it was past dealer's close time and I went ahead and put $200 deposit on it since he was cribbing about not bieng able to give me this again. The deposit is refundable and quite honestly I was getting weary after 3 hours of negotiating. After I got back home, I spent another 3 hours on the net and quite honestly, I'm still not sure if this is a great deal. The apparent dishonesty of the dealers has left me constantly concerned about bieng duped.. Please Help if you've recently purchased, or are looking to purchase a similar vehicle.

    2. i AM looking to lease this vehicle but for obvious reasons did not bring it up till late in my negotiations with the dealer. I'll be a first time leaser and since there's so much to know, even after lots of research hours, I'm still a little confused.

    This is what the dealer had to offer on the lease:

    15,000 Miles
    36 Months
    Money Factor: unfortunately, I don't remember
    Residual Value: I think it was 55%
    Trade-in: $1000
    Down Payment: $1500

    Monthly Payment : $179/mo . This includes Sales Tax, Plate and registration.
    Does this sound reasonable? Is the Money Factor and Residual value consistent among dealers in a state for a particular vehicle or can they wary? I know that for the month of July 36 month / 15000 mi per year lease is .00185. The residual value is 53% of MSRP. Should I fight for this or does the low offer ($17,000) that I got seem like a good deal regardless?

    I plan to go in again to sign the papers.. but you think I'm making abig mistake, pelase let me know asap!

  • sodaguysodaguy Posts: 71
    I am not very familiar with leases, but I have always been told to avoid putting any money down on a lease.

    As for the purchase price itself, you can do better. I helped my friend pick up a 2010 Mazda 3i Touring last weekend and she paid $1300 under invoice. MSRP was $20,975, she paid $18,227.

    Good luck.
  • Hi there Sunny Hokie,

    I'm practically in the same boat as you are. I've been in the market for a 2010 Mazda3i Touring with automatic transmission and no extras (no wheel locks either). The lowest price that I have been able to get is $18,600 OTD. This was after being initially offered $18,900 OTD, and then $18,600. The salesman said that they could wobble an extra $50 to $100 off the price if we were ready to deal, but I get the feeling that he was probably going to try to recoup it with some imaginary fee somewhere later in the paperwork. We gave a final offer of $17,600 OTD, and after they told us that we were "wasting their time," we ended up walking away.

    My price point is actually the same as yours. We were aiming for $17,000 OTD, but we haven't had much luck. Honestly, I am skeptical of whether or not it's possible to hit the $17,000 OTD price point unless you're an astute negotiator (of which, I am not). On our side, I think we might be content with under $18,000 OTD, but even then, we might just decide to wait until the end of the year or another time to buy a Mazda3.

    Concerning your case, I'm sure that the dealership would have given you the same price later on if you walked out. The whole "not sure if we can offer this price again" deal was probably just to get you to commit to a sale before the day ended. Of course, they might not offer you the price again just to spite you on walking out, but it sounds like a salesman acting like a salesman.

    I've always felt that if you don't need the car, then try to get closer to your price point. In terms of the value of your deal, it sounds like an average to decent deal, but I would consider whether or not you're comfortable with moving this far away from your original budget.

  • Garfield3d & sodaguy -

    Thanks for your input. Although I'd like to get close to the $17,000 OTD mark, I'm almost convinced it won't happen. Based on your input, I've sent a query to another dealer that I've worked with to see if he can beat my ~18,800 OTD. I think there's scope in the fees that they are charging; perhaps he can throw in something extra as an incentive. Either ways, I'm now more confident that I can push for a 18,500 or 18,600 OTD price. I'll update the group once I get the new quote.

    Thanks again!!
  • Hopefully this is not too late. But I just bought a Silver Mazda 3 i touring, last Friday, to be exact, the day the cash for clunkers program was "effective" ( I know some dealers started July 1) for $17,209 + Doc fee $99 + temp tags $15.50 + tax. Dealt over the phone and email.

    I called Ohio's dealers and could not get any deal under $18,000. Checked on this board and saw someone purchase it at Fitzgerald Mall and hence I went to the website and saw my car. This dealership has many locations in MD but the that had my car was in Annapolis. Was skeptical at first because I had to drive to Annapolis, MD. A lot of what if's came up because it was a 7.5 hrs drive. For a price difference of $1,200, I thought it was worth the drive. So, my sister and I drove my clunker there. Waited a bit for the cash for clunkers paperwork but other than that, everything else was smooth. Salesperson's name is Joe. Email me if you have any questions.
  • Thanks very much cricket18. I am so pleased with the deals. I hope others can benefit from the posts. Am trying to get an Odyssey. Waiting for more incentives.
  • sygg13sygg13 Posts: 1
    There are a lot of posts about the Tourings and the S Sport models, but I'm looking to buy a 2010 Mazda 3 i Sport Automatic model with no other options, and I was wondering if you guys would share what you paid for yours (options are fine as long as you mention what they were) so I could get an idea of what I should be shooting for in negotiations.

  • baboingababoinga Posts: 1
    So the best price I got quoted was invoice - $750 (so $14,175 for isport man, $16,440 for itouring auto, add delivery to above)! That was an awesome deal, but it was a four hour drive to pick up the car. I ended up getting a similar deal at my local dealer. I got invoice - $500 and saved myself 8 hours of driving. My final price OTD was $15,461 (including fuel surcharge, tax, title, etc..). That is with a $4500 cash for clunkers. I ended up with a blue touring, automatic, sunroof package, alloy wheels, bose system, cruise, blue tooth, and some other stuff. A good deal all around. I could have had it cheaper if the better half wouldn't have insisted on all of the extra stuff (and I would have liked the manual), but I am satisfied.
  • metsjetsmetsjets Posts: 12
    but that was with the 3K you got for your trade right??
  • metsjetsmetsjets Posts: 12
    wow it seems like you guys are low balling even more than I

    I told the dealer that i was looking for a 2010 i touring auto with wheel locks fogs and remote start... i told him that another dealer offered me 18,500 for the car and 20,000 OTD... based on edmunds i thought THAT would be a good price... it seems that you guys are going much lower than i... do you think i should say another dealer offered me a better price??
  • nethealnetheal Posts: 1
    2010 Mazda 3 5dr hatchback, s sport, with bluetooth and moonroof package, quoted 21,575 by dealer, Edmund's TMV price is 21,305> Dealer in suburban NY agreeable to TMV but not any less. Is that a good price along with 3.9% Mazda financing?
  • metsjetsmetsjets Posts: 12
    guys i got a quote on a Mazda 3 4 door i touring automatic... fogs, remote start, wheel locks, all wheather mats, and spoiler (i really dont care for one but they have it on the car so its included) my quote was $19,918... please tell me what you think

    I live in NJ and am getting it from a NJ dealer
  • I entered all the options you listed into Edmunds TMV and here were the results.

    MSRP - $20,330.00

    Invoice - $18,924.00

    What others are paying - 19640.00

    I think you can get a better deal. I recently purchased a 2010 Mazda3, 4 door "S" Sport automatic sedan with Moonroof, 6-CD & Bose Audio Package and all weather floormats for $500.00 below dealer invoice ( $19,855.00+Tax Title & Lic) in Washington State. I would try to get it at dealer invoice or closer to it. Make sure you get multiple quotes before making your purchase. Good luck and happy shopping.
  • gman70gman70 Posts: 2

    My deal includes the $3K for the trade-in. I am in NJ, and I got it at Wayne Mazda. They were running an ad for $3K on a trade-in for anything under 100K miles. There was no way my 1998 Nissan was worth $3K, so it was basically a rebate they were giving me. Plus, I got a couple more thousand off the price in negotiations. Basically, I paid $4700.00 under MSRP and walked out the door after everything for $16,311.00. I have the basic I-Touring package including cruise control, alloy wheels, blue tooth connectivity, and remote lock access. It is an auto transmission.
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