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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    The '10 Mazda was introduced when...late spring-early summer '09?

    (1) Does anyone have any idea about when the '11's will be on the market?

    The 2010 model was introduced earlier in the year than the normal early fall (Sept/Oct, give or take a month) model year change. It's a common practice for a redesigned model. The 2009 model had an abbreviated model year as a result. Most likely, the 2011 will be released in the fall making the 2010 model year longer than 12 months.

    (2) I like everything about the GT (Grand Touring) except the 2.5L...prefer the gas mileage on the 2.0. Any chance that Mazda would make the 2.0 available on the GT in '11...or make options that are now only available on the GT...available on the T in '11?

    The idea of an 'i Grand Touring 4-door" with the same engine as the 'i Touring' but the some/most of the 's Grand Touring' features could be very appealing, in my opinion. Apparently, Mazda doesn't agree; I doubt we'll see a 2.0L GT model unless gas prices rise to $5/gallon again! :(

    From the introduction of the 2004 Mazda3, the 5-door has never been offered with the 2.0L engine in the U.S. Canada and numerous other markets could get a 2.0L 5-door (and still can in the 2010), but for us the larger, less economical 2.3L and now 2.5L engines are mandatory if we want the hatchback bodystyle!

    (3) I've looked at most of the posts in this thread relating to the '10 Mazda 3. I'm wondering if posters here have any predictions about upcoming future incentives on the '10 Mazda 3. In particular, I would like to know if there will be any incentives for those who come with their own financing...(in lieu of this month's zero interest for 60 months)

    Thanks for a wonderful seems to me that reading the posts leads me to believe that $1,000 below invoice is, historically...a reasonably good price for most Mazda 2010 3's. In summary, toward the July-August months of this year...will that number ($1,000) increase?

    The deals on remaining 2010 models are almost certain to get sweeter once the 2011 models are sitting next to them on dealer lots! The 2009 models had unprecedented cash incentives to clear out the remainder of the the 'old' design. The incentives offered will be relative to how many 2010 models still remain at the release of the 2011.
  • that is a well-thought out answer, Mr. I. G. Zoom! Thanks. Now I need to figure out what to do...
  • Great info igozoomzoom...

    Castle Mazda in Silver Springs was great in working with me. I went back to them no less than three times with offers/counters and they obliged each time. It really helps to get documented offers (e-mail, faxed or hard copy in hand) from other area dealers and work them down. I was able to get them below $18,500 (excl. T/T) on a 2010 Mazda3 HB s Sport, 6-spd manual, gunmetal blue, with the moon roof/CD/Bose pkg. When they could not do the delivery on the Saturday we originally agreed upon (supposedly due to a hangup getting the vehicle from another dealer), they were willing to give me a rental (their expense) while I delivered my trade-in to them on that Saturday and then they offered to deliver the Mazda3 to my home that Monday! The surreal part of this is that I live 90 miles away!!! Now, what dealer out there is going to do that for you? Anyone who reads this and isn't willing to travel up to 90 miles to check out Castle Mazda either is lazy, crazy or doesn't care about how much money they spend.
  • I want to be sure of what you're saying, crashburn...

    Your vehicle (for which you negotiated a price under $18,500)...when I throw your data (5 Dr HB s Sport, manual transmission, moonroof/CD package)...into the Edmunds TMV...I get $20,255 as the Invoice.

    Am I right? Meaning you negotiated $1750 under invoice?

    Can you verify this for me, please?

  • seaurchinseaurchin Posts: 57
    Ok bought last week Mazda3 Hatchback, liquid silver metallic, with auto tranny, Moonroof/Bose package.

    MSRP $24,945

    Paid $23,123+around 2K in taxes, $75 Doc Fees, Title $145, and $12 NYS tire tax.

    OTD $25,355, also got 0% financing for 4 years.

    Got it at Westchester Mazda, salesman was Blake. Inventory was OK, about 20 cars on the lot, you probably will not find EXACTLY what you want with the color you want, but they car probably will be there.

    First went to Smith Cairns Mazda, they would not take anything off, salesman said out right i do not care what Edmunds says, i will not give you their price. We walked out and he did not try to stop us. (No hard feelings, its a business)

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

    So far i have to say that maybe because it is a Hatch Back, maybe they are all like this, but back seat is some what small and is hard getting in to. If you are a young guy/gal no problem, but an older person (Mom) may find it a little difficult getting in to.

    Leather is great, car feels, handles good, looks great. Didn't get any girls yet, but Mazda never really promised that.
  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    edited March 2010
    You are right . I had a 2008 Mazda I new Value , moonroof, rear lip spoiler it was an automatic also with a 2.0 . Mazda doesn't sell them anymore. They really gooffed.
    I bought a loaded VW Golf ,great heated and cooling seats and a 5spd 2.5L that gets me better milage than my Mazda.The ride is solid,no tire noise or engine noise and handles so much better.Handles bumps better too.
    To get what I have in my car in a Mazda you have to buy a Grand Touring For $4000.00 more . Plus I have a multi function display I can set to program what I want to learn about the car while I'm driving. Never thought I'd ever like a V Dub.I paid $19664.OTD inc Tax ,title and doc fees.The TDI is 4k more and if you do alot of drving thats the car to buy. It gets 42mpg and 32 around town . Oh bluetooth came with it. I did not want it but, most cars are coming equipped with it as the government will soon require it on account of people talking on cell phones.
  • Joseph, your numbers and mine are different. My research (I don't always go by what Edmunds reports) shows the MSRP as $20,935, and the invoice as $19,505. This leave the Dealer Cost at $18,664. Dealer Cost should be calculated as: (Base Invoice + the Invoice Price of Options + Destination) - Holdback. I have found the reported Holdback to be $390.80. The CD/Bose Moon roof package is $1,200 from the Mazda and MSRP is $1,395. Using these numbers, the Castle deal was:

    $17,650 (Car - Rebate)
    750 (Destination)
    $18,400 (Total Paid for Car at the Table)
    925 (T/T + Dealer Fee)

    the price of $18400 is $1105 under the $19505 invoice. Not as great as your calcs but still great. Anytime you can go $1000 under invoice its great. You probably will not get there without manufacturer incentives, unless you are towards the end of the model year, or dealing with a trim package that is in large supply. One thing that I did not mention is that I did not complete this deal. I had a Mazda dealer 10 miles up the road who was $365 more than this one and NuCar could verify delivery on THAT Saturday. Besides, I had actually test driven the NuCar HB, but with Castle, I would have to complete a deal without seeing the vehicle. That Saturday delivery was integral in the deal since it was the end of the month and I did not want to take any chances on a Monday (March 1st) delivery changing the incentive numbers. Besides, I would rather have a dealer close to home for servicing, all other things being equal.

    So the deal that I ended up doing with NuCar Mazda in New Castle, DE was $19,931 OTD. In this case, the car price was:

    $18,015 ($18,515 - 500 rebate)
    750 (Destination)
    722 (Taxes) *paid out-of-pocket
    199 (Dealer Fee)
    120 (3-yr Tags)
    $19,806 (Total of all)
    - 1,041 (out of pocket)
    $18765 (financed subtotal)
    - 6000 (downpayment)
    $12765 (financed total)

    That is probably more info than you requested but you can take what you like from it. Those NuCar numbers have the car $740 under invoice. I had to weigh the pos and neg with going with NuCar or Castle and I went with Castle. Like it or not, I'll have to live with wondering COULD I have completed the "deal from heaven"?

    Here is the website from which I got my Invoice/MSRP/Dealer Cost/Holdback numbers: I have cross-checked these numbers with other sites and they seem to pan out as accurate.

    I hope this info helps. The dealer at NuCar was great. He's a folksie, down-to-earth guy and since the purchase, has been great with answering any questions I have. Since I cannot tell you his name, I will say that his last name is the same as the two brothers in Duran Duran or the lead character in the 90s comedy Home Improvement.

    Any other questions? Let me know. Crash.
  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    edited March 2010
    Read your post and I believe it. Here we have Prime Motors and they have a sea of 2010 Mazdas . The time to get them for less is in August. It's like a firesale there.
    The rear seat room in a hatch is bad but, my seats are always down. I get a new car 30k or 2 years. I just bought a VW Golf 5 spd.I have all your options but leather. Never thought I buy a VW after all the horror stories I've read however, the car is solid, quite and has the ponies. I drive slow but it's fun to downshift. I left Mazda as I thought they were getting too pricey.
    I bought the car for trips to Home Depot, Lowes or to pick up wifes plants etc. She won't touch her Lexus until Toyota checks it out. So she's riding the clutch in my M3. In the mean time I'm loving this little car. Good luck with yours. :shades: ,
  • jochen74jochen74 Posts: 2
    Shopping for a 2010 Mazda3 i sport (automatic with no extras). MSRP is $17,055 (or $17,805 if you include destination charge). Invoice is $15,982.
    Got a quote via Ebay Motors of $15,339. Contacted dealer (which is 100 miles away) to confirm. Was told OTD price with tax, tag and dealer fees would be $17,415 (new tag, no trade-in, Central Florida region).
    Good deal?
  • Check out my post #4397 - I got the same deal but after a $1,000 in rebates, my price was 14,401. Is your quote before or after any rebates? Also, $2000 in ttl seems really high. What were the dealer fees? My out the door was 16,716.85.
  • Bought a 2010 Mazda3 s Sport HB/liquid silver/manual trans/moonroof/Bose for $19,351 before tax, dmv and a huge $399 doc fee. Purchased in New Jersey at Wayne Mazda last Saturday. Received 0%/60 month financing.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    What other fees did Wayne Mazda charge you?
  • I checked many Mazda dealers - Wayne being one of them. I certainly hope your experience will be better than mine. In gathering my quotes, Wayne gave me by far the best quote. It was too good, actually... I figured that they would be LOSING $188 (versus dealer cost) by quoting me a price of $1,779 UNDER INVOICE. It all sounded too good to be true and likely was. The quote was verbal - when I sent them an email requesting a written qoute reflecting those numbers: voila! - instant disappearing act! The internet sales person who was sending me personal messages every other day and who had called me several times was now MIA. I sent them (all totalled) seven messages, no response. It all makes me wonder what would have transpired if I would have driven to N.NJ to check things out.

    As I said...I certainly hope your experience will be better. To those who have not yet purchased in NJ, I found it common that dealer fees exceed $250, and are often $400. I bought in DE with a dealer fee of $199.
  • That was it----ended up being $22,413 otd. That's with NY state 8.75% sales tax.
  • andyx626andyx626 Posts: 2
    hi im new to the forum i got my mazda3 s hatchback otd exactly $21,000 otd is this a good price, this is with tax and license along with doc fees and 1 year oil change or 4 oil change which ever comes first.

    $21,000 OTD

    please reply if you think the deal i got is good or bad.
  • Andy, I don't think you got ripped, but you probably could have done about $1000 better. I hope you were able to get the 0% 5-yr financing with it.
  • andyx626andyx626 Posts: 2
    hey crashburn i got 0% for 60 months and down $10,000 monthly payments of 200.00 even. I also got 4 oil changes or 1 year whichever comes first. I knew i got ripped off sigh. I offered them 20,500 otd and they would not let it go.
  • pete22pete22 Posts: 80
    edited April 2010
    In Southern California. My best quotes were 17,439 (1 dealer) and 17539 (2 dealers). Had other internet offers as high as 18,539. Assume any price around 17500 price is good. That is before the loyalty rebate but does not include tax and license that the DMV web site tells me would be a little over 1800 more. Ebay motors give me a 17,989 price as a reference.
    Had a slimy sounding dealer in National CIty (near San Diego) quote me a price of 16,900 but only if I came in tonight but told him I need it in writing if I drive 80 miles each way. His email did not include the model other than Mazda 3 and said "plus fees". Never heard back from him when I asked to specify the model and quote that only fees would be tax and license.
    By the way does anyone have experience with Bob Baker Mazda in Carlsbad. They are one of my 18,539 quotes that claim they will beat my other one, but did not give a number.
    I dislike the dealers that are over 1000 higher and want me to send my quote so they can try and beat it. If they start that high it does not seem worth my time.
  • kfranci2kfranci2 Posts: 31
    Picked up a new 3GT hatchback manual this weekend. MSRP $25,615 and no-negotiation price $24,115 at Walser Mazda in Burnsville MN Initially was disappointed price was not lower, but then they gave me about $1500-1800 more for my trade than said they should have. This tells me there is probably some sort of dealer incentive going on to drive all these great deals, especially considering I got 0% for 60mos too.
    The car is graphite and was the only 6sp 3GT hatchback within 100 miles of Minneapolis, so luckily I like the color. Was happy overall with Walser and looking forward to the free oil changes & other perks. This is a great little fun car to drive with all kinds of features (auto wipers, xenons, led tail lights, memory seats, keyless start, etc) that I thought I would have to get into an audi/bmw to enjoy.
  • pete22pete22 Posts: 80
    I had the same type of thing happen Iwas quoted a price from National City Mazda for a 3i touring that was 1350 under invoice. But would ahve required I drive 80 miles and was a buy today only price. So asked for it in writing. He mentioned that he would sell me a Mazda 3 for that price plus feesbut did not include a sticker, or model. I emailed back and said could he add the model and that the only fees are tax and license. Anyway never heard back. Goes without saying I did not driver 80 miles.
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