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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jeffb1jeffb1 Posts: 42
    2012 mz3 S GT with only option being tech pkg: msrp of $25,900, truecar 'great price' = $24,200 ($1700 off sticker). 2 questions for you all... 1) anyone bought one of these straight up yet, and if so, if you could share the price paid, i'd appreciate it. 2) anyone know the plans for the skyactiv - will there be a version of it with the tech pkg (including push button start), and if so, does anyone know when they will start landing at the dealers?

    Thx in advance! great forum w/good info, btw.

    Jeff B.
  • Good deal. I picked up on Friday a 2012 silver 3 iTouring 4-door 5-speed manual (MZR engine, not the Skyactiv engine) for $16,995 out the door, including the $500 Mazda loyalty rebate, plates being UPS'ed to me and a full tank of gas in the car. I'd have loved to buy the Skyactiv version, but they're only just now hitting lots in my neck of the woods and this deal -- roughly $1,700 below invoice (not including the loyalty rebate) -- was too good to pass up. If our experience is any indication, below-invoice purchases can be had on the "base" I and S models, at least with the 5-speed manual, especially if one solicits bids from multiple dealers. I suspect, though, that the dealers will be holding firm near MSRP for the Skyactiv models. In the meantime, I'm quite happy with my purchase.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    edited October 2011
    I'm wondering if they really get the 28/40 mpg that they claim. Please share your experience.

    One of the first people to purchase a SKYACTIV Mazda3 from our store got 38.6mpg on his first trip to upstate New York. Speed traveled is unknown, but that drive is an increase in altitude the whole way.
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  • kar_freakkar_freak Posts: 18
    edited November 2011
    Just bought a new 2011 Mazda 3 i Sport auto for $16650 out the door with 0% financing for 60 months in Houston. Does not include loyalty.

    MSRP $18350
    Dealer suggested retail $19600 (dealer added appearance package - pinstripes and clear coat)
    Selling price $15300
    Out the door $16650
  • hate to be a jer, but I paid 15,000 for a 2012 sport today (went online to look at forums like these). I got no rebates, just keyless entry and a head unit installation covered.

    They call me...The Haggler!
  • Faulkner Mazda in Philly is where I went (from Montgomeryville). I paid for a 12' Mazda 3 Sport (auto) $15k with keyless entry thrown in. They were beyond nice. Didn't ever get typical 'salesman' on me either. I've been recommending them to everyone, even people not buying cars.
  • mhnarmhnar Posts: 1
    I am about to buy mazda 4 door with 6 speed auto/Manual gear 3 i touring with Bose package (10 speaker sound system + moonroof +bluetooth integration) in san diego.
    So, before i pay the money and agree to the dealer, I would like to hear any suggestion or opinion for the price.

    That guy is selling the car for $19K + taxes +registration.
    I wanna know if this is the average price on the car.. or I have no idea about the market.
    Hope you guys can help.

  • I went to a Mazda dealer this morning. I printed out the Truecar certificate for a 2011 Mazda3 which I received via email on 12/5. They took a look at it and said that it included a $300 LA car show incentive which is no longer valid. I was willing to say ok and pay the extra money. BUT when I told them I wanted the 0% APR they said they would have to charge me an additional $1000 on top of the sale price of the car because of it. Needless to say I didn't buy the car.
  • I just bought a 2010 Mazda3 S Sport hatchback w/ manual transmission. Color is white w/ Bose sound and moonroof. The mileage was 20K and it was spotless. I paid $15,500 and out the door price was 16,900 after tax, license, registration, etc in California. Was this a good price? I researched and no other dealer would touch this price, but after seeing this forum, I wonder if I actually got a good price. It seems like some people are getting killer prices on newer models.
  • chaz9999chaz9999 Posts: 2
    edited December 2011
    Went to a dealer and got a quote on a SKYACTIV manual hatch. I own a Mazda so I qualified for the customer loyalty and $500 mfg rebate. Selling price was $18k due to rebate+loyalty and then tacked on service fees + tax = OTD $19.6k

    They didn't want to budge any lower... Anyone think that's a reasonable price or should I keep shopping?
  • I am currently looking at an automatic 2010 Mazda3 Sport with around18k miles and am trying to come up with the best OTD offer to give. The car is currently listed at $18,000 which has to be a joke. I like in KY so I was thinking of making an OTD offer of $15,500. Anyone have ideas on whether this would be a good deal or should I try lower?

  • I can't speak to the '10 S price, but I managed to find a dealer that offered 19k flat out-the-door for my '12 Skyactiv.

    So yea, that 18k is outrageous.
  • Some people have gotten some great deals on 2012 Mazda3 i Sports. Low 15's is really good. I can only get quotes in the 16's. What am I doing wrong? I'd like to buy one buy the end of the month. I guess I need some negotiating tips.
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 178
    Love those "customer loyalty" bonues. I was close to purchasing a new Mazda for a family member and I inquired about that bonus. Was told we didn't qualify because we don't own a Mazda. My response was to ask why they expect someone who has never owned a Mazda to pay more than someone who previously owned a Mazda. I think it would be more beneficial for Mazda to pay someone a bonus who might otherwise purchase from another manufacturer. Needless to say, for $500 we went to another manufacturer, more the principle than the money. I suppose we could have continued to discuss but the concept just bothers me.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,893
    Rewarding loyal customers is a bad thing? If they offered to everyone how would that be rewarding loyalty to the brand? Might as well just lower the price or offer nothing. If you owned one and they offered it to new customers too you'd probably complain that your loyalty means nothing.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    edited December 2011
    it would be more beneficial ... to pay someone a bonus who might otherwise purchase from another manufacturer.
    Interesting spin on brand loyalty. It could also be spun as
    a) disloyalty: give me $ for not being loyal to a competitor; or
    b) future loyalty: give me $ so that I can become a loyal client (that is, until a competitor offers "a"). :P
  • Hello there,

    I have been receiving quotes on a 2012 MAZDA3 i Touring Hatchback (5 door). I am in no hurry to buy so I have gone to a lot of dealers seeking the best price. The best price I have found is 19,400. Is this a good deal? The dealer also wants to throw in free oil changes for a year. Thanks for your help.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    YOu have an issue with rewarding customers for their continued business? That's odd....

    Company's do this all the time. Credit cards do with reward points. Airlines do with frequent bonus miles for people who fly their airlines with regularity. Heck, many other manufacturers offer some sort of loyalty bonus.

    The fact that you thought this was something to steer you away from Mazda is just crazy. Not everyone gets the same deal everywhere. It's all about how you negotiate. I'm sure there are people who have used the owner loyalty bonus and payed more than those who did not qualify.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    We need some additional to determine whether $19,400 is a good deal…or not.

    Are you looking at the i Touring 5-door with Automatic or Manual Transmission? Does it have any options?

    Is $19,400 the price before sales tax & tag/title fees or does it include those?

    Where are you located (state)? Incentives and pricing vary by location….

    Just as an example, the best price in my area (Atlanta, GA) for the i Touring 5-door Automatic is around $18,450.
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