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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi all, considering an OTD price of $17,500 on a 2012 4d iSport automatic in New England. Backing out the 6.25% tax and $125 title gets me to about $16,352 for the car alone (inclusive of destination, ad and doc fees).

    According to TrueCar, this is roughly $2,100 off MSRP, $1,600 off factory invoice, $330 off dealer cost and $1,300 off average paid this week.

    According to Edmunds, this is roughly $680 off TMV.

    Strikes me as a little high compared to what you guys are seeing, but any thoughts welcome.
  • zonecarzonecar Posts: 17
    Hi all,
    I am planning to purchase a white mazda 3 HB i touring AT and include the moonroof/bose package. I am in North Cal, any members here had recent buying experience? Please provide me dealership and price (including OTD). Watch is the most likely OTD price I can get.
    Thanks and much appreciate
  • zonecarzonecar Posts: 17
    What color did you bought? Can you please provide the dealership and agent name? I am in market for one very soon.
  • I just bought a silver Mazda 3 HB i touring AT for 22,000 OTD in FL.
    I think I did ok.
  • Hey there,
    Im looking to buy a Mazda3 i Touring, would prefer a HB but would take a the 4d if i need to.

    first time buying a car- PLEASE tell me ASAP if you think i could do better.

    he is offering me $21402 OTD(inc taxes, plates ect) for the hatch and a $250-350 incentive depending how i pay for it.

    he is offering me $19664 OTD for the 4D

    I'm sure he can do better, but i'm not sure how much better and i dont know what angle to approach at. this is my first car i'm buying.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    edited August 2012
    $21402 OTD(inc taxes, plates ect) for the hatch and a $250-350 incentive depending how i pay for it... $19664 OTD for the 4D

    $1750 more for the hatch ... why that much? Even with the "incentive" it seems high. Between a similarly equipped HB and a 4D sedan the difference should be around $1K (or less if you can get it).
  • Not sure of your location but they can definitely do better. I got an offer in writing of $19,800 OTD for Mazda 3 i Touring, HB Auto Transmission SkyActiv (MSRP 21,000). One of the dealer's question was whether I own a Mazda, and I do not.

    I think they can go lower than this though, I am in North Jersey, if you're in the area we can probably work together and buy two at a lower price (Think WAYNE). I am looking for 19K OTD on Mazda # Auto HB. Best of luck, Julian
  • I'm in Chicago. What is your sales tax? ours is 10%

    Ive been looking and dealing with four dealers, two of which are out of state, none of them will go below 20K on this car. Im about to say forget it, just give me the damn sedan. best offer on sedan 19500, best offer om HB 21400
  • ppm1ppm1 Posts: 1
    In the market for a 2012 Mazda i Touring Manual.

    I've gotten the dealer to quote me for 16,500$ (so ends up being ~18,000$ OTD in California).

    I think its a pretty good deal, but was just wondering if anyone thinks there will be further significant price drops due to the new 2013 models? or should I pull the trigger now?

  • zonecarzonecar Posts: 17
    Also in the market for Mazda 3 i Touring HB AT, but I am thinking to wait for the 2013 models.
    multi-information display, USB port, keyless entry, push start, and auto climate control are all going to be standard on i touring models for 2013.

    The only issue I am concern is that whether the 2013 models are build in Japan or Mexico.
  • vagrantvagrant Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    hey guys, this is what I got offered from a dealer for a Mz3 S-Grand Touring (5 door) with tech package:

    MRSP: $26,395
    Internet discount $3,134
    Price = $23,261 (before reg/doc fees + tax)

    I was able to qualify for 0% apr as long as I could put $3k down.

    Is this a good price for a 2012 model considering depreciation + 2013 models are coming out soon?
  • thedreamerthedreamer Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    Got this brand new mazda last week at a dealer in MD.

    $21,863 plus doc tax tags with zero down and 0%APR for 60mos, no payment for 90 days.

    Did not get the loyalty incentive even though the fine print states "transferable within the household".
  • Picked up my 3i Hatch last week in South FL.
    Walked in and offered 17k with supporting paperwork showing I could get it for that elsewhere. They took it on the spot. After taxes, fees, maintenance plan, and gap it came out 21,600. I think I did pretty well.
    Things pretty quick. A lot of fun to drive!
  • ppm1,

    I'm in the market for Mazda 3 i Touring Manual also in CA.
    Can you please tell me the dealership name that offer you the 18k OTD.

  • shamreshamre Posts: 3
    edited August 2012
    i just bought mazda 3 i grand touring in lehman for 20500 after all the tax tag fees 22650
    i love the car and manual mode is much quicker but i bought it for mpg
    devin martin sale man make it happen in less then 1hr.
  • shamreshamre Posts: 3
    from 17000 to 21600 - 4600

    i paid grand touring (only auto)

    20500 to 22650 - 2150 from lehman mazda -sales man devin martin
  • mojojohnmojojohn Posts: 2
    edited August 2012
    I got an offer for this model with wheel lock and cargo net for 19K was priced at 20,345 msrp. is this a good deal?
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    mojojohn- is this the 4-door sedan or 5-door hatchback?

    To evaluate whether $19k OTD is a good deal, I need to know how mcuh of that $19k is sales tax? Also, where do you live (what state)? Incentives and discounts vary from one region to another and often vary from state to state.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    It looks like the 2012 Mazda3 i Touring 4-door Automatic matches the $20,345 MSRP that you metioned, so I'm assumign that is the one you're talking about. The best price I can get here in Georgia is $17,835 plus TTT (tax, tag & title).

    We have a pretty hefty 7% sales tax that will add $1248.45 to the $17,835, for a total of $19,083.45 plus tag and title fees, which will make it about $19,150 OTD (out-the-door).

    But most states have lower sales tax rates for vehicles than us. For example, the Sales Tax rate is 8.0% in Hoover, Alabama (Birmingham suburb) but the Sales Tax rate for Automobile sales is only 3.375%!

    If they didn't have the special automotive rate, the sales tax on this vehicle would be $1426.80 (at the regular 8% rate). But at the special automotive tax rate of 3.375%, the sales tax was only $601.93 based on $17,835 seeling price.
  • I'm from maryland..we have a 6% sales tax. yes the model you mentioned
    is the one I'm looking at.
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