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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am eligible for S-Plan pricing. Should I even bother with it or can I get better pricing by checking a few dealers (in the north metro Atlanta area).
  • Are other people getting different quotes for 0% finance incentive vs. not using the incentive?

    Also, the fine print on the website states "loan origination fees may apply", anyone encountered any fees?

  • I touring 6 speed manual Sky Invoice price here at is 17,888
    x 7%(sample) = $1,252 plus reg fee $275(ave) plus doc fee $150 = $19,565
    minus rebate 1,500 = $18,065 - loyalty 500 = out the door 17,565

    You got a good deal.

    I'm about to close mine in CA 8.5%tax for same except pearl white and Auto
  • I found ads at craigslist which list the Invoice and MSRP. Their asking price is lower than invoice which can not happen unless there is a manufacturer's rebate and other incentive.
    Rule of thumb is check this site(edmunds the right price) for invoice price including invoice on options and fair price should be between invoice and MSRP. I read in an article long time ago for formula is Invoice plus shipping fee mostly $500 - rebates and incentives than add what you think is a fair amount for profit (I think $200-400).
  • I've only bought new cars twice so I can't say I'm an expert, but I wouldn't worry about figuring out what's fair profit for dealerships. Let them worry about that since we can't possibly know of all the cost associated with the dealership. They have to pay rent, salary, commission, but they also get some rebate from manufacturers that we're not aware of. I think the best approach is to search online to see what other's have paid and check edmunds to see the invoice and dealer incentives to see if those prices make sense.

    Generally I look at what's the lowest price people have paid recently. If someone in the US was able to buy at a certain price, then chances are you will too since all dealerships buy at the same price from the manufacturer. Then I subtract a few hundred dollars and see if any dealership will be able to sell at that price. Some dealerships have higher inventory that they want to clearance and some may be willing to take less commission, so not all dealerships are the same. For my Mazda3 auto i touring, one dealership was not willing to budge at all from $18,000 when I offered $17,500 OTD. Another dealership quoted $17,500 OTD. Some dealerships may ask you how you came up with your offer price and if you can show them proof. There's no need to get into that game. Either they can sell at that price or they cannot. Don't get offended if they can't. Just shop around and if no dealership can sell at that price, then perhaps it really is too low and you should rethink your offer.
  • raymacraymac Posts: 15
    edited September 2012
    You are definitely right about low balling. It is rude to ask for a low price if you have no idea what the dealer's cost is (not to be confused with invoice. It is invoice minus all incentives). Don't take my word for what I've said during the previous post but check it yourself I'm trying their technique but I got cocky and thought I can wing it armed with the basic idea from this website. I forgot lot things during the heat of transaction.

    I started to read the tips again and realized I forgot to subscribe to a pay website that gather's intelligence data about every car's dealer's cost, incentives, and rebates and I just used the free one like this edmunds which list 1,500 cash back on Auto M3 i touring sedan skyactive. There's also a loyalty and active military rebates for $500 each. So I haggled today with that infromation and I did not break a sweat to make them give it to me for 19K (This is with fog lights and wheel lock option). This offer is $400(my fair price) above Edmunds TMV but $800 below invoice and taxes + fees will be cancelled by 2,000 rebate.

    There are three things I have to research tonight: 1) Additional manufacturer to dealer incentives - if possible 2) Exact dealers hold back price (Dealer gets money back from manufacturer after it is sold) 2-4%. 3) Ask the invoice again because I did not pay attention to the logo - it should come from mazda and addressed to Hansel Mazda Dealership and not a marked up copy.

    I know where you are coming from but this website's technique is very accurate when I used it last time in 2007 and I will review it again and use it tomorrow. Wish me luck.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    raymac- You should check out I'm assuming that you're near Santa Rosa, CA based on your reference to Hansel Mazda, so that was the zip code I used to check the price on TrueCar.

    I priced a 2012 Mazda3 i Touring Skyactiv AT 4-door sedan with Fog Lights and Wheel Locks. The best price from one of their Certified Dealers was $17,954 and the dealership is located 69.4 miles away in Walnut Creek, CA. I didn't include either of the $500 rebates (Loyalty or Military), but if either apply to you, you can also deduct that from the price (so it would be $17,454, if one applies)!

    Hopefully this helps...let us know how things turn out!
  • Gee I missed or maybe i've been using edmunds so much that I got lazy. 2,000 total rebate I'm qualified for equates to tax and fees and OTD still be 17,954 plus and minus a $100. No wonder edmunds TMV price is 18,500. My guess is there's another $1000 manufacturer to dealer incentive for the end of the year sale that explains the offset in my computation...Thanks.

    I promised to keep my poker face and not be excited to drive the car home each time I visit a dealership. It might take me a week to close. I'm checking MarinMazda tomorrow. BTW Hansel agreed to 19,000 flat but now I know I could get close to 18,500
  • I think it's been mentioned here before, but the 2013 models will have Skyactiv and multimedia display in the Sport trim. Also they will have USB port as a standard feature. Let the dealership know that you know almost everything you get in 2012 i Touring you can get in 2013 i Sport at at much lower price. That way they know you have no reason to pay much more than what 2013 i Sport will cost.

    Also you can check dealer inventory at mazdausa website. Whoever has the largest inventory of what you want will be more motivated to sell you the car.
  • After your and igozoom comments I decided to hire a pro. for $90 and they guarantee the lowest price, I stay anonymous to the dealers then they give me a price certificate that is binding to the dealer they transacted with.

    Ok now let's sit back and relax and I promise to report every detail so everyone benefits from this experience.

    I'll post carwoo's progress on this deal.
  • Not very promising. This site is almost the same as edmunds as far as getting qoute sent to dealers. The difference is you give it to carwoo and carwoo provides the site where you and multiple dealers could virtually talk anonymously. You would be known to them by your first name first name only. The site looks like test messaging service on your iphone/android.

    So you haggle this way and if you agree with the price quoted you would press the "reserve "this care button although not binding but it is considered as verbal agreement. Having said this, I'm puzzled with carwoos lowest price guarantee?

    So far I have one offer after 24hrs and the offer is 18.5K plus tax n fees = 20.3k OTD not good.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Let the dealership know that you know almost everything you get in 2012 i Touring you can get in 2013 i Sport at at much lower price.

    The Sport still does not have Bluetooth, alloy wheels or leather steering wheel. I know they are not huge items, but the Sport is not the same as the Touring.

    Keep in mind, there is no guarantee for 0% financing or rebates when the 2013's come out.

    Just do the best negotiation you can and sign the deal if you are happy. If not, then don't sign. It's really as simple as that! Good luck!
  • There definitely won't be reason for Mazda to offer 0% financing or rebates for 2013 models yet, but i Sport trim's MSRP is almost $2,000 less than i Touring. A 2013 model will have slightly higher resale value than a 2012 model. Also you get a newer version of the Skyactiv engine. All of those should make up for the lack of bluetooth and alloy wheels. So the way I look at it, a 2012 i touring should cost about the same as a 2013 i Sport. However, it all depends on how much premium you're willing to pay for alloy wheels, bluetooth, etc.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,897
    Also you get a newer version of the Skyactiv engine

    Could you elaborate on this statement. Hadn't heard of any changes.
  • Just saw local dealer offer 3500 off MSRP plus 500 loyalty and 500 military. Now I can get i touring auto MSRP at 20,400 for 16,400 with 2.99 financing. I did the math and that is better for me than going the 0% rate for nearly 1100-1500 higher price. Also, dealer will be getting 7 2013 models in in mid October. Sales person said they will be offered below MSRP but no concrete pricing yet. Checked inventory on 2012 Mazda 3 within 50 mile radius and found almost 1000! I think the cuts will continue at least through October to unload the 2012 inventory before the 2013s start coming in in full force.
  • I just heard from a local Mazda sales person in my area that they're offering 3's at up to $3500 below INVOICE, not MSRP. I was told they must meet quotas for their monthly sales and will listen to all offers.
  • car: 16,473
    destination fee: 795
    dealer processing fee: 389
    VA sales tax: 564.25
    VA title/tags: 62.75
    Mazda loyalty: -500.00
    Total OTD (cash): $17,784.00

    Brown's Fairfax Mazda.
  • Hey, anyone that is real familiar with the Mazda3 pricing for this time of year (late September 2012) give you me your advice. I am looking to buy a Mazda 3 Auto I Touring w/ Bose Moonroof. They a black and a dolphin grey I am interested in. Both say their MSRP is ~$22,000 and they are offering it at their dealerships special price of $18,981. They are offering the 0% financing 60 month offer, which I do plan to take advantage of.

    With that said, what is the lowest price you think I can offer and get accepted? I mean OUT THE DOOR offer, which would include all taxes and fees. I really appreciate it!
  • I got an offer from Fitzgerald Auto Mall Frederick Md as following:

    MSRP: $20,345

    Invoice: $19,546

    Internet Price: $16,151

    Tax: 6% $1,011

    Processing DMV MVA fee's : $199

    $17,361 (with mazda owner loyalty) if you do not own a mazda current or anyone in your household. Then must give back $500

    $17,861 without owner loyalty
  • Hey that seems a couple of hundreds lower than mine and I am about same with tonyxlx above at around 16,400 and we are talking about skyactiv i-touring auto transmission with wheel lock option only right. I believe we are close to the bottom that we could haggle for (maybe 16,000 flat).

    A lot o people talks about MSRP and Invoice which could be misleading to the actual manufacturer's invoice(It would have factory Logo). They could jack those numbers up and make it look like you're saving a ton of money.

    Official rebates that I know of is 2500 total. 1500 cash back or 0% financing, 500 military discount and 500 loyalty. They(dealers) may have manufacturer's to dealer only discount and they can opt to share this but not required. If Edmunds invoice of 18,700 reflects the actual factory's invoice and take out the rebates of 2000 (I currently own a mazda3) than the dealers should offer me not less than 16,700. so it appears that there is factory to dealers incentive that we do not know about and makes the haggling price tough to pin down.

    So, regardless of MSRP and Invoice of different dealers all three of us were offered very close to 16,300 and from here our OTD price will be different as my tax is higher at 8.5%. I always deal with them with out the door price (OTD) to find out what other stuff they will charge me for and I can haggle down on some stuff like doc fees but some are dictated by the state and is/are fixed price.

    I believe we are close to the best price on this car and you got the lowest so far from the pages I've read here so CONGRATS.
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