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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • It's possible they were bluffing before or Mazda is now offering more incentives. It doesn't makes sense that sedan get $1500 incentive while hatchback only get $250. One poster said he got $17300 on a manual, so your price seems reasonable for an automatic. The thing to be careful is if they try to change the price or add any fees on top of the OTD price, don't be afraid to say no.
  • It makes scene, after their Manager tell me the OTD price, I directly say I will move to other dealerships.
    Is it possible ask them to send some prove that say they will sell the car at that price. Because everything we did was from phone. And this dealer it's about 1.5 hours drive from me. Didn't want to waste my time if the deal not working.
  • Time is your friend. Yes ask them to email you the quote and while waiting for their reply get another internet quotes from a couple of dealers in the same area preferably on the way to the first dealership. When those dealership replies tell them you've been quoted 17,900 OTD by "mention the name of dealership" and let them fight for the lowest price. At least one of these dealership will quote you by email and that is your proof.

    The salesman who quote you by phone most likely did not communicate it to the internet manager that's where the confusion started. They are not trying to trick you but let them email you the quote anyways.

    It's price war and I got mine a little early but I really need it and can't wait. I just got an email though late from one of the competing dealership and here what he has to say - cut and pasted.
    This is ___, your Internet Sales Manager here at Royal Mazda of San Francisco. I am reaching out to you as the end of the month is approaching fast and we are still 19 cars short of our goal. Here are the special pricing for the end of the month sale!!!!

    Any Mazda CX-5 instock, I will sell it to you for invoice plus all incentives
    Any Mazda CX-9 instock, I will sell it to you for $1,700 under invoice plus all incentives
    Any Mazda 5 instock, I will sell it to you for $1,600 under invoice plus all incentives
    Any Mazda 3 instock, I will sell it to you for $1,600 under invoice plus all incentives
    Any Mazda 2 instock, I will sell it to you for $1,600 under invoice plus all incentives
    Any Mazda MX-5 Miata instock, I will sell it to you for $1,600 under invoice plus all incentives
    Any Mazda 6 instock, I will sell it to you for $2,200 under invoice plus all incentive
  • Thank you for your help. I was emailed the dealership around my area (in 2 hours drive). Seems they didn't interested in the price fight. In my city, only one Mazda dealer they even ignore me. And other dealers keep their OTD price around 18500.
  • raymacraymac Posts: 15
    edited September 2012
    18,500 is most likely most people paid for and is not a bad deal. However if you got time you could play their waiting game and see if they'll budge. You said you got 17,900 quote - email them and ask them the details, color and option already installed and tell them you have a comparable quote nearer from you but of different color and is not your primary choice and maybe they'll respond with the 17900 quote in writing.

    You have to remember that profit is still profit no matter how small and they will take the risk and wait for you to give in. You might want to try this free web service that gives you a quote with price certificate that they honor. Just use a different email, phone and use an alias so it would appear to be a different customer.

    You still have a few days before Oct 1 when rebates and incentives might change. Drive your dream car form or Good luck
  • Thank you so much for your advise!
  • I've seen a lot of HIGH prices quoted here for a 2012 Mazda 3 i Touring automatic 4 door. To give you an idea check out my link, these prices can even be haggled down lower.
    Mazda 3 Prices link
  • dyoht5dyoht5 Posts: 3
    With the intro of the 2013 last weekend does anyone know (or care to make an educated guess as to) when the October incentives kick in for the 2012 M3?
    I'd like to make a purchase this week if possible. I wonder if its worth waiting...
  • Looks like dealers are getting desperate and trying to get sales anyway they can.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
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  • Just saw on Edmunds that marketing support is at $350, down from $1500 for last month. The dealers in my area, se PA have all increased their prices $500. Early prices on 2013 models I've received are 250-850 under MSRP. So come the end of the month will I have to admit I lost a gamble and pay the extra 500 or do you think I can get it for what it was offered to me in Sept.? Any idea where the prices are going on 2012 models come November? Did Mazda 3 reach the bottom in September? Maybe since 2013's are not discounted much they think there will be a big demand for 2012's, thus the slight price increase. So where is the extra support coming from since Mazda cuts back from 1500 to 350 yet price increase is only 500? I'm sure you experienced buyers know the answer to this one. So, buy now or wait? Thanks!
  • It's worse than that. The $1,500 was an alternative incentive to Mazda financing; the $350 is tied to it. So, if you have your own or don't qualify for the 0% and don't want the rate the dealer comes up with, you lose even the $350.

    This is a bold move considering that the 2013's are now out and the lots are still packed with 2012's.
  • dyoht5dyoht5 Posts: 3
    The dealers I'm negotiating with haven't increased the quoted OTD. One in fact said the incentives "were not increased". I'm sure they would let me know if the incentive decreased.

    As you said, the lots are full. I'll wait it out.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    I just checked out the 2013 on the Mazda website and it looks like the 6-speed Manual Transmission is now standard on the i Grand Touring!!! The 2012 was only offered with the 6-speed Automatic, which is now optional! Just FYI!
  • The $350 cash can be used WITH 0% APR.

    Previously it was either 0% OR $1500.
  • According to dealers I've been getting quotes from recently, it seems there is $1,500 without Mazda special (0%) financing or $350 with it. All have given quotes on this basis.
  • dyoht5dyoht5 Posts: 3
    "it seems there is $1,500 without Mazda special (0%) financing or $350 with it."

  • tex78tex78 Posts: 1
    Don’t know about specific incentives, but I just purchased a new white Mazda3 iTouring AT on Oct 4th for $17,300. Was going to wait for the end of December specials on a 2013 model, but it doesn’t sound like there are going to be any significant changes on the 2013 iTouring models, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger. Felt like a good deal to me. :)
  • I bought my 2012 i Touring with auto trans for $17,400 with outside financing. Not as good as $17,300, especially given that white bumps the price up by $200 over the one I bought, but not bad. With patience, and near the end of the month, $17,000 should be the norm (some dealers are currently advertising deals that are the equivalent of around $17,200 already).
  • paw9paw9 Posts: 3
    Trying to figure out if I found a good deal here in Florida. Car is a new 2012 Mazda 3 s Grand Touring sky blue. It has a "no haggle" sale price of 22214. I looked at TMV here, and KBB and this looks like a pretty fair price. They gave me a printout of govt fees, taxes and doc fees. All looks reasonable except for crazy high $650 document fee which I will have to negotiate. Thoughts?
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