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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • serranotserranot Posts: 113
    Usedto, you're right. It is Thanksgiving. I will drop the sarcasm and the outrage, and simply respond to your post.

    You are wrong. It's that simple. There are some that have had problems, including yourself. Based on Consumer Reports data, the vehicle's transmission reliability is far above average despite your problems. This, to me, indicates that to purchase a Toyota Tundra is a better bet than buying something else. This also extends to other aspects of the vehicle. I am not required to "know 10,000 Tundra owners" to conclude this; I'm only required to purchase a subscription and read the magazine. Your anecdotal evidence that there is this huge body of failed transmissions is so far unsupported by any evidence other than your own experience, and contradicted by a real, statistically valid survey. The conclusions you draw based on your experience and that of some "others" is not a valid conclusion with regards to the great majority of Tundras.

    Your logic that Toyota owes you something despite the warranty is also wrong. You base this assertion on the fact that that you purchased a Toyota based on its reputation for reliability. A reputation is not a warranty or a legally binding agreement. Just because you assert that it is does not make it so. There is no logic in that assertion whatsoever.

    The outrage you have provoked here is created by your self-assured, albeit wrong, conclusions and your continual "tag lines" that insinuate that someone who responds to your absurd conclusions must be a Tundra owner. Again, your logic is incorrect. Your repeated smug comments, such as "deep breaths," while telling others to drop the sarcasm, are patronizing and hypocritical.

    The bottom line is that we all heard your problems, but your demeanor and illogic have erased any amount of sympathy we may have had, and I think I am speaking for a bunch of folks right now. It is not at all surprising that Toyota has refused to assist you. If you have treated the customer service folks in the same manner that you have treated folks here, it would be entirely logical for them to show you the door. The headache is simply not worth your business. There are plenty of others who will buy.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • The 2007 Toyota Camry is the 2007 Motor Trend car of the year. I would be blown away if the Tundra wins 2007 Motor Trend Truck of the year. Is it possible for the same automaker to get two awards for 2 different products??? We'll see in December who wins motor trends truck of the year award.
    2007 Truck of the year- ?????????????
    2006 Truck of the year- Honda Ridgeline
    2005 Truck of the year- Toyota Tacoma
    2004 Truck of the year- Ford F-150
    2003 Truck of the year- Dodge Ram (heavy duty)
    2002 Truck of the year- Chevy Avalanche
    2001 Truck of the year- Chevy Silverado (heavy duty)
    2000 Truck of the year- Toyota Tundra
    1999 Truck of the year- Chevy Silverado
  • This what I think about the first generation of the Tundra.
    It was a great truck. I use to own a 2001 Toyota Tundra extended cab w/ the 4.7 L and the TRD off road package. It was one my best trucks I've ever owned. Even though it smaller than the domestics it was a great truck. I sold it in '05 for a Tacoma which I sold for a Ram 1500. Sold the Tundra for $15,000. It had aprox. 80,000 miles.

    Hopefully the second generation will be better. I will probabally trade my Ram for the new Tundra's sometime next year, maybe a 2008 model. I want to test drive both the Double Cab and Crew Max.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    2006 COTY Honda Civic
    2006 TOTY Honda Ridgeline

    I'd be surprised if the new Tundra is even qualified this year since the first one will only be delivered in Feb 2008. I'm not certain what MT's rules are on this matter.
  • I think you mean Feb 2007. I'm gonna see it on the 9th of December at the L.A auto show.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Yep, good catch..
  • Dear "Usedtobeloyal",

    This is the first time I looked at this forum, as I am getting ready to replace a personal vehicle (Leased '05 F-150 with 30K miles) with a '07 Tundra. The only reason I got the F-150 was for the towing capacity. I'll be glad to replace it with another Tundra, as the F-150 has some issues. But I don't consider all Ford's products a lemon because of it. I am sorry to hear you are so sour on the Tundra. Your experience is very unusual, and unfortunate. To assume Tundra's are not dependable based on your experience is understandable....but wrong. Once a vehicle's warranty is up, you are on your own. Unfortunate, but a fact. These are great trucks and the '07 will be a great product as well.
    I have purchased 3 Tundra's, a 2000 4X4, 2001 2WD, and a 2002 4X4, and have many more miles on them than that which your tranny failed at. All without a single issue. Very dependable trucks. Also, I have purchased 7 Camrys, 2 Tacomas, a T100 and 2 Avalons and they have been the best vehicles we have ever purchased. We have Camrys in our fleet with well over 300K miles, and believe it or not...never a engine or tranny problem. Bullet proof.
    A failure can happen with any vehicle, so I wish you the best in future purchases.
    Now, my disclaimer: I own a company that is a major supplier to Toyota, so I am a little biased. But I am with engineers and personel at most of thier production facilities in the U.S. alot, and they are an amazing company with production abilities and quality second to none, and it shows in the products produced by Toyota.
  • foxrunfoxrun Posts: 16
    beg to differ read. ara_submit
    and ara_submit
    There is a lot there that Toyota doesn't want us to see and they are having a lot of problems leading to serious cost over runs. so much for the "toyota way".
  • What is the cab size pictured for the 2007 Tundra? Is it the biggest or the middle size?
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    Problems are building cars/trucks you can't sell, or cars/trucks that you can sell, but can't build well.

    Toyota isn't having problems. Unlike the Big 3, they can spend whatever they want on the factory. It really doesn't matter.

    Building the truck 3 months before selling it is smart, as now the truck market is under "The Cloud" of The Next Tundra, and awaits it's impending doom.

    Don't playa-hate. :(

  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630

    Let me get this straight: they are witholding sales of the new Tundra until the engine plant (the AMERICAN engine plant) building the new 5.7l V8 is online. Even though they do have new Tundras built (but not available for sale) with the V6 and the 4.7l V8, they are holding up selling the new truck until the 5.7l V8's are ready (the AMERICAN built V8's). Yes, they COULD build the new Tunda's with Japanese sourced 5.7l V8's (like in the preproduction models), but a decision was made that the production models would have engines from the AMERICAN plant instead.

    Yep. Sounds like the Toyota way. I guess the GM/Ford/Dodge way would have been to sell WHATEVER you had coming off the line regardless of whether or not it met your standards. The "schedule" rules everything.

    I think this is a good example of the 'Toyota way'. They won't sell the truck until THEY are ready, with the engine-mix that THEY desire. Some other manufacturer's would have intentionally held off on introducing the most powerful engine right away; banking on those folks who just HAD to have a new model regardless of what was under the hood.

    Regarding the second article: obviously, you aren't in the construction industry. EVERYTHING has seen cost-overuns since the hurricanes last year. Why you seem to think that cost overruns for the construction of the new plant in San Antonio is some sort of 'news' that Toyota 'doesn't want us to see' is beyond me.....
  • It is the biggest. They call it the "CREW MAX" (Mega Cab).
    It looks pretty good except the rims. It is avalible with a full size six foot bed, or optional 8.1' bed. Oh have you seen it on the link I've given you. It is a little blurry, it is a phantom gray color.
  • guestguest Posts: 774
    Sorry I mixed it up I got a picture of the Crew Max on Toyota Trucks Future Models board. It's probabally the last post there.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    You make this overbudget issue sound like it's a problem. Toyota has money to burn. This is good for the US economy!!! $480 Million just were added. Cha Ching!!! You're grasping at something that seems negative but in reality is a positive for us and maybe even for Toyota.. 'latest machinery..'

    Did you read the other article on why the new V8's were being rushed? The Huntsville plant was scheduling them for an August installation, while TMS wanted them ready at the beginning in January... a 'left hand/right hand' situation.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I think this is a good example of the 'Toyota way'. They won't sell the truck until THEY are ready, with the engine-mix that THEY desire. Some other manufacturer's would have intentionally held off on introducing the most powerful engine right away; banking on those folks who just HAD to have a new model regardless of what was under the hood.

    Good point.

    As good at the GMT900 twins are they should have the new 6 spd tranny iso the old 4 spd. Those buying the hot new GMT900's are getting 2nd level products. The later ones soon will be better.

    Ford puts out the great new Fu-lan twins and omits the most important safety equipment, puts in an ancient basic power system and with only 3 channel ABS cannot offer ESC at any price.

    Maybe taking the time ( and money ) to do it right has some benefit.
  • chevy598chevy598 Posts: 162
    2007 truck of the year will be the new Silverado. From the pictures I've seen Toyota has a long way to go in truck interiors. I thought a six speed was supposed to get better gas milage? The new Silverado gets better gas mileage with a 4 speed automatic thats rock solid.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    It's good - enough - but it's not the best GM has. The best is the 6 spd which is supposed to be out later in 2007.

    If you were a 2007 buyer, at premium prices, but knew that the 6 spd would be out in 10 months lets say you'd feel that the next year's model kinda left you wanting. Since the 6 spd wasn't ready when the T900's were initially rolled out instead of dropping it in next year it might have been better just to keep the lid on the 6 spd and make it a mid-model improvement in 2010.

    But that was the point of this whole exchange. Putting a vehicle on the road is a complex technical and logistical effort and every manufacturer has to delay, rush, leave out or make extra efforts to include. It's part of manufacturing.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    Most people have only seen pictures of the Double cab, not the Crewmax. The Crewmax will only have the 6 foot bed the double cab can get a 6 foot or 8 foot bed.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    Did you read the articles? I don't see anything negative towards Toyota in either one.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    Just saw 5 Truck loads of 2007 Tundra's coming from the San Antonio plant . Probaly headed to the testing center to be put through the paces to see how they will stand up.
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