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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • rosey4rosey4 Posts: 42
    I've been wondering that same question myself. I've been told that Toyota does plan to increase the motor in the currently Tundra, but the biggest question is when. With the newly re-designed Tacama set for release later this summer, with a bigger engine, one would have to assume that the Tundra will have a bigger engine in its 2005 model. I had planned to purchase a Tundra Double Cab this year, but I may wait until if the Tundra will have the bigger engine in 2005. I do know that Tundra will be re-designed, but I believe Toyota will be building it at its new San Antonio plant, once it opens. I believe that will be in 2006. I can't imagine Toyota waiting until 2006 to build the Tundra with more horsepower and torque.
  • rosey4rosey4 Posts: 42
    Any news of the 2005 Tundra? I have been wondering if the Tundra will be built with a larger engine, perhaps a 5.5 or 5.6 engine, with over 300 horsepower. Then I hear the current 4.7 engine will be added with a variable valve timing for next year.
  • mickybajwamickybajwa Posts: 8
    I have been searching forums and newsgroups about the Tundra with the big engine and the common theme so far is of the new Tundra to be built at the new San Antonio plant. With the new plant not operational till 2006, I think we will see the new Tundra as a 2007 model.
    I for one am eagerly waiting for the 5+L engine.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    going out later this week from News about the 2006 Toyota Tundra.
  • kywildcat1kywildcat1 Posts: 5
    It's almost June. When are we going to hear anything about the '05 DC. I would really like to know when it's going to hit the streets and if there are going to be any changes from the '04.
  • The 05 DC will keep the 4.7l but get vvt for a horsepower boost into the 280's. Also will get a five speed transmission and dash changes. No side airbags. Go to for more info. Likely will be available in September.
  • uwahuskyuwahusky Posts: 17
    If they are getting an additional 40 hp out of the same engine, doesn't that essentially mean they're just testing the HP at a different RPM? It's hard to believe they are getting that much more hp out of the exact same engine.
  • avalon02whavalon02wh Posts: 726
    Toyota should have no trouble getting 40 more hp from the 4.7L. My Avalon gets 210 hp out of a 3.0L V6. That works out to 70 hp per liter. The 4.7L engine could get 329 hp at 70 hp per liter. Never have understood why truck engines are always way down on the hp curve versus cars. I know that truck engines are designed to produce more torque at low rpms, still, I would think they could do better. It probably helps that Ford, GM and Dodge are having a bit of a hp war with their trucks.
  • toycashtoycash Posts: 139
    The production version of the FTX concept truck will be out in August of 2006 as a 2007 model.
  • 2005 Tundra has been announced at ! The highlight is the new engine giving 282 HP and 325 lbft and booting mpg to 22 highway !
  • I find the comments on this site very interesting. How can anyone drive a toyota truck and then drive a Chevy or Ford and chose the Toyota?? It blows my mind! Toyota needs to stick to building their little cheap cars...
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "How can anyone drive a toyota truck and then drive a Chevy or Ford and chose the Toyota??"

    Easy. They drove the Chevy or Ford and then drove a Toyota. Have you driven a Tundra?

    "It blows my mind!"

    Perhaps you should give your mind a bit more of a workout. You know, open it up a bit. Think new thoughts.

    "Toyota needs to stick to building their little cheap cars..."

    I'm sure the management of Ford and Chevy feel the same way. Too bad for the better part of two decades they've essentially handed the small car market over to the likes of Toyota and Honda. Guess what happened? First time car buyers in the MILLIONS bought Hondas/Toyotas/Nissans/Mazdas because they knew how to build good, reliable, small cars that didn't make you feel like you were in a penalty box. Then, as their purchasing power went up and up and up, they tended to STAY with their foreign brands. All of this because Ford/GM DIDN'T stick to building good 'little cheap cars'.....
  • WELL SAID, rorr!
  • emtemt Posts: 39

    Buy the way, my dad did drive a ford and chevy, then bought the Tundra!!!
  • Oh yeah, toyota builds cheap little cars? That must mean you never looked at what your beloved chevy or ford offer in the sub-compact and compact car category. If Toyota built cheap cars, I wouldn't imagine how CHEAPER and LOUSIER american cars would be. (because they already are cheap and lousy)
  • Folks, this isn't the place to debate domestic vs import quality or preference. Let's stick to what little is known about the upcoming Tundra.

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  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Don't worry. I think Elvis has left the building. His last login was 9/3.
  • Sorry if I shouted...
    Well I think the next Tundra will be a 2007 because Toyota is making major engine changes to the 2005 and they wouldn't do that if the Tundra was at its last year of production. 2006 will be the Tundra's last year.
  • Well, Toyota thinks it will be a 2006 based on the information we have from them!

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  • Ah, surprising.
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