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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • chevy598chevy598 Posts: 162
    I test drove a Silverado yesterday and have to say it out shines the F-150 by a mile. I still can't believe they got something that big to have such a tight turning radius. The Tundra looks like a real nice truck, but Toyota is going to have a tough time getting conquest buyers with the new Silverado on the road. Being foreign, Toyota has the same problem GM has being domestic in the passenger car segment. Even if the Tundra is almost as good, even, or better then the Silverado, you have to have an Ace if your foreign to beat a King that is domestic in the truck segment. The Silverado will have even better gas mileage with a 6 speed tranny next year. I also can't wait to see the new Heavy Duties when they hit the road this spring, right now GM is just building the babies.
  • Agree the Silverado is great truck but it certainly does not outshine the F150. I used to own a 1998 F150 it was a great pickup. I sold it on 2001 with 125,000 miles. I had no problems what so ever. It always made big loads in the bed seem like small luggage. I also managed to test drive the F150 and Silverado (2007 models)both vehilcles impressed me. The new Tundra will have some good competition. In 2008 Ford will release thier all-new F150. By the way the man at my local Toyota dealership says the new Tundras with the 5.7 Liter will be able to give out 20+ MPG Highway. Plus the maximum towing is 10,800 lbs, I just found that out, the new Tundra is the segment leader in towing.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    It's a huge market and three of the five of the players have difficulties now.

    Nissan is limited in the configurations it offers and while it tows well it can only carry what a Tacoma can!!!!!

    Dodge has an aging design but even more importantly it has mass confusion at the top. After T'giving it had a bunch of plants on overtime...just today they announced that they are shutting down production during January since they still have some unshipped 2005 models and tons and tons of 2006's that the dealers wont take.

    Ford while it is ( was ) the standard also has an aging design, the smallest big engine in the class, and it too is a mess at the top. 50% of the hourly workers just quit!!!

    GM and Toyota, with the newest models, could come out smelling like roses just by collecting the defectors. Toyota has a harder job to do but it may also have the new standard.
  • chevy598chevy598 Posts: 162
    I think The Tundra is going to take more sales from Nissan then GM or Ford.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I agree about GM but Ford is in such bad condition now with an older model it could lose a lot of ground. While the owners are loyal Ford did just cut their work force in half. Ford should deliver about 800,000+ FSeries this year. How are they going to do that again next year if half their workforce is gone?

    I'll admit that most of the buyouts are probably in lines producing the Taurus/Sable/Town Car and minivans. But I work 10 min from the Norfolk F150 assembly plant and that's gone entirely - poof empty.

    For the sake of discussion 800K or 900K buyers want to buy an F150 next year but Ford tells them 'Nope we're only making 750,000 - or 650,000 units.' Where do those buyers end up? Not Dodge, they're closing for the month of January and they still can't get rid of '06 models. And if marketing is to believed Dodge buyers are the least loyal of all. They may not be buying now because they want to see the new Tundra.
  • chevy598chevy598 Posts: 162
    Gm has more empty jobs right now then Ford does. Ford has got a lot of workers flowing back from visteon as we speak. GM was the company that had to many people take the buy out, and there going to end up hiring new people because of it.
    I work at GM Flint Truck & Bus, and right now we have 300 temps working in the plant, and there are hardly any Delphi flow backs left to take those jobs. When GM adds a third shift, in January, at the new crossover plant in Lansing their short 1,500 workers.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I work at GM Flint Truck & Bus, and right now we have 300 temps working in the plant, and there are hardly any Delphi flow backs left to take those jobs. When GM adds a third shift, in January, at the new crossover plant in Lansing their short 1,500 workers.

    That's good to hear. :)
  • chevy598chevy598 Posts: 162
    From the pictures I've seen of the new Tundra, I just don't care for the interior. I think those radio knobs look awful ugly on that truck, and for once I think GM is the more refined interior.
    My unofficial (biased) truck interior rankings:
    1. Silverado/Sierra
    2. F-150
    3. Tundra
    4. Titan
    5. Ram

    I looked at the interior of a new Dodge Ram and was instantly transported back to 1991.
  • 2007 Full size truck specs
    Ford F150: 300 horsepower/10,500 lb towing capacity
    Dodge Ram: 345 horsepower/8600 lb towing capacity
    Nissan Titan: 317 horsepower/9400 lb towing capacity
    Chevey Silverado: 315 horsepower/ 10,300 lb towing capacity
    Toyota Tundra: ??? horsepower/10,800 lb towing capacity
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    Gossip puts Horse power in the 380 range

    There is a Toyota Video coming out where these 5 trucks drive 0-60-0 and some of them where still trying to get to 60 when the Tundra was at a complete stop. can't wait to see it.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    From was the Ford still struggling to get to 60 while the Tundra had stopped already.
  • chevy598chevy598 Posts: 162
    If the Tudras got 380 hp then there is no way it gets close to 20 mpg on the highway. I don't care if its got a 20 speed transmission. More likely 17/18 mpg on the highway.
  • chevy598chevy598 Posts: 162
    As a truck owner, there's way to much emphasis on towing capacity and horse power. You want the truck that feels the most like a car when you'll be driving it around everyday. In a earlier post I mentioned that I drove the new Silverado and it outshine the F-150 by a mile. I think for a full size truck, the Silverado feels and drives like a smaller vehicle. For some one who's going to be going back and forth to work everyday this is just as important as an extra 300 lbs towing capacity. Does the new Tundra feel like your driving a tank? That's the first thing I look at when test driving a truck, and all 1/2 tons are not created equal when it comes to driving dynamics.
    I drove past a Dodge Big Horn in my 1/2 ton Silverado today and felt like a midget. That truck would be absolutely miserable to drive everyday, and where the hell do you park it.
  • sortersorter Posts: 146
    381HP. Torque is also the highest.
    I think GM's 6.0 has more HP than 315.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    You are right. The ride and feel of the vehicle is probably the key feature for any final purchase unless the vehicle is specifically a work truck that's dedicated to either towing or carrying cargo. The new GMT900's seem to have top of the line interiors and driving/handling characteristics.
  • chevy598chevy598 Posts: 162
    That was my biggest complaint with the older gmt 800. It had such a big turning radius that it makes parking at the mall a serious task. Ever notice how almost all truck owners back in to a parking spot, thats because its so hard to get them back out in reverse.
    Toyota is in a little different situation then the domestic. If you need a Ford for serious hauling, you're better off to skip right over the babies and go with super duties. The domestics can put more emphasis on driving dynamics in their regular models, and leave the serious hauling to the heavy duties. Thats a luxury Toyota doesn't have.
    I'll give Toyota credit, for a first attempt at a real truck, Kudos. Wait until they freshen it up in two years and you'll see a lot more refinement on the inside. Toyota also needs a diesel to be considered a full time hauler, and IMO thats a big draw back to the Titan right now.
  • chevy598chevy598 Posts: 162
    With all the money Toyota is making, I'm surprised there willing to sacrifice brand quality to enter the large pickup market. Toyota brand is going to see their initial quality take a big hit adding a full size truck with different options. Nissan found out how much harder it is to build a full size truck, and their initial quality took a big hit.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    OTOH, while the current Tundra doesnt fill all the needs of the truck market the two area's it has always excelled in are driving dynamics and reliability. When it came out in 1999 it was the quietest most drivable truck in the market. IN the intervening 7 years it has always been given the top rank for quality and reliability.

    Some say Toyota 'failed' in offering a full sized truck. However my view is that their style and philosphy is in erring toward caution and taking smaller steps before jumping full force into something. The 99-06 Tundra allowed them to make a big truck at their own speed. Learn the market, perfect the processes, then go full speed.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    Nissan just didn't take a hit form the Titan they also took a bigger hit fom the Quest that they had been building for years when they redisgned it and built it the same plant the Titan was built at.

    Why everbody keeps saying that Toyota is "just now" entering the larger truck is beyend me unless you only count the F-350's as larger trucks? The Titan is no bigger the current Tundra
  • chevy598chevy598 Posts: 162
    Quality is a new ball game when your stepping up from a 7/8 truck. The more options you ad in frames, engines, suspensions, and cab configurations drop quality considerably. Not to mention bigger components equal bigger problems.
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