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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • idahoronidahoron Posts: 18
    My best milage on my 05 DC is 19.57 I have to say my average is probably about 16 to 17. Ron
  • cl109508cl109508 Posts: 3
    Have a 2004 extra cab. Know what you mean by the exhaust and intake sound. Picked up extra mileage not much performance but even better sound with K&N filter (the one that goes into the stock air cleaner box cost same as factory filter but will last life of truck) and a Gibson stainless steel exhaust. Sounds real nice. Plus give her some time to break in. Enjoy your toy.
  • The company in Florida Speed Of Sound where is it located, and can you give me a link? Or naything that you know about it? Your kit that you have on now how much psi? So 0-60 is? Do you really pass lightnings, only if you get traction, I have a prob gettin traction off the start. You have any idea? Thanx alot.
  • Trust me as a toyota salesman there is no room to add any options our vehicles already have the least amount of mark-up in the class and tend to cost the most any changes to that price structure will blow us out of the price range of Big 3,Nissan & pathetic little honda (Barbie Truck). :D
  • I noticed that the website is advertising the 2006 Tundra V8 as 271 hp and 313 ft lbs torque. That is a drop from 2005 which was 282 hp and 325 ft lbs torque. Does anyone know if this is just a misprint or did they do something to detune the engine? If so, what a step in the wrong direction. :mad:
  • lexi4lifelexi4life Posts: 181
    You've never heard of SAE, did you? It's like a new and more accurate way of measuring HP. But for the 2006 models, only a few companies started using this new measurement system, such as Toyota. And unfortunately for some cars, the new HP ratings make the engines seem less powerful (2005 Toyota Corolla : 130hp; 2006 model : 126hp. Or 2005 Toyota Tundra : 282hp; 2006 model : 271hp, etc... But in reality, there's no difference at all in acceleration times or whatsoever. It's just because HPs aren't measured anymore the same way than before. So there's way to be disappointed or anything! ;)
  • I read that Toyota has been holding back the introduction of diesel vehicles to the U.S. and waiting for the cleaner diesel fuel standards to take effect.All diesel toyotas are selling well in Europe according to the article.Does anyone have any infomation on what cars and trucks will be offered and when?My opinion is that there comes a point when gas engines are too costly to operate relative to torque produced and only diesel makes sense.Pulling an 8000 lb. boat out of the water on a 10degree ramp works best with a heavy duty automatic transmission powered by a diesel with its max torq at lower speed.We are doing this with an old Chevy Suburban but it is sending a boy to do a man's work.A diesel Tundra would be much more civilized.Thanks for any infomation on what is coming down the pike.
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    The spy shot of the maxi cab looks like it could possibly have a sliding rear door like a van? Having owned the access cab I could appreciate the convenience of a sliding rear door.
  • I asked the same question. I was looking at a 2005 XSP 4WD which listed 282hp and 325fpt. After I ordered my 06 I called and ask why the horsepower was listed at 271 and was given your answer. I can tell you this Truck rocks, I drove a 06 F150 5.4L FX4 and wasn't impressed at all. Does anyone know where I can get a chip for the Tundra?
  • My 06 4Dr look the same as the 05.
  • What will 3hp matter anyway after the redesigned 07 comes out? ;)
    Nice plug though(forum rules?), too bad we all don't live near Phoenix.
  • I'm planning to replace my existing exhaust system on my 04 tundra double cab v8. i prefer a dual split side exit. any suggestion.thanks....
  • Hi tundra04,
    This discussion is about the 2006 Tundra. You might have some luck on our Speed Shop: Tuning & Modification board. There's a discussion about modifying exhaust systems, which might be helpful to you. You might also want to visit our Toyota Tundra discussion for current model years.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • Does anyone have the 2006 with the DVD Nav system installed? I was wondering how well it worked, I am excited to get my truck and try that system out as well.
  • There was no drop in horsepower. Same engine with new SAE net ratings. This rating effects only Japanese cars.
  • as we know the next Tundra will be bigger than before. The other day I talked to my friend Tom who works for a Toyota dealership he said the next generation of Tundra will have either a 5.5 liter V8 or 6.0 V8. The heavy duty model he said will release in about 4 years. what Bull$#@!.
  • Ive heard the last couple of days that Toyota is going to show of their Tundra in the 2006 International Autoshow. I know for sure its going to have up to 5.2-5.6 liter engine.
    Horsepower will come from a V-TTI V8 engine. Ill bet you the 4.7 liter engine is going to be the basic engine.
    Anyway the Auto show is going to be from January 2, 2006-
    January 24, 2006. Im still looking for some Tickets to the show. Anyone know were I can get some cheap tickets? Reply back. Thanks!
  • Toyota will release a 5.7L V8 this year that will produce app. 390 HP . I work for the company in huntsville AL that will be building the engine.
  • Fishbound,you will definately be building me one.Do you know when they will be available? :)
  • Also, will it be larger in size than the tundra meaning the cab,bed and wheelbase?
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