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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • The dark deeply recessed instruments on my Tundra are difficult to read on bright days wearing sunglasses. Toyota needs to come up with a redesign and a fix for every Tundra produced. I can not understand how they could design and build such a nice truck and miss a serious design flaw in the important instrument panel. Some instruments have lower light even with the instrument lights turned up as high as the light control will go.
  • usvet92usvet92 Posts: 19
    I agree 100%! I think the clock is the worst! Also the steering wheel blocks a portion of the tach when I'm sitting normal. They didnt do so well with the control visuals. Still a rockin truck though! :)
  • Ordered my Tundra with DRL (daylight running lights) which was overlooked at time of manufacture. Asked local dealer to install and was advised they could not do so. I called Toyota (Detroit) who also advised if DRL was not factory installed, it was considered an aftermarket item and was not recommended. Factory installation was about $40.
    My only option was to purchase a kit on the internet (for $93) that converts turn signal-parking lights to DRL.
    Then was charged $178 for installation by a local electronic shop (which was excessive but did take them over 4 hours to wire by device instructions) Obviously neither of us knew how long it would take.
    Toyota takes no responsibility for omitting this item.
    Still, this is the best new vehicles I have ever purchased
    and would recommend to anyone in the market for a new pickup.
  • mfhallmfhall Posts: 22
    My lights are always in "Auto" (the running lights on during daylight). I keep the dimmer control at about 2/3 brightness and have no problems reading the instruments (even w/my sunglasses on). However, the clock and temp is sometimes difficult to read at times.
  • mfhallmfhall Posts: 22
    Toyota blundered on the DLR - it should be standard equipment. I wouldn't have bought mine w/o DLR.
  • Back from Holidays. I received $2100 off list price, just for asking (and with a phone Quote from a competitive dealer), so with freight included the buy or leased vehicle price was 41,910.48 I put $4k down leaving a base lease payment of $486.38 After the government got their cut the lease payment topped up at $554.47. The lease rate is poor at 5.9% but I can live with it. The purchase price with Taxes would have been $47,777.94 before my down payment. I was paying $630 (2.1% lease rate) for my 2003 ltd access tundra and would have been looking to buy out at similar down payment but used car interest rate of 8%+. Being a business expense I feel very good about my deal although the U.S. guys are getting insane deals. Keep in mind that I bought early and deals were hard to come by.

    FYI, I asked around last week when I was getting an oil change. I think your salesperson was the same as mine and that was your vehicle that came in. Man, it came in 1 week after you cancelled, bummer. I feel for you. It sold as soon as it came in.
  • y2kcrashy2kcrash Posts: 13
    Actually to cancel was a big relief.
    Resulted in a further $500 savings with a more trust worthy dealership/salesperson. Including added options price locally was 47,600 new deal 47,144. I expect to take delivery in about two weeks.
    The blunders of the salesperson locally just got to costly to risk further dealings with.
    My gut feeling is that there be more to the run around I got then they care to let on.
  • Your probably right, they don't make car salesmen jokes for nothin. And you got a better deal which is always a good thing.
  • y2kcrashy2kcrash Posts: 13
    I would like to make a point about the type of salesperson we have dealt with locally.
    What I have come to realize is that when they speak it is most likely BS coming out.
    Case in Point.
    The date I cancelled was 1 week before the new scheduled production date given to me by the salesperson . Making the new delivery 3 to 4 weeks there after.
    So when the salesperson says the vehicle came in 1 week after I cancelled quite franky is BS. Which I can quote numerous situations more.
    So as word of caution I would keep this in mind when speaking to them because chances are when they open their mouth to speak it is most likey BS.
  • I just bought a double cab 3 days ago, and it has been in the shop the last two days. Here is the background: On the way home from the dealership on Monday, I noticed that the security light (next to the clock) was flasing, so I took it to the dealer the next day to have it check out. This afternoon, they told me that somehow the computer for the electronic keys can't be located, and maybe it was not installed at the factory. They don't know what to do at this point and have to wait for the factory to call back :lemon: . Is it resonable to demand a another truck now, or do I need to give Toyota a chance to fix the problem?
  • Well you didn't specify but I'm assuming this is a brand new '07. I would be absolutely livid if this happened to me. Not only would I demand a loner vehicle, but I would make give me free oil changes for the next 5 years. This is bull@#$% !!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    There's only so much anyone should demand from a dealer when it's not their fault. This dealer didn't build the truck and they're making a good faith effort to diagnose and remedy the problem. The beef is with Toyota.

    kcram - Pickups Host

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  • y2kcrashy2kcrash Posts: 13
    The Dealer is Toyota's agent.
    So they are one in the same.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    The dealer is an independent business that sells and services under a license agreement. Demanding free oil changes for life for a manufacturing defect/issue doesn't hurt Toyota, just the dealer - who only gets reimbursed for the repair.

    kcram - Pickups Host

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  • jpmrwbjpmrwb Posts: 4
    I bought a new Tundra on 6/30/07 and a day after I got it certain guages on the instrument panel stopped working. The odometer, tacometer, oil, and temperature gauges. I took it back to the dealer (on a sunday) and they said someone would look at it on Monday. When I went back on Monday they said everything was working OK. I took the truck and a couple of weeks later I took a trip to California. Around 220 miles into the trip the problem surfaced again. I took the truck to a California dealer and they worked on it for three days. They checked all the electrical, computer chips, etc.. They did get the gauges to work but couldn't find the problem. I took the truck and two days later it happened again. After another two days the gauges started to work again. I drove the truck back to Idaho and as of today it is still working. I know it will do it again.
    Has anyone had this problem on a new 2007 Tundra?
  • I agree, but the dealer shouldn't have delivered a new truck with a defect. They have not called me back to give me an update on the situation yet. At least they gave me a loaner car to drive while they figure out how to fix this thing. The truck has 38 miles on the clock, and it is supposed to start with only the keys with the electronic chip. This was not the case because I was able to start the truck with the spare key.
  • if it is the spare key supplied by toyota then it has the chip embedded as well. either way I would let them have a reasonable crack at it and it sounds like they are being decent to deal with thus far. if they can't or won't fix it then complain til you get extra goodies. Flying off the handle too quickly makes you look foolish and unresaonable (not to say you are)and they'll get their back up and no one comes away happy.
  • Well it does hurt Toyota's reputation. Because when things like this happen, people report it like the gentleman is doing on this forum, and little things like this begin to chip away at Toyota's reputation. As you may or may not be aware, this is a highly competitive segment of the market and the manufacturers need all the leverage they can get. And the only reason I suggested he ask for free oil changes for 5 years is because when my friend bought his Tacoma, they screwed up the process, and to keep their customer happy, gave him a voucher for free detailing and oil changes for 5 years. I don't know about anybody else but when I throw down $35,000 of my hard earned money, I expect to get what I paid for.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    now whether or not you get it is another story.

    What a lot of people are finding out is that Toyota doesn't care and neither does the dealer. Its about the same with other manufacturers also.

    If you're lucky enough to buy from a dealer who provides great service then you've lucked out as most dealers Toyota or not do not make money on warranty work and thus tend not to "find" problems that are less than obvious.

    Unfortunately for most that purchase vehicles they do not take the time to walk around the service area and watch how people are treated or actually talk to customers who are there to do warranty work. Having personally dealt with dealers for many warranty issues, I do not forget my service advisor during the holidays as I know who needs who to get things done.
  • I have been working with my local Toyota dealer to find a Tundra configured the way I want it since about mid June. He has been about useless as (you know the saying). ;)

    I have also searched all Toyota dealers in the 12 states around Michigan, but still no luck.

    So, I will probably order an '08 Tundra, but I am still having difficult with an OTD (Out The Door) price.

    I am looking for...

    2dr Reg Cab 4WD Long Box (8') 4.7L or 5.7L with these options...

    * SL SR5 Package
    * WR Sliding Read Window
    * CK Cold Kit
    * HM Power Heated Mirrors
    * ST 18" Sytled Stell Wheels
    * MG Mudguards

    For a 4.7L (model #8326) with those options, the MSRP is $28,855, and the Invoice is $26,139.

    For a 5.7L (model #8328) with those options, the MSRP is $29,815, and the Invoice is $27,011.

    March 2006, we bought RAV4 and the Destination Chg was $605 and the Doc Fee was $170 (Kalamazoo, MI).

    Michigan has 6% sales tax.

    Assuming no deals from Toyota. :cry:

    For the 4.7L, would an OTD price of $28,529 be good/bad/nowayinhell/stupid?
    $26,139 (invoice) + $605 (dest) + $170 (doc) + $1615 (tax)

    For the 5.7L, would an OTD price of $29,454 be good/bad/nowayinhell/stupid?
    $27,011 (invoice) + $605 (dest) + $170 (doc) + $1668 (tax)

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