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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • has all the "bed bouncing" gone away??? Toyota is kind of "Quiet" about it>>>>
  • I had about 2800 miles on my DC 4x4 and although the computer showed 14.2 MPG, I actually was getting around 15 (90% city driving). I just finished a round trip of 1700 miles and it now shows 15.2 MPG (I was getting 16-17+ MPG highway.)
  • I understand the auto LS uses the ABS/traction control to apply brake to the slipping wheel which then transfers the torque to the non slipping wheel. Does it work on the front Diff. too in 4WD or only rear? That would be great if it does. Just curious? :confuse:
  • Traction control which is a feature of vsc and help prevent slippage of the driving wheels to maintain an optimal driving force according to the road surface conditions. Thw sophisticated Toyota system utilizes both brake and engine throttle control. The 4x4 Tundra is equipped with 4-wheel Traction Control (also known as Active-Trac or A-Trac, seen as a option too on Toyotas FJ Cruiser). It operates only in 4-wheel drive and distributes torque among the vehicles 4 wheels. Two-wheel-drive models and 4x4s operating in 2wd use 2-wheel traction control. Further, Auot-LSD is a stanard feature on every Tundra, is not officially a part of the Star Saftey system but it works in conjuction with the system to enhance rear-wheel traction...but only when the vehicle is in two-wheel drive. Hope I helped answer your question.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Good explanation. Now I'll throw you a curve. If you are a member of Toyota Corporate or one of the Truck Champions from the dealer side....where is A-Trac noted or explained or discussed in the Owners Manual or in anything from Toyota?

    When the Tundra first came out in Feb we had this easter egg hunt all through the Toyota documentation for any reference to A-Trac as it concerns the Tundra....but it had disappeared. We all knew it existed but it's a secret now.

    We have to go to the FJ or the LC to get the explanations.
  • What is the small bulb behind the muffler. Is it some sort of resonator? The reason I ask is when I take delivery (yeeha!, next week) the first thing I plan to do is install a larger tailpipe that exits rearward (instead of sideways) with twin tips. I don't want the extra expense and noise of a dual system but want to improve the looks of the factory tailpipe.
  • If you take a look at the 2007 Toyota Owners Manual given to you by the dealer. Refrence to pg 242 Traction Control System, look on the right side first bullet. You will see refrence to all four wheel spin control there. The 2007 Toyota Source Book, "4 Wheel Traction Control (also known as Active-TRAC or A-TRAC)." If you have access to this book the information is on pg 16 under Tundra. Any dealership will gladly show you this material. An easier way of explaing the idea behind Active Traction control is if you could picture a tree with a rope tide to the Tundra hitch. In 4 wheel drive the wheels will spin at diffrent times trying to get asmich traction as possible. Not one of the four holes will be the same depth. Where as other truck no equipped with traction control will dig four deep holes the same depth.
  • I'd like to hear from any owners of the CrewMax to see what they think of the towing capabilities. I currently have a 2004 Silverado 2500HD Crew 6.0L that I use to pull a 30' travel trailer (not 5th wheel) with a full slide. The trailer weighs in at 6380 lb and 10400 lb fully loaded.

    I'm thinking of getting the CrewMax 4X4 SR5 with 5.7L engine.

  • I bought a new Tundra 5.7 Double Cab limited 4WD TRD a few months ago, I now have about 2500 miles on it. It really is a great truck. I've taken long drives with it, towed a 22 foot boat to the mountains, took it offroad and I'm completely happy with the truck. Plenty of power, even when towing, you can pass climbing hills with no problem. The mileage is good, I've experienced 18-19 mpg on the highway according to the onboard computer. 13-15 around town and 12.5 while I was towing the boat. Nav. is great, used the camera to hook up the boat. Works great. I haven't had some of the problems that some have had on this forum. No problem with the gauges, I'm 6'3 and must have a better angle. No vibration with the BFGoodrich tires. I still haven't heard a rattle or a squeak. I did order the remote start and it is kinda dumb to have to shut the truck off before you get in. One thing I did read earlier in this thread was about not being able to completely fill the tank up, and I also experienced this. When the computer says I have 15 miles till empty I am only able to put in 19 Gal. (26 gal tank) I was able to pump a couple extra gallons if I went real slow and topped it off which I attribute to the truck having a long flat tank which causes the pump to shut off.
    To the guy who was talking about the XM sounding like a tin can, I would say that was my impression too (slightly) when I first heard it, more when you listen to talk shows, but the XM sound is not as good as a CD or radio.
    I too had to order and wait for my truck to arrive, but it was worth the wait. I went to a second dealer because the first dealer told me they couldn't order the truck and would try to locate the exact truck for me. After about a month and a half I dumped that dealer and went to Toyota of Vallejo (CA)and they placed and order and had the truck to me in about a month with great service and a good deal. Thanks to this site for giving me incite before buying.
  • i thought i'm the only one going nuts about bed bounce. in my case it sounds like the bed or something is loose. i've wanted to take it to the dealer but not able to reliably repeat the bounce. anybody else has similar experience?
  • I have the 5.7 4x2 DC and I can honestly say that I have gathered enough data to conclude that I get avg 17 mpg in the city (Orlando) and 20 mpg on the HWY (from Orlando to Atlanta on several trips.)
  • Anyone with the 5.7L 4x2 DC 6A using the 5 speed thumb manual shifting ("S" rather than "D") ? Any differences noticed ? i.e. in gas mileage for plain ole city driving ? any differences in low torque pulling ?
  • I recently flew to Denver on business. I noticed that the Enterprise/Alamo car rental lot has many new SR5 5.7 Tundras in their lot. I also noticed that the long highway leading to and around the airport from Denver is the concrete/expansion joint type that so many are complaining about bed bounce and a terrible ride on.
    I already had another car reserved and didn't have time to change my rental to a Tundra but I think that anyone going there or that lives in that area could probably rent one to drive on that road and see the results if they would like to prior to buying. I would be interested in hearing the results.
    I pick up my new Tundra today and am very exited. It is one awesome truck and fortunately we don't have those road surfaces here in Fl. for the most part. However this bed bounce issue bothers me greatly and I hope they come up with a fix for it soon. From what I can gather It seems to be very specific relative to road surface, speed and load. I expect that it's a harmonic frequency issue that could be solved or at least minimized relatively easily.
  • I'd be willing to bet there is a harmonic frequency for every pickup out there. As long as the bed is a seperate entity from the cab, there will always be a resonant frequency between the two unequal masses. That is where trucks like the Ridgeline and the Avalanche have the advantage of a unibody construction.
  • picked up my 07'd/c limited 4x4 on 2/16/07 in tulsa ok. drove it to the house loaded it up and headed for a pipeline project in upper michican..Truck was broke in on the interstates and was happy with the gas milage of 17.6.I have had it in snow and mud over the running and have not been stuck yet, only one on the crew that has not had to be towed. I have been in 4x4 since 1974, and a truck is a tool for me, and i use it as one. Can not find anything i don't like about it yet. Have been a ford man all my life, but will never go back. Has anyone added duel exhaust to one yet or a lift kit ? Will check next week or so at my 20,000 service.Anyone thinking about one I feel you can't go wrong.
  • I have the double cab 5.7 and pull a 30 ft zepelyn travel trailer and it is great. I get 12 to 13 M.P.G. pulling and 17 around town if I keep from getting on it. I have gotten 20.6 on the highway from michigan to ohio. I love the truck and won't have anything but. My only complaint is the remote start is junk, If I am not within 30 feet of the truck it doesn't work. I have about 6500 miles on it. I love the sound of the TRD dual exhaust.
  • You mentioned adding a dual exhaust and lift kit. Would this effect the warranty ? If not, I wait for the next three years until its over to start modifying it.
  • In general we like our 07 DC 5.7 Tundra. Most of our driving has been on secondary highways at 55 to 60 MPH with 30 mile round trips to the same place. We consistantly get 20.5 to 21 MPG. That is a fact! I run 38 PSI cold, use Chevron regular and drive in a normal fashion. Under the same conditions my Hemi RC gave 15 MPG. This shows what they can do with new technology. Toyota does immediately need to address some issues. In bright sunlight with sunglasses I can not read the instruments which is no fault of mine. I have taken it to the dealer and they informed me the truck is normal and they do not have a fix yet. I consider this a safety issue that should be corrected immediately. An irritating design of the hood where it slants down near the windshield all the way accross, causes the sun to reflect back into your eyes at certain sun angles. I know the sun shines bright in Texas. Why didnt the Toyota test engineers see these design flaws before production started?
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    Safe, or a problem Toyota needs to address? If you can't see with sunglasses, take them off! :mad:

    Are you saying the hood is lower in the back than at the front?

    I've sold and driven dozens of Tundras, and never experienced a sun glare from the hood.

    Dealer probably thought you were a kook. :confuse:

  • Dr (land)Fill,

    Why must you attack a guy for posting his opinions on his new truck?

    I have heard that the instrument cluster has been an issue from several owners on multiple Toyota forums. They are hard to read in bright daylight. So one should take off his sunglasses on a bright sunny day in order to see his instruments? Yeah, that makes sense. Glare from the hood can be a nuisance and possibly even a driving hazard, these types of things should be considered by test engineers. Just because YOU have not experienced it, means it does not/cannot exist?
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