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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • I haven't been on edmunds in quite a while and i guess i will once again report on how my Tundra is doing!!

    5.7 L V8 2x4 Bought in March '07

    Currently at 48,762 miles on my truck

    But Gas Mileage is dropping!!!!!

    My current Average mileage is listed at 15.6 MPG
    worst in March so far has been 11.2, while my best
    has only been 19.4 (not even 20 MPG), I don't know
    why but November-January I was averaging between 16.5 and 21 MPG!!
    And know in March I'm not even getting 20!!!

    I go to all the services and I keep my truck in pretty well
    Anybody else having some problems like me? :confuse:
    Please reply Back!!
  • toddhmtoddhm Posts: 35
    Does anyone know what, if any, changes are in store for the 2009 Tundra and when the new model year will arrive?
  • I read somewhere that in 2009 they will add like 2 exterior colors and a new interior trim, everything else I'd expect to be the same! But I think that I'll be trading my Tundra by next year!
  • toddhmtoddhm Posts: 35
    I don't understand why Toyota doesn't offer the 78.7" bed (as on Double Cab models) on the Crewmax. This would bring the overall length of the Crewmax to 240.7" which is still 6" shorter than overall length of the Double Cab Long Bed model. To me, the Crew Max does not look proportionate with such a short bed. Hopefully in 2009 the Crewmax will be available with a longer bed...
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56
    The rumors I have been hearing is not much in the way of changes till 2010-2011. The rumors also consist of a 1 ton diesel, dual wheeled truck. Given Toyota's 4 to 5 year cycle for model changes I don't think we'll see much till 2012 styling-wise.
  • toddhmtoddhm Posts: 35
    Hello all, I am considering the purchase of a 2008 Tundra 5.7 that was manufactured in late 2007. Have the issues with the 5.7 (knock, etc.) been isolated to a certain period of production, and if so, after what month of production have the issues been addressed and corrected on the assembly line? Is there a way to check the VIN on the particular truck I am purchasing to ensure that it is unaffected? Please help.....
  • bravaguybravaguy Posts: 5
    I got one of the last 07s made (I think) 5.7 4x2 CM Ltd manufactured in Sept at the Indiana plant. The knock is still there but not nearly as bad as some others have posted and have had their engine replaced. Due to the universallity of comments on the knock, I really don't think it is isolated to any particular batch or run. However, it's puzzling why some have had to have the engines replaced when Toyota insists its normal! Usually I would prefer to wait until most of the bugs have been worked out before I purchase a vehicle that has had a total redesign, but I couldn't pass up the factory incentives (4K) and financing (3.9%/60 months) plus the usual dickering. So far though I have no (real) complaints at 6000kms and 4 months. If the knock still concerns you, the only way you'll know for sure is to actually take the vehicle you intend to purchase out for a test drive. That may or may not be a challenge. For me, I couldn't get a VIN number until my dealer physically took possession of my truck (3 days after sealing the deal). Good luck.
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56
    I would not sweat it over this "knock" issue. I own new Tundra myself and have several friends and relatives with the same 5.7 liter V8. None of which have had any issues with their new Tundras. Knowing Toyota and how they operate, if there is a problem, it's been addressed. Take the advice from the other poster and drive the vehicle you intend to purchase. Getting the VIN early will not tell you much as a consumer. Your local dealer should have the full VIN prior to it hitting their lot if you would like to have that. If you are ordering the truck special your local dealer should be able to tell you by their inventory sheet some sort of estimated production week and an ETA on it's arrival to their dealership. Toyota is real good about quality control and keeping track of what's happening and when.
    I am positive if there is this "knock" issue that measures have been in place to remedy it. This 1st I've heard of it was scanning through these forum messages. No one that I talk to with a '07 or '08 Tundra w/ the 5.7 liter have had or heard of this "problem".
  • yota4trukyota4truk Posts: 34
    good luck in getting the "bounce" fixed, the 08's do the same thing and Jay Mahoney at Toyota Headquarters said he doesn't think there will be any "Bulletins" on it for ever.. There must be a lot of either "numb" or Proud people out there that won't admit to the bounce problem ,it is an unhappy ride each time and Toyota not recognizing it makes one's respect for the company wilt......
  • toddhmtoddhm Posts: 35
    What exactly is the "bounce" issue, could someone please describe this complaint in more detail?
  • yota4trukyota4truk Posts: 34
    if you are driving an 07 toyota or later, you are telling me that you have noticed no strange "jello" vibrations???? all the trucks that I have been able to test do it, maybe you can't tell???? beats me, it sure is severe on my truck.....
  • "I am positive if there is this "knock" issue that measures have been in place to remedy it. This 1st I've heard of it was scanning through these forum messages. No one that I talk to with a '07 or '08 Tundra w/ the 5.7 liter have had or heard of this "problem". "

    They all knock on cold start. The difference is how cold does it get where you live and how long do you let it warm up before placing in drive. If your in a colder climate that gets down below 40 F and you place your 5.7 in drive with a little load you will hear it clear. Now if you warm it up for about 3 minutes before you place it in drive you will have to really focus to hear it. That being said I am of the oppinion this is normal and have since stopped worrying about it.
  • kl67kl67 Posts: 15
    I wouldn't get yourself rapped around the axle on this...some folks who drive on hwys that have expansion gaps have some issues with the bed bouncing... their is even a video out there on U tube that compares the the tundra with the ford and chevy...but ford made the video so take it for what it is worth. My Tundra bed shakes a little on bumps but being a prior 2004 F150 owner it is not as bad as the ford was. Fords beds will shake on a smooth road, next time your driving beside one pay attention and you will see what I am talking about.

    I will close by telling you this...I had...and repeat had a 5.7 ltr with a knock, Toyota changed the engine in it. Ford/Chevy/Dodge would NEVER do what Toyota did! I have owned about 15 trucks, mostly Ford, couple of Chevys, and only ONE POS Dodge and I don't think I will ever go back. Toyota service after the sale and standing behind their product will keep me coming back.

    My Tundra now has 21K on it and I promise it still drives like the day I drove it off the lot...and that is because they didn't forget about me after the sale.

  • yota4trukyota4truk Posts: 34
    The fact that the bed "Shakes a little" is not the only issue that I have, the resounding (jiggle) that I feel in the seat is the main problem, doesn't that annoy you, or don't you notice it? :confuse:
  • mrtoad3mrtoad3 Posts: 68
    I just picked up my '08 Tundra last week ( LTD, 5.7, TRD, Dblcab.) and have noticed a definite stiffness in the suspension and the bounce from behind is noticeable, but has virtually disappeared upon installing a camper shell. I think the TRD suspension is stiffer and resonates more over expansion joints etc... The camper shell is just heavy enough to quiet things down a bit. I got a SnugTop XV and it really has a nice flush mounting and accentuates the lines of the truck. Otherwise, the 500 mile break-in period is over and things are loosening up nicely in the trans. and engine. What a great truck!
  • kl67kl67 Posts: 15
    I must tell you...I live in an area in that has some of the worse roads in Texas! I am military down here in Corpus Christi and while I admit that my bed bounces a little and yes I do feel a little jiggle in my butt...I used to drive an F250 and I needed a kidney belt on the same roads. I realize as many will be prompt to tell you that the Tundra is no F250 when it comes to hauling, I can attest to that, but the Tundra is heads and shoulders above the 1/2 ton competitors.

    I need my Tundra to pull my 8000#, 30.5' RV, I had a smoother riding Dodge 1/2 ton hemi for 6 months and then bought my RV. The Dodge was supposed to be able to pull the camper no problem, I was well within the GVW rating of the Dodge...but it would not do it! The slightest hill and the tranny would downshift into 3rd and run upwards of 3900 RPM at hwy speeds. With my Tundra I simply manually shift into 4th and run at 3000 RPM until I am over the hill I need to climb. The Tundra is hands down the better tow vehicle...I am in control of my truck/RV instead of the computer telling my truck when to shift and it being in control.

    I will put up with a little bounce and jiggle over $4.00 deseil and a kidney belt or something that rides like a car and pulls like one too!

    My 2 cents...

  • olerascalolerascal Posts: 13
    Does anyone know why, in particular, C/R had an issue, rating the 4X4 Tundra "not recommended". The 4X2 was not affected.
    Personally, my 4X4 has been excellent with no problems whatsoever. Every electric shift 4X4 I've ever been in sometimes requires a little coaxing to get in and out of low range. That goes for all makes. It's simply the nature of how the transfer case operates. I hope the C/R staff weren't 4X4 rookies and didn't know that.
  • bravaguybravaguy Posts: 5
    I originally was going to purchase the 4X4 until I read the CR ratings and bought a 4X2 instead. I've yet to get stuck in snow or mud but the moment I do I'll be cursing my decision to listen to CR.
    Since then I have discovered that the manner in which CR comes up with its ratings are, in my opinion, deeply flawed. Since my purchase in Dec 07, CR contacted me for an online reliability survey (I am a member). Real crappy survey for it asks fairly broad based generic questions that don't support their far reaching "expert" results.
    I think the main reasons for the poor 4X4 rating might have had something to do with recall on the substandard heat treatment of the (?) drive shaft and cam shaft failures (both on early production runs that were due to bad parts from suppliers and fixed quickly). Also, they complained about the vehicle stability control (VSC) being disengaged when the 4wd is engaged. A previous poster had an excellent comment as to why the VSC is disengaged.
    What I dont understand is that, except for the 4wd or 2wd, the vehicles are identical within their respective trim lines. So how does CR rate, for example, the sound system on one 2wd better than the 4wd? They had lots of discrepancies like that in their ratings chart.
    I think CR is still a decent consumer resource for vehicles, but the next time I purchase a vehicle, I wont be treating their word as the gospel I had before.
  • crosbo78crosbo78 Posts: 2
    I dont know if this helps but I had a buddy of mine having the same problem with his tundra with about 40k He took it back to the dealership and they had his computer reset. This brought him back to the 20mpg on the hgwy. were as before he was only getting 16.5 (*going 65mph). Another thing is have you been pumping gas at no name brand stations if so you might want to have your injectors cleaned.

  • sloooseslooose Posts: 16
    I have had the same problem with the gas milage-----as far as the on board computer says. No matter what/how/or where I drive (city/freeway) I get 15.5 MPG or 15.6 MPG----I don't think so----. Originally I was getting about 17 MPG and above on the freeway so I think the computer is incorrect. I live in Oregon and we can't pump our own gas (can you believe that) so I never know exactly how full they fill the tank and so therefore can't check the gas milage manually. I think the next couple refills I will get out and watch to see how full the tank is and then figure my MPG by hand and get back to the forum.
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