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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • Look for that sludge in that motor now... it is the way of them ones. Good luck on this one now!
  • I've had my tundra a year and a half and in my 30+ years of owning trucks, cars I've never owned a vehicle with as silky smooth power train as this tundra. Sometimes I believe it must be a high end Lexus and not this big huge truck I'm driving in. No wonder Toyota's resale value is so high.
  • dt4dt4 Posts: 4

    Also I own a 2007 Tacoma and it is "SILKY SMOOTH" as you say so I may just trade it (TUNDRA) for another Tacoma or a 4-Runner. I don't hate Toyota! Just telling you what my truck is doing...........
  • wyorebwyoreb Posts: 45
    have picked up the same dash rattle you described, passenger side, in the dash, is the most noticable in cold weather. was wondering if your issue was resolved (your post from a few months ago) or if others have had it and any luck diagnosing...
  • dt4dt4 Posts: 4
    No! I traded the truck for a 2009 Toyota 4 Runner and I am very happy with it! Also, my truck did not have a "DASH RATTLE" as you say yours has. It was something in the engine on mine. Well, I am done with that problem! I recommend anyone buying a new Tundra to get any engine but the 5.7 liter! They need to do some more research on that engine! Or, just make it a diesel because mine sounded like one anyway!
  • my "rattle" more like a squeek, try having someone open the door and see if it stops.... :confuse:
  • Wyoreb...Just this past week I noticed an occasional "rattle" coming from the RF corner of the dash/windshield area. It started after we started getting really frigid temps, and doesn't do it every morning, and then only for less than a minute as I'm driving over uneven pavement areas. What I visually noticed as new was the plastic panel that runs across the width of the dash and butts-up to the windshield, the right front corner has dropped about 1/4 inch, and down from what I can see is a thin raised rib at the bottom of the right A post plastic trim cover.
    I'm not sure what's going on here, but I'll be calling my service writer at the local dealership in the next week or so to see if he knows anything about, if there's a TSB as seems to be mentioned in a previous post, and what they can do about it. I'll post the result, Regards, BGood
  • wyorebwyoreb Posts: 45
    BGood, what you describe about the dash panel and the fit to the right front corner is exactly the same as on mine. Certainly didn't notice it at purchase, but it doesn't look correct (or poor fit/finish), and if it is missing some spacers or cushioning, it could certainly be causing this click-like rattle. Mine has rattled for several weeks, started out intermittant, but now is regular, especially at slow speeds and driving over uneven surfaces. I am going to get it checked out as well; we'll compare notes.
  • I was just wondering if anybody has the same truck...and experiencing a quick 1-2 shift on turns only. When I come to a full stop it does not happen...I know the 6 spd tranny is NEW but I think they may have reprogramming issue ? I now have 2,500 mile on it and would like to stay on top of new engineering at its best.
  • The 6-speed drives like the first 3 gears are equivalent to "Low" in a 4-speed. It tends to shift at low speeds, as when turning a corner or in slow freeway traffic jams. The electronic throttle is touchy, which makes it difficult to modulate at very slow speeds. I have 44,000 km on my 2007 5.7L Tundra and it runs well, but it has taken me some time to get used to its quirks. The truck demands gentle inputs. So far, my truck has been quite reliable, a good hauler, an effortless highway cruiser and very fast.
  • toy4xtoy4x Posts: 3
    My new 2010 Tundra CrewMax Ltd. 4x4 has started this dash rattle too (500 mi.). Seems to occur when articulating (twisting, in a turn or entering a driveway, etc.) rather than on up-down bumps (washboards). Sent a note to sales/service rep. I am sure it can be somehow fixed when located (have used Chapstick as a lube between squeaky plastic parts before!). Still in honeymoon mode over the Toy though, so it's not really bugging me yet.
  • wyorebwyoreb Posts: 45
    toy4x - there seems to be a pattern of owners experiencing the same rattle issue - please post what you find from your service advisor. no need to exit the honeymoon period yet - the truck is great!
  • webgoodwebgood Posts: 95
    wyoreb, toy4x, bwayno and any others with a dash "rattle", "chirping" or squeaking...I stopped at my Toyota service today to make a service appt. for the wife's Highlander and asked the service writer ("Josh") if he could step outside and look at the dash. As I was describing the noise and how the RF forward-most panel of the dash that butts the windshield had appeared to drop, he just stopped, said he already knew what it was, we turned around and walked back inside, said he'd order the "clip" that needs to be installed back behind the glove box and he'd call me in a week or so when it came in. All covered under warranty (bought mine in April '09). I didn't think to ask if there was a TSB on it, but from checking the on-line site that lists them by vehicle, I didn't see one. It appears to be something that Toyota, or at least most service centers, are aware of. Regards, BGood
  • wyorebwyoreb Posts: 45
    BGood, thanks for the note, I will take my truck in this week to have them check it out. Glad they knew what to zero in on.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    If you are a Toyota owner and interested in sharing your reaction to the recall with reporters, send an email stating the vehicle you own, your telephone number, and the best time you can be reached.

    Send to:

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  • I am concerned about all the talk in other Tundra forums and here about the limited expected longevity of these engines from excessive internal wear due to a design flaw. In the wake of the recent recalls, I am wondering if Toyota is going to mention this. The noises that come from the engine when it is cold are disheartening. The dealer says it is normal. Don't they really mean common? The transmission is also jerky and it surges occassionally. Also common? I think I'll sell the truck and get a Ford. They seem to have their act together lately.
  • toy4xtoy4x Posts: 3
    wyoreb, webgood, others - Finally figured out my DASH RATTLE. After some internet blog research, there seems to be about 5 different "dash rattle" types:
    1. Sagging Dash - the RF corner of the dash droops about 1/4", due to an inadequate support clip below the dash near the windshield. Toyota issued a TSB on this, and their fix is a NEW beefy clip and some insulation/padding ("Toyota Sound Dampening Material") between dash and windshield (T-SB-0080-08) covered by warranty.
    2. AC/Heater vents/ducts - some folks hear loose ducts rattling around - they pull both glove boxes out and pack insulation around the duct work/vent tubes.
    3. Rattle noise around speaker area - this was the noise I was hearing. It is NOT REALLY coming from the speaker/CD/Nav area, it only sounds like it is. IT IS COMING FROM THE MIRROR, where the mirror support/wires go. There is a PLASTIC COVER over the wires that "squeaks", "ticks", "rattles" intermittently or all the time. Push it down with you fingers and see if the sound stops. I can move it side-to-side and get it to squeak. You can squeeze it with thumb/index finger and un-clip it and it opens. I lubed it with some chapstick (!) and it stopped (may have to repeat application). AT LEAST I NOW KNOW WHAT/WHERE THE ANNOYING NOISE IS COMING FROM and I am not pulling my hair out anymore. Nice, quiet drives even w/o the radio on!
    4. Same as above but look to the OVERHEAD CONSOLE. Some have found a loose wiring harness inside the console (passenger side) bouncing about. Tape/insulate, etc.
    5. Same as above but loose wire harness BEHIND THE CLOCK. Pull clock and stuff insulation around.
    6. Misc. - rear seat-belt metal clips. these rattle around and hit the plastic on the sides of the seats. I cut-out some self-sticking rubber type padding (2"X3"X1/8") and stuck that to the seat side where the clip was hitting. Done. Also, middle seat-belt clip "ticks" against the plastic button/rivet on the belt itself. Used round rubber pad (like used on bottom of calculators, etc.- get at Staples) on button. Done.

    May get dealer to fix some of these under warranty.

    Hope this helps. Cheers, TOY4X.
  • dt4dt4 Posts: 4
    I traded my 2007 Tundra for a 4 Runner. I really did not need a truck. Best move i ever made. The 4 Runner is awesome!
  • wyorebwyoreb Posts: 45

    thank you for putting this summary together.

    hopefully can get the dealer to fix the rattle - only thing preventing total satisfaction with the new truck!
  • wyorebwyoreb Posts: 45
    has anyone had any particularly good or back luck with a spray-in bedliners - would be interested in comments on brands, applications, care. thanks!
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