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2005 Nissan Pathfinder



  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    before it is too late. I hope Nissan is watching this...
    - make backup sensor standard (std in PF Armada) - at least optional
    - make 5.6L V8 optional (std in PF Armada)
    - make backup camera integrated with GPS (optional)
      Don't keep all goodies for Infiniti like Toyota do to Lexus.

    P.S. jchan2, the 3rd row seat is standard.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Youre making very big assumptions. Yes, weight has gone up, but is it that considerable to overcome the new engine/transmission combination? The new 4.0 V6 will likely need far fewer revs to reach peak power and torque, and depending on how well it is matched to the transmission, it may (or may not) make up for increased weight. The V8 4Runner, from what I have read, is not quicker than the lighter V6 (which offers simlar power to the new Pathfinder), and its only advantage is if you tow OFTEN. This, while suffering worse fuel economy. I feel that the V8 in the 4Runner is mostly a psychological option for guys who need tough V8s in thier ladder frame macho trucks. I DONT see many V8 Runners on the road. That said, Nissans V8 is almost an entire liter larger than Toyotas, and I highly doubt that Nissan could shoehorn it in the engine bay of the new Path w/o significatn modification.

    I believe that Car and Driver clocked the current PF in the mid 8s to 60 with the 3.5L VQ. I dont really believe the new PF will drop below that.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    I was at the Detroit show yesterday and saw the new Pathfinder and Frontier. They both look great. Nissan did a super job on these two! If you like the Armada and Titan, but want something a bit more manageable, these are your rides. Think of them a 7/8 scale versions of the big trucks.

  • Pathfinder advantages:
    - 5 speed automatic versus 4 speed, I thought I read this was derived from the Armada/Titan 5 speed auto which might mean it's exceptionally strong for the V6
    - Independent rear suspension (better onroad and rough road ride)
    - maybe better initial design incorporating 3rd row seats rather than add on as in 4Runner. The 4Runner seats aren't very convenient to store up against the back side windows.
    - probably more BHP and torque (later design knowing what is needed to beat the competition)

    4Runner advantages
    - Live rear axle probably gives better offroad capability. Most 4 wheel independent suspensions lack sufficient suspension travel (especially droop), offroad these vehicles usually have at least 1 wheel in the air on rough surfaces. This is why I assume the Pathfinder has an Advanced Offroad Traction control system to keep the wheel in the air from spinning without sending power to the wheel(s) on the ground.
    - Power rear window, you don't know how many times I've had something long (ladder, lumber, etc.) sticking out the back of my 96 4Runner
    - V8 if you really need it

    At this point in time I'll have to see which of these two I would prefer, it's going to be an interesting yearend comparing the two!
  • I'm interested in what this puppy will have as a max tow rating. Does anyone know? I'm assuming it'll be in the same ballpark as 4Runner, Explorer, Trailblazer, which would max out around 7000lbs.

    I'm also interested in what the wheelbase will be, another important ingredient for towing a 23' hybrid trailer. The current 4Runner's wheelbase is too short for towing a trailer that long...
  • wsag26wsag26 Posts: 124
    I didn't say in my post that the Trailblazer's interior is cute. How do you know I even think it is? FYI: The Trailblazer's interior is ugly... and so is the Pathfinder's..
  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    Ready to buy a mid-suv soon. The 04 are virtually non existant on dealer lots.

    Has anyone tried the 3rd row seat, what size person can fit in there? The 4runners 3rd row is for 6 years old only, the explorers can fit a 6 footer( me ).
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    I just thought it was logical since you think that every GM car is better than the competition...
  • I just left the Auto Show, The '05 PF looks a WHOLE LOT bigger...
    so make your decision when you see it up close, you GM tightwads
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    LOL..GM tightwads<<perfect name!
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Will the new Pathfinder retain the console-mounted handbrake?
  • First, I want to put to rest any doubts about non-significant increase of power in the new VQ4.0 V6. Nissan says 250+ hp and 270+ ft-lb? Yes, they said 300+ hp and 370+ ft-lb for the new 5.6 V8. Then it turned out that the V8 is rated at 305 hp and 379 ft-lb. Then one guy from nissanforums website took his brand new Titan to the dyno and put down rear wheel HP number equal to the 5.7 Hemi and greater Torque number than the Hemi. So you can reason that Nissan V8 actually makes close to 335 hp and 390 ft-lb. It's either that or Dodge's transmition wastes a larger percentage of the power. In any case - Nissan is being very conservative and cautious when advertizing the power ratings. If you extend this reasoning to the new VQ 4.0 V6, then you can expect the real power rating to be near 275 hp and 295 ft-lb! These are awesome numbers for a V6. These numbers equal or exceed the Explorer V8 and the current Grand Cherokee V8.
    I did a comparo a couple of weeks ago, and I think I came up with the new PF wheelbase to be about 5.5 inches longer than current PF.
    The platform of the new PF and Fronti is basically the same as the Armada and Titan. So onroad handling will further improve. Offroading capability is not likely to improve any.

    I don't have anything against the 4Runner except the price. The PF always had a price advantage here.

    So - I am looking forward to trading my 2001 PF SE for the new PF (but I think I will wait until 2007 or 2008 - so that I get good use out of my current Pathy and so that most new Pathy glitches are worked out).

  • A little torn, my lease on my 01 Pathfinder is up end of March. This is my 3rd trouble free Pathfinder. Really like the 4Runner, and know it is trouble free as well, and the v8 is smooth. Nisan credit has been rude and said they could careless if I wanted to wait, I could only extend lease a month. My preferred dealer said arrangements could be made to wait until 05 arrives in Sept or Oct. Will the new Pathfinder be worth the wait (apparently only a v6 will be offered) or should I just get the 4Runner?
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    As it stands now, the production of Titan, Armada and QX56 all require the 5.6L V8. They probably could not spare the volume for the new PF. After 1 or 2 years, you probably would see the V8 as an option like 4Runner. Or, the Infiniti version of PF probably would have the V8 as standard (like Lexus GX470 from 4Runner).
    BTW, I suggest you return the lease and lease an used car for 6 months from elsewhere.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I understand your logic, however, you must consider that IF Nissan offers a V8 in the Pathfinder in a year or so, it may not be the 5.6L we all know and love now. Think about it. The 5.6L is a whole 1.6L greater in displacement, than the 4.0L. I find it hard to believe that the two would be similar in physical size, and think it would be a real stretch for Nissan to get that size engine in the 2005 Pathfinder's engine bay without some type of modification.

  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    If you look at the engine bay of a BMW 530, you would wonder how they fit an 4.5L V8 in there. But they did and with room to spare. Some also argued that a PF with V8 would take away market of PFA. For Nissan, they should more about PF+PFA taking market from other makers. A counter example is the BMW 540 and 740. They are in different classes. People who needs towing would still go with PFA (weight, brake and wheel base are important for towing, not just engine displacement). People like me who demand performance while needing reasonable utility, 3-row seat PF with V8 are PERFECT.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    If it ever gets a V8 option, it most likely will be a truck-tuned version of the 4.5L found in the Q/M45, not the 5.6 Armada/Titan engine. They may even goose the displacement a bit to ~ 4.8L, just as they goosed the 3.5 VQ engine to 4.0 for Frontier/Pathfinder applications.

  • sivisivi Posts: 20
    when does the 05 pathfinder hit the showroom floor?
  • try They might offer some information.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    the new Pathfinder and Frontier will arrive.

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