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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • asaasa Posts: 359
    VERY sorry to read about your belt problem. Could the dealer be putting them on too tight? Belts should deflect a bit if you press down with your thumb at the center between pulleys.
  • I looked at both and researched both. The Tacoma requires premium gas, so given today's prices, it didn't take me long to decide on the Frontier.
    Besides, it was rated highly by Edmunds, MSN, and Consumer Reports. Have about 2200 miles on mine now. Gets 21 mpg on the Interstates at around 70 mph. Does very well off-road (see my previous posts). Only thing I'm not happy about are the mud flaps and fender flares. Neither is sufficient to prevent gravel from hitting the sides of the truck and causing nicks. You would think that when they tested it off road, they would have noticed this. Especially in the NISMO (off road model) that I have, they should have done better. Other than that, it's a tough yet comfortable mid-size truck.

    FYI - for the past 25 years, my other vehicles have been primarily 4 Runners, but
    I had to give it to Nissan this time.

    81 Trekker
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Anybody have the AVS Bugflector II for the 05? I prefer the wraparound style to the Nissan hood shield, but am wondering if the install is as good.
  • I'm a little less happy with my 05 2wd cc 6speed 2wd, but I would still buy another one rather than the compitition. I love the power and highway cruising is sweet. But, the front suspension is way too stiff, almost like it does'nt exist. And after 2 months of driving, I still hate the "electronic throttle control" response, something the Tacoma does'nt have as far as I know. I wish Nissan would either make it adjustable or lose it all together. I'm also not real impressed with the "utili-trac system" because the cast aluminum hooks are just too bulky and poorly designed in my opinion. I would have made them more sleek and useful.
  • I was washing mine and figured that the switch was there for that reason. It was by luck that I figured out the steps.
  • Jssweet,

    You're the man, thanks for a very useful tip.

  • I've been having problems with the rubber molding that meets up with the window on the doors. The rubber is warping, I'm guessing from the sun, and is (noticeably) separating from the door frame. I took the truck and they replaced the rubber, but did not do a good job as the rubber is still bent away from the door frame. The dealership tells me that there is no problem with water leaks, but I've only had the truck for a month and I can imagine what it will look like in a year!

    Anyone else having this problem? According to the dealership, this is a common problem on all their 2005 Frontiers.

    2005 Nismo 4x4 crew cab
  • I have had mine since april and it looks as good as it did when I bought it. Sounds to me like they are giving you the run around....
  • Has anyone installed the JVC SR1 Sirius Radio Receiver in an 05 KC? This is the optional unit that connects to the Head Unit. If so where is a good place to mount it?
  • I mentioned in my first post that a Nissan sales person had told me Nissan would offer the CC with a long bed in 06. I spoke with him again this week and he said the Nissan factory rep said Nissan was talking/thinking about it (which means it won't be available in 06) and that it might never be offered on the Frontier.

  • I have a Sirius Radio installed from the factory. Don't know the brand. With the Rockford-Fosgate, the music is fantastic.

    81 Trekker
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    I have not seen an aftermarket installation but am wondering if it's possible to locate the receiver in the "tray" in front of the shifter. While a little low, that seems IMO to be an unobtrusive location that's reachable. What the heck does "pre-wired" mean anyway?
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    I'm about to make the move for the CC 4WD Le, dose anyone have and in site on what is a must have in it . and they didn't get and should have got?

    also how is the xm>Radio is it worth it?and dose it sound great!!

    I'm trading in my Chevy S-10 z.2 Pkg. worst truck ever! the Nissan gets better gas Mi. I'm getting 20 mpg thats High way by the way and it seem everyone is getting better then that after the break in period on your new Nissans.
    :D ,I'd love some input.
    thanks for all the input so far from everyone on this forums.
  • The JVC Receiver is just a box full of electronics it has to user interface. It is an add-on device that the JVC Head Unit uses to display and play Sirius programs. It can be mounted out of site and I was trying to see if anyone else had installed one or the same type of device for other Head Units.
  • Hey guys, noticed a clank noise on my 05 CC 4X4 Frontier. Sounds like I'm running over a sewer grate. Only happens when I first start the truck, back out of the driveway,and drive away (sounds like between first and second gear), never ever happens when I'm driving. Weird.

    Anybody else experience something like that.
  • I have noticed this noise with my truck also.I have seen the TSB for the exhaust rattle,and wonder if this is the early stages of that problem.
    My truck was an early build and falls in the production range that the TSB covers.I don't think it was fixed before I received my truck.So far I have 5000 miles.
  • I don't recall if it was this forum or another, but it was discovered that this is the ABS setting itself. Mine does it, too. It does not relate to the TSB about the intake manifold noise (if that is the TSB you mention).
  • Ok, got the remotes. Easy to program and they work great. Cheers.
  • I can't give you details on XM as I have Sirius, but they are quite similar. Go to their web page and look at the program listings. With Sirius, you have Oldies from the 50s and early 60s, 70s, and 80s as well as an Elvis channel. Country has four channels, Classical three channels, Jazz four or five, and news from CNN, FOX, BLoomberg, NPR, etc. I'm not into sports but they are well covered too. Also, Sirius has an emergency information channel which has focused on Rita and evacuation information the last few days. There are lots of talk and entertainment channels that I have missed completely. If you get a satellite radio, I think you want to get the Rockford-Fosgate for better sound quality.

    I got the NISMO 4x4 crewcab with the sunroof package so I could get the side impact airbags which was the primary reason I got a new truck (my wife's requirement). I got most of the bells and whistles except leather. As I've stated in previous post, I'm basically happy with it. I do get 20-22 mpg on the Interstate at about 70 mph with 2400 miles on the truck. I installed a Fold A Top lid on the cargo box.
    81 Trekker.
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