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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • Any success story on this?
  • The extang cover I bought (trifecta) uses just four small clamps that attach to the side of the bed, and the cover clamps on to that. I know they make a cover to go up to tool boxes but you have to unsnap it to open it... are talking about the tool boxes that drop into the bed and hang over the sides right? Hope this helps.
  • I got some inside info into the long box option on the crew cab. It is coming, but not until middle to late next year. The protos are due to Nissan next month. SWEET!! I can't wait until they are out.
  • Sometimes when I'm sitting in park in my 2005 CC 2x4 LE I hear what sounds like running water behind the dash. Does it with or without the AC on. No signs of anything leaking and fluid levels are all consistently normal. Any ideas?
  • ukbballfan,

    While I don't own a Frontier, I had a similar issue with this type of noise on my G35. I believe the dealer said it was an air bubble in one of the lines and they were successful in eliminating the noise. I'd have your Nissan dealer take a look at it. Good luck!
  • Mine used to do that, but I have not heard it for quite a while.
    I think it did it for the first month or two. I got mine in February.
    I have not had any problems related to it, so I have not messed with it.
  • millarmillar Posts: 17
    I also get that sound, particularly on start up. Since there have been no problems, I also have left it alone.
  • Could someone, please, elaborate on choice between kcover and foldacover (in terms of usability, difficulty of installation, waterproofing, reliability etc.)?
    Cannot decide which one to go with...

    Foldacover a little chipper($575 on ebay vs. $609 for kcover direct order from manufacturer) and seems to be bit sturdier but apparently requires removal of the front portion of Utili-Trac?

  • In a little over a month I should be the proud poppa of a 06 Nismio KC 4X4. I need to obtain accessories for the utili-track system. The OEM versions are very robust and costly. Is there an alternate source? I also like the concept of a bed divider....but it cost $200. Is there a way to get the attachment piece alone and build a divider?

    The upgraded audio option comes with an immobilizer system. Keys are very expensive to make for this truck. Does anyone know if one can make a plain key for the door lock. This key would not work in the ignition (it will not have the embedded electronics) but will it work on the doors? Many thanks for your replies.
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    I can't say about the kcover, but I installed a
    Fold-a-cover several months ago. I should say I had it installed.

    I don't think it would be very difficult if you can get it lined up correctly. I wasn't
    sure I could do that.

    The cover fits well and looks nice to me. I have had several compliments on it.

    It is not waterproof, but so far very little water has gotten into the bed area.

    It is a little awkward for me to fold the cover all the way forward, but I am 68 years old, 5' 7 1/2" tall, and weigh 130 pounds.

    I think for a younger or larger person there
    would not be a problem and opening the first
    section which is what I do most of the time is no problem at all.

    The only problem I have had is that the rubber seal they put on the tailgate came loose when
    I dragged something across it. So far I have not had any leaks at that point. There is also
    another seal on the rear section that covers the same area.

    Good luck with your project.

  • jmsd1jmsd1 Posts: 20
    I bought a few "Uni-Stut" items. The "Cone Nut" and the "Spring Nut. These slip inside the track and you can use these with a fender washer and a simple eye bolt. Cost is just a few bucks. I got mine at Home Depot in the electrical department.
  • Here's an update on the "thunk". Went to the dealer, they kept the truck 4 days! Axles removed, diff cover removed, all teeth checked, front drive line removed and driven, then replaced with known good one (off new truck) rear drive line removed and vehicle driven. Determined to be in front diff. Contacted Nissan tech group. Two other reports of this problem nation wide. Solution: loosen and retorque all front differential mounting bolts. Problem fixed. One of you guys said their dealer tightened a diff bolt. Right on! Vancouver Nissan dealership here in Vanc, Wash. did a good job with keeping me informed daily, apologizing for the delay in fixing problem.

    While they had the truck they took care of the wiring harness recall issue also.

    Keep on truckin!
  • hungkhungk Posts: 14
    Im making my own also, of these big flat square headed 5/8 X 11 tpi. bolts I got, that are for sliding into a slot, or welding on, flat and some like 1 and a half inch Dia. X .500 thick washers ( threaded ) with an arch eyelet welded across it's face kinda heavy duty but light of aluminnimum , not quite done yet but I think theyre gonna work good for my purposes , Ya I kno. im a Machinist so Its just easier, I kno , I knooo !
  • Thanks for the info. That is strange, when I first brought it to the dealer, they retorqued the front differential bolts, but it still made the thunk noise at 20kms. The noise would reappear once truck was turned off. Second time I brought it to the dealer, I drove it with the mechanic. We got it up to 20kms, thunk, then nothing. Turned off the truck, started it up , reached 20kms, thunk, then nothing. He drove other pick ups and X-trails and determined it was the ABS actuator. Supposedly the computer needs to register 20kms before activating the Abs system. Maybe, Nissan will release some time of service bulletin.
  • The messageboard on TireRack has some disparaging reviews on the Rugged Trail tires on the Frontier. It seems that the wet traction is poor. Has any current Fronty owner experienced this.
  • I've read the same messageboard on TireRack and decided to exercise caution in the rain. However, I have not had any problems. The tires perform well off road in dry dirt and even in loose small rocks. No problems the few times I've been in the mud.
    I wonder if the hydro planing is more vehicle specific than tire specific. Don't know. Any tire experts out there?

    81 Trekker
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    has anyone had a problem with the heated seats?
    My seats don't realy get too warm on the low setting,thoe high is good...

    need some Info.........

  • I get that same noise on start-up and first taking off.. I'll pay attention to the speed Im going when it happens.. thanks for the INFO..
  • I installed my own Foldacover and didn't have to remove any front portion of Utili-Trac, you do need 2 people to line it up right when you install but other than that it went on very well. you do need to drill a few holes in the bed and have a rivet gun. Who ever told you you needed to remove part of your trac must have had theres installed improperly.
  • Better check out the foldacovers there simpe to install and are great...
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