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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • shufflesshuffles Posts: 50
    I got my 4 cyl auto at the end of May. Out the door it was $19,200 including power package, bedliner, bed extender, and %7.5 sales tax. My bed extender has straps that lock it down. I guess anyone who wanted to steal it could cut the straps.

    I have almost 3K miles. Around town in mixed driving I get 20 mpg. On a trip from Florida to North Carolina, travelling between 70 and 80, but mostly 80, I got 22 mpg. Not even any little problem so far, and I look foreward to better mileage after a few more thousand miles.

    By the by, my brother in law's business in North Carolina has a couple venerable Frontiers with a total of more than 900K miles - mostly trouble free. I hope I can say the same a decade from now. I hated to say goodby to my '91 trouble free Mitzi, but with the miles I have on me, I really appreciate the comfort and creature comforts of my new girlfriend.
  • pato1pato1 Posts: 5
    Hi guys. I'm new to the forum. Bought a '05 Nissan Nismo Crew Cab, in January '06. I really love the truck, however, I'm experiencing a very annoying problem. When driving around town and coming to a complete stop at a stop sign etc, I feel a dull thud coming from the driveline. It soulds/feel as if the entire rear-end is loose. Furthermore, when I pull away from a complete stop, I can hear/feel a definite lag in the driveline. It feel as if the rear-end is worn, hence the lag when pulling away. The problem occurs about 95% of the time when driving around town. I took the truck to the dealer but the service manager couldn't figure out what's causing the problem. They tightened the rear spring carrier but by the time I reached home, I realized that wasn't the problem. They referred me to Nissan of North America. Has anyone experienced this problem with their Nissan? The next time you drive your Nismo, see if you hear/feel a thud coming from the driveline when you come to a complete stop with your foot on the brakes. I'm trying to gather as much information because this could be a design deficiency in the drivetrain of this particular model and any other Nissan truck with the same drivetrain. By the way, the service manager test drove an '06 Nismo with ten miles on the odometer and said he felt the same thud. Doesn't sound encouraging at all. Pato1
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Thud is not present in my 06 NISMO CC 4WD.
  • ryker1234ryker1234 Posts: 4
    I just bought a 2006 Frontier XE 4 cly. with 5 speed automatic. The mpg so far is impressive. With only 200 miles on the motor I got 26.11 mpg on a 220 mile trip. I set the cruise control on 60 mph while on the highway. Not bad at all. I expect it to improve after the 5k break in.
  • jacob68jacob68 Posts: 3
    I have a 05 crew cab & I have the same problem. Everytime I come to a complete stop it feels like there is something loose & Slight Bump at stop and start. I took it to the dealership & they said that was normal. Well when I get a chance I am going to another dealership but that should not be happening in my opinion.
  • pato1pato1 Posts: 5
    Hello. Don't let them bs you. That's not normal. I took mine to the local Nissan dealer and they contacted their tech support folks. They've asked me to bring the vehicle over so that they can change the drive shaft. If that doesn't fix the the problem, I'm going to take it back until they either fix it or give me another vehicle. A new vehicle should not thump/thud when you come to a stop, like ours do. They should be tight. Let's keep in touch and share our information so we can fight this together. Maybe you and I will be the reason for a major recall of the '05 Nismo CC. By the way, does your symptoms go away momentarily when you pump the brake pedal?? Don't forget to document your interactions with the dealer. Make notes of when you take your truck to the dealer and what they did or tell you. Make them put in writing.

  • pato1pato1 Posts: 5
    jacob68. Call Nissan North America at: 1-800-647-7261. This is the number for their main customer relations department. Tell them exactly what your truck is doing. They will enter your complaint into a data base. Furthermore, they will also pass along the complaint to their tech support department. This is an excellent start. In the meantime, go back to the original dealer and INSIST the service department supervisor drive the truck with you in it and let him experience the problem firsthand. Let him drive the truck around town however long it takes him to duplicate the problem. TELL him that a new truck should not drive like that. Sometimes you have to be very assertive with these people in order to get results. Keep in touch. By the way, what state do you live in?


  • joboo1joboo1 Posts: 75
    Hi Room

    New to the chat scene. I recently had the oil changed on my 05 Frontier. Since your chat, I too have noticed my oil pressure gauge fluctuating from idle to drive. I am not sure if it fluctuated prior to the oil change. I contacted several Nissan dealerships only to be told different stories - this is common or this not common. I even called Nissan Corp. and was advised that there are no technical advisers to comment on the issue and advised me to contact the dealership. I am currently looking for a dealership that has a 05 left over or used to see if the gauge moves from idle to drive. It does make sense that the needle would move from idle to drive, but why can't I get a straight answer from Nissan Corp. or the dealerships.


  • That is normal.
    I heard in 2006 they made the gauge "dumber" so it doesn't go down at idle, and so people stop asking this question (not that it is a bad question). I don't know if that is true, but I heard it somewhere. Mine is an 05.
  • joboo1joboo1 Posts: 75
    Hi woodshop28

    Thanks for the info. When your truck is idling, does the oil gauge needle fall towards the lower end of the safe zone or just drops off a little from the normal reading?
  • albivalbiv Posts: 35
    I had a 2004 Titan with the same problem. I discovered the solution in another Titan forum. Buy a set of leaf spring helpers (~$20) at an auto parts store and install them. Fixed my problem.
  • drumbobdrumbob Posts: 4
    Yep you got the leaf warp. My Nismo does the same thing. Put a set of helper springs in FRONT of the rearend and your problem will go away.
  • It goes to the lower end. From everything I have read, it is normal.
    You could ask a trusted mechanic, if you want an "expert" opinion.
    I don't worry about it at all, honestly.
  • joboo1joboo1 Posts: 75

    Thanks again for the info.
  • shufflesshuffles Posts: 50
    Speaking of oil, I am just doing the first oil change on my 4cyl 2006 XE. The Fram filter I bought seems to be about a half inch too long. Since there is a piece of the suspension in the way, I can't center it to screw it on. I guess I will have to hike down to the dealer for a filter.
    Has anyone else encountered this problem. The filter I have is a Fram "Tough Guard" TG7317. Has anyone out there found a filter besides Nissan that fits?
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    The fluctuation is normal and it does drop way off at idle. This is the way all cars that had an oil gauge worked way back when. It just went away until recently.

    The '05 is actually measuring the oil pressure
    and thus as the engine picks up speed the pump
    goes faster and your oil pressure increases. There were so many complaints about this that I guess Nissan decided to go back to the gauge that only tells you if your system totally fails. By that time you have already toasted your engine.

    I for one am glad I have the '05 system that gives me a little warning if the pump is getting bad.

  • pato1pato1 Posts: 5
    drumbob. PROBLEM SOLVED. I took my '05 Nismo back to the dealer and they replaced the drive shaft. The driveshaft comes in two pieces, rather than do "trial by error," they took the complete driveshaft out of a '06 and installed it in my truck. I've been driving the truck for two weeks now and no thud, bump...nothing. It goes without saying that they must have gotten a bad batch of driveshaft from their supplier. If I were you, I'd let the dealer investigate the driveshaft on your truck. I've made an official complaint to Nissan of North America, therefore, a record of the symptom and the "fix" is in their data base. Please read my original post and call them at the number I provided in the post. Why spend money out of your own pocket to fix something that the dealer should pay for? Hope this helps anyone with this problem.

  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,276
    Perhaps way off the mark here, but I have had vehicles with a "thud" issue (typically during heavy acceleration accompanied by a turn) and it turned out to be the rubber bushing that surrounds the main bearing on the driveshaft (the support bearing where the two pieces meet). Not sure why a helper spring would quiet that down though, so maybe two separate issues here manifesting themselves similarly.
  • pato1pato1 Posts: 5
    xwesx. You're right about two similar problems manifesting themselves. When I took my Nismo to the dealer, the shop supervisor drove the truck and he said that the thud sounds like "Axle wrap-around." It's a technical term they use in the repair business. Nevertheless, it simply means the axle is still turning after the vehicle has come to a stop, hence the term wrap-around. A set of helper springs would solve such a problem. Evidently my problem was a bad rubber bushing.

  • larry10larry10 Posts: 88
    I just bought a '06 Frontier 4x2 KC XE MSRP on window sticker was $21,075.00 that includes BASE PRICE $16,950.00 $1,500 for XE PREFERRED PACKAGE, $90.00 for FLOOR MATS, $430.00 for BED RAIL CAPS/REMOVABLE BEDLINER, $950.00 for POWER PACKAGE, $550.00 for SIDE & CURTAIN AIRBAG PACKAGE and ofourse $605.00 DESTINATION CHARGE.Using the TMV system it showed others in my area are paying $18,326.00(after $1500.00 rebate) I paid $18,200.00 (my counter to their $18,600.00 offer) don't feel too bad but could I have done much better? Any thoughts? Thanks
    P.S. What does KC refer to?
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