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Lincoln Mark LT



  • lyletlylet Posts: 27
    My seats still look almost new with some lines appearing after one and a half years and 16k miles on my 07. You need to keep them clean and condition them. Also, if they are cracked bad, the dealer should replace them. They will argue that its normal wear and tear but the fact is it shouldn't do that that quickly. Be persistent!
  • clarksalmoclarksalmo Posts: 19
    I clean and condition them at least every 2 weeks, if not every week. I like a clean, well-maintained vehicle. I have more than a few lines, some of them are deep cracks that didn't appear on my Aviator, even at 50,00 miles. I'll try my dealer, they have always been very good to me.
  • kgabekgabe Posts: 25
    Loaded LT (sticker around $47K) with 13K miles. Dealer asking $31K. Any thoughts? I wonder what price this unit went through the auction at? If it wasn't a trade-in that is.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Ask the pros in the Real World Trade-In Values discussion what a truck of that spec is auctioning at right now.

    kcram - Pickups Host

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  • asaroasaro Posts: 14
    Dude ! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, AND WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INFORMATION? I own a 2006 LT ! It is the best investment I made, and the best vehicle I owned ever. First, the Ford F150 is a good truck, but the LT has worlds of a better ride, it is a luxury truck, you see and feel the difference. Do you own an LT or you cannot afford one. The LT has the looks, ride, and performance package that beats all trucks. Sir, you do not know what your are talking about. Ford is a good product, but Lincoln is the best product. Just drive a Lincoln, and if you own a Lincoln, you have issues.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    I see...thanks for the objective report.

    Now, if more people perceived things as you do, Lincoln would not be killing the LT. Or struggling as mightily as it is. Have a nice day.
  • asaroasaro Posts: 14
    First I am trying to figure out where you are getting your information because it is beginning to flip me out! Lincoln is not killing the LT forever, it is sitting out one year and will be redesigned. Just like many other companies have done to their model vehicles. Second Lincoln is not struggling, it is in an expansion mode. Yes, all the car industry is suffering because of the Democratic congress, but that will pass. You need to get the correct information and test drive an LT, and then if possible purchase this wonderful vehicle. You cannot compare the F150 to the LT, the LT has all upgraded and luxury parts. The suspension is of high quality, not the same as the F150. Work some overtime and get a loan, then buy the LT! Take Care
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    I see you have the real inside information. Especially the stuff about politicians causing auto executives to do dumb things, and Lincoln being in an expansive mode, even though their sales and market share are down. Have a nice day today as well.
  • asaroasaro Posts: 14
    Ok, you sound like a politian ! You are not making sense. All shares in the American auto industry are down today because of our Democratic Congress refusing to vote for more oil drilling. This in turn hurts the car industry and the American economy. Lincoln is in the expansion mode, have you heard of their new models being marketed ? Do you own an LT ? Have you driven an LT ? Can you afford the LT? If not you cannot make an assessment on the LT. You need to give and opinion on this matter that makes sense.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    Not to get into a flame war with you or anything, but you dear man, are making no sense, though you do spout some mindless propaganda. American companies have been losing market share for years because, other than pickups and large SUVs, the Japanese and Koreans have been building better vehicles. Now, GM and Ford are truly scrambling, having lost their esteemed 1 -2 positions to Toyota. Both companies still build great trucks, but now there are world-class cars as well, whether you are talking the Cadillac CTS, the Malibu or the coming Ford Fiesta.

    I already told you that I have driven the LT (and high end F150s) and though I can afford any Lincoln built, I have no interest in owning an F150 with a bit of lipstick and a Lincoln name for that much extra money. If you were truly familiar with how good the F150 is in many ways, you would realize that the LT uses the same body, same interior, exact same engine and transmission, exact same dimensions, and the same quiet steel that you like so well in the LT. Compare apples to apples. F150 comes in lower end and work truck models. Compare the LT to the loaded F150 with the same 5.4 Ford V8 and comparable equipment.

    I wager I know more about Lincoln than you, having had a soft spot for the brand since I was a kid...and that was a long, long time ago. The MKZ has not met sales expectations. The MKS is not selling nearly as well as the LS did when it was introduced. The LT is cancelled after this year, and contrary to your claim of a one year hiatus, no insider that I know has stated there will be a replacement. The LT, as expensive as it was, did not offer things that economy cars are offering now, like side airbags and stability control. Sales of the LT have been very disappointing for Lincoln.

    The MKT will be here next year, but it is a three row CUV built off the Flex chassis. I am rooting for it, but I had hoped the Flex would do better than it is doing. I like that the MKT shares nothing obvious with the Flex, and maybe the new Lincoln styling will work better for it than the boxy Land Rover look of the Flex has worked for it. The MKR (badly needed) is years off yet (if they made the MKR, I would buy it). Far off as well is a full but badly needed redesign of he Navigator. This last iteration has stumbled badly in the marketplace, especially compared to the Escalade. The Town Car is now fleet only, and hasn't been updated in so long that it is an embarrassment, except for those livery jobs it does so well.

    You keep saying Lincoln is in an expansion mode. Well, of course it is, but sales still don't reflect that very much. Before Mulally, it looked like Bill Ford was trying to kill it. Lincoln almost overtook Cadillac in the late 90s, one year even selling more vehicles than Cadillac did. Then old Bill decided Lincoln didn't even have the image to be in the now defunct Premier Auto Group (PAG). The wonderful LS was given a death sentence and the Lincoln Continental concept was killed (along with the Marks 9 and 10 concepts, and the innovative NaviCross that I believe could have really made a splash in the market).

    Ford doesn't have the bucks right now to feed Lincoln like it really needs. Cadillac has three times as many new models coming or planned. I hope Lincoln makes it, and there is certainly nothing wrong with Lincoln having defenders like yourself. But informed admirers would be even better. Lincoln needs world class products and the resulting world class admirers that stellar product brings with it. The meltdown of the pigs in the housing and finance arenas will not help Lincoln rebuild.

    Enjoy your LT and enjoy its scarcity as well. But please don't get all arrogant because most other people have chosen to buy something else. The Blackwood, as badly as that sold (largely due to no 4WD offering and the covered trunk with no option of a regular bed), at least had its own Lincoln styling, borrowed from the Navigator. Like it or not, the LT is an F150, with some trim variations, built on the same assembly line as the F150. Most people on doing the comparison found there was no reason the pay the extra bucks for such obvious badge engineering.

    Have a nice day tomorrow.
  • asaroasaro Posts: 14
    First, let me say this your information is not correct ! The F150 and the LT are two different animals. The evidence is in the specs ! READ ! All through the powertrain of the LT is widely different from the F150. That is why it is a Lincoln ride! The proof again is in the specs, and you need to read automotive books from Lincoln and The Ford Motor Company ! Again the Lincoln LT and the F-150 are different animals. I rode in many F150's and the ride is not there at all ! The LT is sound proof, has superior suspension quality, and all preium motor parts apart from the Ford F150. Interior quality the LT has cannot compare with the F150, it is all luxury. My friend, Motor Trend magazine and Consumer Reports disagree with you 100%. So you going to tell me that information provided by the Ford Motor Company, Lincoln, Motor Trent, and Consumer Reports are not correct ?

    Now, the Democrats and Liberals are responsible for the shape our car industry is in ! They are against drilling for oil which put us in a position we are in with high gas prices. So in turn our trucking industry suffers, and our automotive industry suffers. Also who has proven that foreign cars are superior to AMERICAN AUTOMOBILES ? What data supports that ? I traveled to foreign countries and guess what ! People love American cars and buy them overseas.

    And another thing while I am at it, the Democrats and the Liberals are responsible for the current economic crisis ! They past something called the Community Reinvestment Act in 1977, making it law that banks give loans to PEOPLE that are bad risk. Now we have this mess !

    You need to talk up American business and the American way of life because we have the best Country in the World ! Do your homework and figure out the difference between the Lincoln LT and Ford F150. It's not the so called badge you called it. Why would you think a luxury F150 would sell rather than a Lincoln LT? Why would people would flock to buy a F150 at $46,000. The luxury truck is the LT, Ford will not outsell the LT. Please sir, do your homework! Sir, in New Orleans we have it all together ! You need to go to the French Quarter and drink heavily and clear your mind. Have a great day !
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    You are very, very deluded for such a nice guy. Fortunately, this is not something that matters.

    If you were informed as you claim and if you paid real attention to the details, you would not be claiming so many things that are simply not true. In fact, more people buy the upper end F150s (which can cost $46K) than ever bought the Lincoln F150 (which DOES have the exact same engine, hp, transmission, switchgear, etc.). Keep asserting your delusion that it is different. At least you will believe it.

    Furthermore, to counter your wild claim that people will not buy an expensive F150, Ford has found few buyers for the ersatz Lincoln pickup, but the King Ranch F150 has done just fine, as expensive as it is. Thus, the Lincoln truck is cancelled and Ford has added another luxury F150, the Platinum edition, for 2009. It starts in the 40K range and can easily go well into the 50K price range. I know that probably raises your blood pressure some more, but that is the way it is.
  • You need to go to the French Quarter and drink heavily

    I love New Orleans and I will take your advice the next time I am there. By the way, was it after taking your own advice that you concluded that the LT has superior suspension quality and premium motor parts compared to an F150? ;)
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    BTW, I do hope to drink heavily in NO after the Feb 1 marathon.

    I note this from right here on Edmunds:
    The Lincoln offers a lot of luxury for the money, but it doesn't take much scrutiny to realize that the LT has but one degree of separation from the F-150. Disappointingly, the LT has the same basic interior design and hard plastic interior panels, and doesn't really offer any features that you can't get on the Ford. Look at an F-150 King Ranch and you'll be looking at pretty much the same truck.

    In this ultra-niche segment, the 2008 Lincoln Mark LT faces just one direct competitor, the Cadillac Escalade EXT. And the Caddy, due to its superior performance (0-60 a full 3 seconds quicker), more refined cabin and greater functionality, is easily the better luxury pickup truck. If, by chance, you find yourself choosing the Mark LT, you'll likely want to make your purchase this year -- it's expected that Lincoln will discontinue the truck after 2008 due to slow sales.

    Anyway, the King Ranch and LT are built on the same assembly line. The LT gets some Lincoln badges and chrome and slightly different seats.

    You may have it all together in NO--that's fine with me--but the high end F150s already far outsell the LT. Do your own homework for a change, have it corrected, and try to base it on something more than vapor, emotion and a good night on Bourbon St. It's ok you bought an LT and that you really like it, and that you have strong opinions. But facts are facts and the LT has done dismally in the marketplace. The marketplace Has spoken.
  • asaroasaro Posts: 14
    The King Ranch sold because it was marketed correctly ! It is not a luxury truck, it is an upgraded work truck that is targeted at construction service business owners. That is why it did well ! Now if you would drink a couple of New Orleans Hurricanes that are very good, you can think straight. King Ranch is not a luxury truck, the LT is. The F-150 Platinum sales will fall a little short below the LT. Allowing the LT to return in 2011. Remember we are talking about two different animals ! The LT is the steak and potatoes and the F-150 a good truck, but is hot dogs and apple pie ! Or like what we say in New Orleans, Woooooo those osyters and crawfish are good shar....Have a good day sir.
  • asaroasaro Posts: 14
    Sir I would not put alot weight into the Edmunds article, it is not supported by industry facts. Some writers are bias and are motivated by other missions geared to various industries. You need to drink more wine ! Thank You sir
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    And you obviously can't see the forest for the trees. So ok, have it your way. The LT and King Ranch are different animals. And the LT is coming back in 2011. Right.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    The F-150 Platinum sales will fall a little short below the LT.

    Last month, the Mark LT sold exactly 562 units. Even the Nissan Titan sold 10 times as many (5871). In fact, that Titan sales for August 08 are larger than the Mark LT sales for the first 8 months of 2007 (5858) and almost double the Mark LT's total for 2008 (3276).

    Chevy sold 55,765 Silverados in August 2008... nearly 100x more than the LT.

    asaro, there's nothing wrong with being a fan of any given vehicle. But those hard numbers tell the story. Unless you're in upper management at Ford, your statements are speculation at best. And those Mark LT sales numbers come directly from Ford.

    kcram - Pickups Host

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  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    Automotive News, a trusted industry source of information (certainly more so than Motor Trend and Consumer Reports...which by the way do NOT agree that the Ford F150 and Lincoln F150 are different animals, but I digress) reported on the LT's demise over a year ago.

    It's deja vu all over again.

    Automotive News is reporting that Lincoln will soon end production of the Mark LT pickup, based on the Ford F-150 half-ton.

    This is the second high end hauler to not find success under Ford Motor Company's luxury brand. The first was the unique Lincoln Blackwood pickup that never caught on with buyers and was dropped in 2002.

    Small consolation, but the Mark LT did beat the Blackwood's sales goals, which were 10,000 units per year. Mark LT sold a peak volume of 12,753 trucks in 2006.

    The Mark LT originally debuted at the 2004 North American International Auto Show and went on sale in 2005 as a 2006 model.

    Automotive News is also reporting that the reengineered 2009 Ford F-150 will move upmarket to fill the Mark LT's void with a new 'Platinum' trim level.
  • asaroasaro Posts: 14
    Ok Kcram I think you and gregg need to travel to New Orleans and have numerous Hurricane Drinks ! So you can get your infromation straight about the automotive world ! You are misguided and read information that is bias, and stats that do not support Lincoln-Ford industry data. First of all Lincoln-Ford is not going to release their raw data that is true and correct to newspapers and media staff agents. Those numbers you quoted about the LT must have sold alot of magazines to the so called spy information people. If you really believe that LT sold 562 units, I have Interstate-10 I would like to sell you in Louisiana. You cannot go by the stats you quoted that you think are gospel. You have to look through the clouds sir. The LT is taking a political hit within the Lincoln-Ford company. Have you and the other brain surgeon gregg ever heard of COOKING THE BOOKS ! ALOT OF COOKING TOOK PLACE ! Sorry about being direct, but sometimes you have too. If they say the Lincoln LT did not have the right sales, why in the WORLD PEOPLE WOULD BUY A LUXURY FORD F-150. The LT is simply taking a break for political reasons in the corporate world. The LT and the F150 are two different animals. So when you research you have to look at the politics in each situation and use common sense. Sir have a great DAY ! The Lincoln LT will be back in 2011
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