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Lincoln Mark LT



  • asaroasaro Posts: 14
    Read my reply to Kcram ! Have a great day
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    OMG, now we have conspiracy theories about LT sales! You will make anything up to support a view you will not change. Don't let us or anyone else confuse you with any facts. I suppose it is the way you are wired. No one can tell you anything, no matter how well-documented if it doesn't support a view to which you are wedded.

    I'm done with this and should have been several posts ago. The LT is toast and it doesn't matter the reason, conspiracy or no.
  • asaroasaro Posts: 14
    I agree the LT is how you say, "Toast" for 2009. But the main points concerning the LT are as follows: 1.) The LT and the F150 are two different and complete animals. 2.) The best luxury pick-up ever made, and the best truck in general. No truck matches up to the LT. 3.) The sales concerning the LT was not the true death of the LT, it was a political hit. 4.) The same thing happen to the Blackwood, so history repeats itself.
    I am happy to educate people about the LT. I know the history and every part about the truck. I guess you could call me the LT Guru ! Now shortly I will go in my beautiful LT and drive to a great place for breakfast. I assure you heads will turn and people will keep looking at this beautiful truck. I get it everyday I drive it ! But the LT for 2011 will be better ! Have a great day, and if you need any info on the LT just make a post.
  • asaroasaro Posts: 14
    Dude ! Do you own an LT? The LT is the quality luxury truck. The F150 and LT are two different animals, what are you talking about? Again you need to go to the French Quarter like Gregg and drink about 6 Hurricanes at Pat O's to clear your head. All the stats and specs prove the quality of this wonderful truck. Have you driven this wonderful truck? I will be buying another LT soon 2008, wonderful truck. I had to educate Gregg before concerning this issue. I might have an LT class starting up on line soon. People that cannot afford luxury vehicles sometimes knock the vehicle, is that the case? Have a nice day !
  • asaro,

    You sir are delusional. First of all the Lincoln LT is a...good truck. But thats about it.

    Automotive News is reporting that Lincoln will soon end production of the Mark LT pickup, based on the Ford F-150 half-ton.

    Even though the aforementioned is quoted from a previous post it is absolute truth. The Lincoln LT is done! Accept that and move on. You are starting to sound like you need to start cutting back on some of those Hurricanes you keep pushing everyone here to drink. Maybe you have had one to many?!?!

    Maybe you should consider another truck for you wife.
  • asaroasaro Posts: 14
    I will still purchase the 2008 Lincoln LT ! The Lincoln LT more than likely will be back 2011 ! History repeats itself, like I told Gregg. Ford will have trouble selling the new F150 luxury truck, bad move. Luxury belongs with Lincoln ! Now I will have a Hurricane ! Have a nice day !
  • Then you are a fool.
  • asaroasaro Posts: 14
    I now own a second Wonderful Luxury Lincoln LT 2008 ! The best standards and quality anywhere around the World. And there were other great Americans buying the 2008 LT'S. That day at the dealership they sold 10 ! So like I said before, the COOKING OF THE BOOKS ! In my driveway I have to LT'S ! Yes I am blessed ! The LT will be back 2011 !
  • Hi,
    Kcram I know your message was posted I while ago but, I have been in the market for an 08 LT and the word is that it is finished. All the dealers I've talked to say that it discontinued for good due to bad sale. It make sense because I never see them on the road. This is a shame because I would love to see a new revamped version for 09 or 10. The advantage is that they are practically giving them away I got quoted $35,825 for one. The sticker on the truck I may buy is $49,505. That is fully loaded mono chrome elite package, 20s, sunroof, step rails, ect. Is this the best deal and is it worth it or should I just get an F150 with similar options.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    Get the 09 F150. It has a stiffer frame, is quieter, offers side airbags (you cannot get them for any price on the LT), a six speed automatic and stability control (again, not available for any price on the LT).
  • bar20bar20 Posts: 15
    The 08 LT 4 x 2 has traction control, The 4 x 4 does not and I am not sure why you would nead it. Side airbags IMHO just adds to the cost of the vehicle, it's a safety item but do I really need them? Some of the reviews I read about the 09 with the six speed tranny were not too kind. The 08 LT is a four speed with overdrive. As someone else said, when I come to a stoplight and look over in my LT, I am not going to see someone next to me with the same truck, unlike an F-150!
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    Most people would see little to no difference between your LT and an 04 - 08 F150 equipped the same way. That grill is the big difference and is obtainable aftermarket for an F150.

    The side airbags definitely make the truck a safer ride. It is often erroneously assumed that the wider, taller stance by itself provides good side protection. Not necesarily so. Besides...why do you want a luxury vehicle that doesn't offer stability control, side airbags and other things that are standard on many non-lux vehicles? BTW, that six speed provides better fuel economy than the four speed.

    Of course the LT is a good truck, as it is based on the F150, a good truck. But there is also a reason it is now defunct: it did not sell. That was in part due to the cynical badge engineering job. As dumb as the Blackwood was with its non-optional covered trunk and no availability of 4WD, at least it had unique Lincoln styling. The LT may have been more viable if they had used Navigator body panels and interior.
  • bar20bar20 Posts: 15
    Maybe it's because I am one hell of a driver,I have never been in a side impact crash, with over 2 million miles on the clock. I don't live in the snow nor travel in it. If I was going to buy an 09 I would get a Dodge with the Hemi, a better engine than Ford's with more power and same MPG. Plus I don't pull a trailer..
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    I have never been in a side crash either. Never used any kind of airbag (or side beam protection or shoulder belt...other than wearing one). Still, I want my vehicles equipped with them just in case...but maybe that is just me.

    I agree that the Dodge is a much more thorough re-do than the F150 is, but both 09s are safer, better built, quieter, and more efficient than the 08s they replaced. The Ford will have more engine choices in a year or two.
  • bar20bar20 Posts: 15
    I personally don't like the boxy look and huge grill of the 09 Ford. You get a 4 year btb warranty with the Lincoln not 3 year that the Ford has. I get complimentary scheduled maintenance for 12 mo./12k miles. I get a 6 yr/70k power train warranty and 24 hr roadside assistance for that time period. Like I mentioned earlier my 4 x 2 has traction control which I prefer over stability control but maybe that's just me.
    What sold me on the 08 LT was the employee pricing and $8500 dollars in Lincoln rebates. All together I saved over $16k off of MSRP I payed $30k for a $46k truck. I don't think you could come close in the 09 Platinum which replaced the LT. Bottom line is I am very happy with my purchase.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    I don't think the grill of the 09 Ford (the biggest change in looks...other than lengthening the 4 door cabin) is all that attractive or graceful either. Dodge did a much more graceful re-do of their truck.

    You can certainly buy vehicles with traction control that do not have stability control, but not vice versa. Traction control is part of the stability control package.

    There are some awfully good deals out there. What goes with those huge discounts is huge depreciation. It doesn't matter of course, if you plan to keep the vehicle a very long time. Operating costs tend to show that what you save on buying tends to take away from trade-in value. However, paying more at the beginning for a more popular/in demand model, just to get better re-sale, may not b teh best deal either, if you are only getting back a portion of the extra you paid at the beginning anyway.

    Everything is a trade-off. You got a better warranty and a vehicle whose looks you like better. The Platinum (or King Ranch if you like that grill better) has better interior materials, stability control (and of course traction control), side and canopy airbags (proven additional safety), better mpg, an even more rigid frame...and it will not be an "orphan.".

    Last fall, the deals were darn good on 09s too. With gas falling so far, it may be a bit harder to get a huge discount now. And the thing of it is, you have to buy sometime, but you can almost count on--no matter what you buy--seeing the next model year offer further improvements that weren't available to you.
  • I recently bought a used Linc Mark LT but it does not have the backup sensors. I was wondering if the members here have any suggestions as to how to have it done or is it necessary to go to the Stealership?
  • GeppertGeppert Posts: 4
    Mine was the same. I called around to a few Stealerships and the prices were all over the map then I found out that these are generally done by aftermarket installers. By a fluke, one of the Stealerships put me directly in touch with their installer and I had it done for half the normal price PLUS the bonus was that not only did they install the sensors but he head unit both beeped AND displayed the distance digitally (which I really like). They also installed an off/on switch so I could shut if off when towing a trailer. So the wind up of this preamble is to consider getting it done by an aftermarket installer.
  • GeppertGeppert Posts: 4
    Any recommendations for Programers for the MArk LT?? (I have a 2006).

    I checked out the Edge Evolution but they say on the site that they DO NOT work on the Mark LT?
  • krs1055krs1055 Posts: 1
    i have an 07 lt with the edge programmer thats listed for an f-150. works just fine and makes a big difference.
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